Ticket management outsourcing services

Ticket management outsourcing for customer service and support

Let your customers open a service request, raise an issue and get rapid assistance using our managed ticketing system.

Why to worry when we are here? We ensure to take care of what exactly you need.

Tickets are conversations initiated by your customers through emails to highlight an issue or concern. We will help you manage your customer queries effectively so that they feel heard and valued.

Imagine your customer’s issue lost in your inbox with a week of delayed response and no resolution.

Acknowledging the issue tickets late with generic responses is enough to sour the experience of your customers. And the situation becomes more troublesome when your team is missing timelines, and you have no idea how to monitor the ticket’s journey.

AM2PM helps you organize, manage, and categorize your tickets to serve a great customer experience.

What are we going to do?

  • Organize your tickets with proper tagging
  • Acknowledge and update tickets with strict timelines
  • Faster resolution with feedback collection
  • Categorize tickets based on your custom parameters

At AM2PM, you can rely on our skillful team to handle each ticket conversation with empathy, professionalism, and promptness.

You can be assured of the committed services that will make the whole process of ticket management smooth and effective. Your tickets will be responded to within the timelines keeping your customers updated at all times on the progress.

We strive to streamline your processes so that you can run a sustainable and growing business. That is why all your tickets will be categorized so that you can monitor and understand your service users better.

Customers don’t mind occasional product issues but they do notice how you treat their concerns. So let’s collaborate to give the best services to your customers 24/7.

What is so special about Us?

A decade of experience

Best solutions yet cost-effective

We’re in this together, backing your customers with reliable assistance and quick resolutions.

You stay in control

Effective Tagging & Personalized Responses

To help you identify common issues and develop comprehensive reports. Prompt and personalized responses to make your customers feel heard and seen.

We know your customers

Intuitive Assistance

Our team is experienced to understand the customer expectations and requirements to provide effective solutions.

Good for your bottom line

Quick Response Time

Your customers are our priorities and will be given the attention they deserve with a fast response time.

Why choose Us?

  • Our dedicated team is customer-focused and will help you build a loyal customer base.
  • We guarantee value for money with our specialties in customer services.
  • Your data is secure and protected. (No strings attached)
  • Your customers are in good hands with our experts available 24/7.

Outperform with Outsourcing

Outsource now to delight your customers with 24/7 care and grow your business with happy customers.