About University Living 

University living provides accommodation to students near their university campuses in 300+ cities with London, New York, & Toronto being a few of the top cities. It is affiliated with more than 35K properties and has helped over 2 million students. 

Challenges faced 

University living received a good number of leads but they were unable to handle them due to the lack of the right resources.

  • They were unable to find a suitable candidate to do pre-sales calling. 
  • The attrition rate is high in the field due to which every time they hired a candidate a lot of time was spent training them just for them to quit eventually. 
  • They have a seasonal business and they needed someone who could scale up and down the calling as per the university admission seasons. 
  • Since the company is a major player in countries like Canada, the UK, and Australia, the data of leads was vast and even a few hours of delay could make a huge difference in terms of data piling and leads getting wasted. 

University Living 🤝🏻 AM2PM Support

University living could not afford to lose any leads. That’s when they started looking out for solutions to their problems and found AM2PM Support while skimming through the internet for BPO solutions. They booke a call with AM2PM Support team. On call, we discussed the concerns and understood the requirements of University Living. We concluded that University Living needed call center outsourcing services for lead qualification and to provide about instant responses to incoming student inquiries.

Solutions & strategy 

AM2PM’s call support services were kickstarted with the following strategy: 

#1 Pre-sales calling was instantly started after just one-time training of AM2PM Support experts about University Living offerings. It was made sure that the quality standards of the company are ticked off. 

#2 The pressure sword of hiring and training was no longer hanging over the heads of University Living team. 

#3 The ease of scaling up and down as per the students’ admission season was ensured since there are no enty-exit barriers at AM2PM Support and clients only pay for the services they really use.

#4 The projects were not hampered because of an employee taking leaves and management chaos. 

#5 Pre-sales calling project was handled and managed by AM2PM Support without any need for interference or multiple-training sessions from University Living. 

Business empowering results within 3 months!

Since AM2PM took ownership of handling incoming calls and lead qualification on call for University Living, they could focus on providing the services to the students while AM2PM Support team nurtured their leads and incoming inquiries from students. 

  • There was a significant improvement in conversion rate since AM2PM Support call management strategies ensured that no leads were missed. 
  • Data management was taken care of and no data was misplaced, lost, or duplicated. 
  • There was increase of 30% in sales in just 3 months, thanks to proper lead qualification and nurturing and 24/7 on-call support for students. 

We did not realize how much we needed AM2PM Support until we utilized their services. They provided us with a quality team that needed training only once! The enormous growth within 3 months of the association gave a boost to our revenue as well as our business. AM2PM Support’s call center outsourcing services have helped us raise the bar.

Mayank Maheshwari, Co-Founder & COO, University Living

Way forward: grow your business with AM2PM Support

How focused a business is on customers’ needs determines how much it will thrive. However, providing top-notch customer service is worrisome and even a small slip can cost you. At AM2PM Support, we ensure that you do not have to worry about customer service and support ever again! We are here to handle your customer service with out 24/7 BPO services while you build your business. To get started with our services and grow your business with customer delight, book a call with AM2PM Support team today.