About GoBikes 

GoBikes provides a convenient solution for daily commuters by providing them with high-quality bike rental services at affordable prices. They help people choose from bikes and scooters and enjoy a hassle-free journey from one place to another while providing seamless transportation connectivity in major cities across India.

Challenges faced by them 

As GoBikes has a wider customer base and the number is growing with continuous demands, it experienced hurdles in providing round-the-clock support to its customers.

  • They were unable to find suitable individuals who can bring sales in terms of speed up bookings.
  • As they previously optimized the daily call volume, they understood that their existing resources of team members were insufficient in numbers to handle each customer call at the right moment. 
  • Since the exigency was so high, it was too difficult for the company to focus on hiring the right individuals and training them. Also, dealing with the higher attrition rate after investing a big pocket in training didn’t sound feasible for the company.

GoBikes 🤝 AM2PM Support

GoBikes wanted to make sure that they are providing the top-notch service to their customers. This is the reason why they started searching for a call center solution- so that they can proactively solve customer queries in the first call and speed up the process of reducing waiting times. Well, then they came across AM2PM Support while skimming through the internet to find out the best options available in the market.

GoBikes booked a call with us and we had a detailed discussion to understand their urgency. Finally, we summarized the discussed notes and concluded that GoBikes needed a call center outsourcing service that could provide instant and prompt replies to its bike renters as well as qualified leads.

Strategic move by AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support’s strategic solutions by its internal call experts covered these areas:

🎯The pressure of handling GoBikes’ customers was quite challenging, because of lack of the right solution and support. However, AM2PM Support eased the stress while providing flexible assistance as per the requirement.

🎯The backup process by AM2PM Support’s team provides a sigh of relief to GoBike’s customer management process. It was especially when there was high demand but its internal team members were not available due to leave.

🎯Even if there is any attrition faced by GoBike, they don’t need to strain themselves on training people, as AM2PM Support always deploys a new pro agent in place for them.

🎯Additionally, this excellent customer service is never overloaded with excessive spending, as AM2PM Support provides a pay-per-use outsourcing solution. This means AM2PM Support only charges for the minutes that its team invested in handling customer queries and not for the times when the team is not actively assisting any customer.

The empowering moment for GoBikes

As AM2PM Support took the leadership of swiftly managing incoming calls, amplifying the lead qualification by nurturing bike renters and boosting sales, GoBikes subsequently experienced the result.

☑️They experienced an increasing number of closing deals, as AM2PM Support always prioritized every lead and customized strategies to enhance their experience throughout the journey.

☑️There was a secure data management system provided by AM2PM Support, ensuring the elimination of data redundancy and privacy breaches.

☑️There was an increase in call pickups from 74% to 95% in just one month’s duration, thanks to AM2PM Support’s enduring call management service which showcases the efficiency of its expert team members.

☑️There was an increase in sales from 12% to 25% with IVR callings, kudos to AM2PM Supports’ skillful call-to-action tactics.

The satisfactory words from Mr. Siddhartha, the founder of GoBikes

As AM2PM Support succeeded in driving the results for GoBikes as discussed, Mr. Siddhartha the founder of GoBikes felt a super thrilling experience which he shared with us:

“I’m thrilled with the exceptional service provided by the AM2PM Call Center in managing GoBikes’ calls. Their team’s efficiency and professionalism have greatly contributed to our seamless operations. AM2PM’s dedication to customer support is evident in their swift and effective handling of inquiries, ensuring a positive experience for our users. We highly appreciate their invaluable partnership and look forward to continued success together.”

The next business solution is waiting for you with AM2PM Support

The determination to grow your business, enjoy the flow of revenue, and thrive in the arena of competition can be achieved easily if you succeed in gaining customers’ advocacy. However, the process is not as easy as snapping your finger because it demands satisfied customer support, so that you never get overburdened with losses.

Well, at AM2PM Support we save you from beating around the bush while promptly serving your leads, prospects, and loyal customers again and again. We are here only for you with 24/7 services throughout the year and even during the holidays. 

If you want to experience how we can help you out in differentiating your brand image, just book a free call experience with AM2PM Support & save your ticket to fly high!

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