About TBS Studio

TBS (The Baby Station) Studio is a baby and kids’ furniture brand based in Gurugram, delivering the best quality baby furniture across the country. 

They prioritize safety and style in every product they create, using non-toxic finishes and sturdy construction to ensure the well-being of your little ones. TBS goes above and beyond industry safety standards to give you peace of mind.

They believe that your little ones deserve nothing but the best. That’s why TBS refuses to settle for mediocre products with low-quality standards or a lack of a scientific approach. They understand that the furniture you choose for your baby or child can impact their sleep, comfort, and safety, which is why they put extra care and attention into creating their baby and kids’ furniture range.

Challenges faced by them 

As TBS Studio has a wide customer base and the number is growing with continuous demands for their products, they experienced hurdles in providing round-the-clock support to their customers.

  • During regular working hours, TBS Studio faced the challenge of providing high-quality support. Additionally, low inquiry volumes on IVR and social media platforms made it difficult to justify hiring a full-time staff member and their salary.
  • Seasonal increases in inquiries and sudden surges during weekends and promotions, made it challenging to hire staff solely for those busy periods.
  • While hiring an intern might seem like a solution to cost-related issues, it has not worked because the level of expertise required to support expecting mothers’ necessitates experienced and high-quality staff.
  • The founders were unable to manage ground-level queries without sacrificing growth-focused tasks, making it essential to have a dedicated support team.

TBS Studio 🤝 AM2PM Support

TBS Studio is a trusted destination for parents seeking quality baby and kids furniture, where concerned and uncertain parents frequently visit to seek guidance and post queries. Ensuring a high-quality customer experience over calls and chats is crucial for TBS Studio.

Recognizing the importance of efficient customer support, TBS Studio partnered with AM2PM Support. Concerned about managing fluctuating demand and ensuring consistent service quality, they chose AM2PM for our expertise in inbound customer support through both calls and chats.

After thorough consultation and understanding of their unique needs, we customized our outsourcing services to meet TBS Studio’s requirements. This collaboration aimed to enhance customer interactions, resolve inquiries promptly, and maintain the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Action plan: Solutions and strategies by AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support’s internal call experts implemented strategic solutions in these areas:

🎯 Right agent selection: To effectively handle inquiries from expecting parents, our first step was to ensure that our agents were specifically mothers who could empathize with customers and understand the anxiety of choosing the right product.

🎯 Flexibility in the plan: Understanding the challenge of fluctuating call volumes for the TBS team, we implemented a flexible billing model. They were charged only for the actual minutes our team spent handling calls and queries on chat, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.

🎯 Handling seasonal/promotional rush: To manage high volumes of inquiries during peak seasons and promotional periods, our coordination with the TBS team ensured proactive agent availability adjustments in advance.

🎯 Thorough agent onboarding process: Before agents went live, TBS founders worked closely with our team to meticulously select agents. This process included rigorous mock calls conducted by the client to ensure that only the most qualified agents were onboarded.

🎯 Process continuity: Starting from the first month, the AM2PM team ensured continuous service delivery by establishing backup plans for days when agents were unavailable, thereby maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Business-empowering results TBS Studio!

Since AM2PM started managing incoming calls for TBS Studio, the founders could concentrate on growing their business and making crucial decisions for overall company growth.

✅ The founders were able to focus on the expansion of their business and make critical growth-oriented decisions.

✅ Call pickup percentage improved to 95%, up from previous levels when founders handled calls themselves.

✅ On-call sales increased to 49%, ensuring timely responses and reducing customer loss.

✅ First response time on chat replies decreased to 5 minutes, significantly improving from previous response times.

Time to unlock your business potential with AM2PM Support

Growing your business and maintaining steady revenue can be challenging in a competitive market. But with AM2PM Support, we’re here to make it easier for you.

AM2PM Support is an experienced outsourcing solution provider specializing in client handling processes. With over 3 years of experience and having supported 140+ startups across various industries, including e-commerce, SaaS, manufacturing, hospitality, travel, and ed-tech, we have the expertise you need.

Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer support to keep your clients satisfied and prevent financial losses. Our services are available 24/7, even on holidays, so you can always rely on us.
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