When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, the right mattress makes all the difference. Flo Mattress understands this, which is why they’re one of the top mattress brands in India. Using advanced sleep technology and premium materials, Flo Mattress designs products such as ergo mattresses, latex mattresses, and ortho mattresses. 

With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Flo Mattress ensures you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated every morning. They pride themselves on their innovative product technology, quality packaging, and long-lasting durability. Flo Mattress also offers a free 100-day trial with no-questions-asked returns and refunds.

Challenges faced by them 

As Flo Mattress has a wide customer base and the number is growing with continuous demands of their products, they experienced hurdles in providing round-the-clock support to their customers.

  • During peak seasons, Flo Mattress needed more customer service agents, and during lean seasons, fewer. Hiring fixed employees for the lean period led to extra salary costs, while having too few agents during peak times resulted in missed customer calls and lower customer satisfaction.
  • Providing customer support during peak hours, especially on Sundays and holidays, was a significant challenge. Arranging resources for these times incurred additional costs, and hiring agents only for a few days is inefficient and expensive.
  • Managing difficult customers, especially during delays and pending orders, required significant involvement from top management, diverting their time from other critical tasks.
  • Initially, Flo Mattress could audit 5% of the total calls received, which presented challenges in maintaining customer satisfaction. This lack of thorough quality control resulted in a decrease in repeat orders.
  • The high churn rate in the industry forced Flo Mattress to spend more on hiring and training new employees frequently, resulting in increased operational costs.

Flo Mattress 🤝 AM2PM Support

Flo Mattress couldn’t risk compromising customer satisfaction, which could lead to lower repeat orders. Concerned about the costs of hiring, training, and monitoring employees, they started looking for solutions to their problems and discovered AM2PM Support while researching BPO options online. 

After booking a call with us, we discussed their concerns and grasped the needs of the Flo Mattress team. We concluded that they required call center outsourcing services for customer support calls and Amazon Vault calling  that could help them streamline their customer interactions and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Action plan: Solutions and strategies by AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support’s internal call experts implemented strategic solutions in these areas:

🎯 AM2PM Support strategically increased agent capacity during peak hours to ensure efficient handling of calls, a feat that’s challenging for in-house teams operating round the clock.

🎯 With collaborative efforts from Flo Mattress’s internal team, AM2PM successfully reduced the Average Handling Time (AHT) for a particular process or task. By reducing AHT customers get faster response and better service, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

🎯 AM2PM implemented a ‘Train the Trainer’ model (TTT) for Flo Mattress’s team. This approach reduced the necessity for repetitive hiring and training cycles. In simple terms, AM2PM provided training to select individuals within Flo Mattress’s team, who were then responsible for training new hires.

This strategy made future hiring and onboarding more efficient, as trained trainers could quickly and effectively bring new employees up to speed and assign them tasks or projects.

🎯 Using AI based call auditing AM2PM carefully graded handled calls based on specific parameters. Calls with lower grades are manually reviewed by the Quality Check team, with feedback given to agents for improvement.

🎯 To optimize costs without compromising service quality, AM2PM provided Flo Mattress with flexibility in agent deployment, allowing adjustments with a 15-day prior notice. This adaptable approach enabled efficient resource utilization during varying demand periods.

🎯 AM2PM made sure they paid for training and only started charging Flo Mattress once agents started helping out. This way, they offered a cost-effective outsourcing solution focused on value.

Business empowering results within 6 months for Flo Mattress!

Since AM2PM took over handling incoming calls, Flo Mattress’s team are able to focus on delivering fast and accurate service to clients. This led to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction and reduced refunds.

Within just 6 months:

✅ Order returns decreased by approximately 12-15%. This was crucial because it means customers are happy with their purchases. Also, if they have any issues or need help, AM2PM resolves their queries promptly, which greatly improves customer satisfaction.

✅ Call auditing increased from 5% to 100% through AI-based solutions, which means that every call handled by agents is now thoroughly audited using advanced technology.

This ensures that all interactions with customers are carefully reviewed and monitored. As a result, any issues or areas for improvement can be quickly identified and addressed, leading to better overall service and customer satisfaction.

✅ Call pickup time decreased to 8-10 seconds, ensuring prompt response to queries and complaints.

✅ AM2PM Support met the required AHT (Average Handling Time) of 5 minutes for calls, which has made things better for customers. They can get through calls quicker, making things run smoother and keeping customers happy.

✅ Hiring, re-training, and salary costs decreased by 35% due to the outsourcing flexibility provided by AM2PM Support.

Get your next business move with AM2PM Support

Growing your business and keeping your revenue flowing smoothly can be challenging, especially in a competitive market. But at AM2PM Support, we’re here to make things easier for you.

We focus on providing excellent customer support to help you keep your customers happy and avoid any losses. Our services are available 24/7, even on holidays, so you can always rely on us.

If you want to improve your brand’s reputation and see how we can help your business grow, schedule a free call with AM2PM Support today. 

Let us guide you through the benefits of outsourcing and how it can unlock your business’s full potential!

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