About Unique Aircon

Unique aircon is the exclusive service center of Mitsubishi Heavy Duty.

It holds the exclusive rights of servicing and installation of Mitsubishi products all across India.


Unique Aircon needed to reach out to their entire customer base for product and service feedback. Along with the feedback collection, they wanted these calls to be an opportunity to inquire whether any customer needed to buy an air conditioner cover to protect it from wear and tear or if they needed to get their A/C serviced.

For this, Unique Aircon required a team of professionals who could connect with the customers and upsell effectively. But their in-house team wasn’t trained for such customer interactions and hiring a full-time employee for this seasonal activity was inefficient.

Unique Aircon’s Requirements

Unique Aircon needed a team of professionals

  • Who could reach out to the complete customer list
  • Gather meaningful feedback from the customers
  • Try to upsell the air conditioner covers with free installation to the customers


AM2PM assigned an experienced team for the task and quickly trained them to understand the requirements. The team was ready to start with the process within 48 hrs itself.

AM2PM team initiated the calls to the customers and collected adequate feedback from them. The customer’s feedback was recorded as well for Unique Aircon’s database.

With this robust implementation, Unique Aircon was able to see results from the first day of execution itself without going through the hassle of hiring and training their own team.


With AM2PM’s team of professionals, Unique Aircon was able to

  • Pursue each customer with a connectivity rate of 65%
  • Increase revenue by upselling with a conversion rate of 15%
  • Maintain the data of the campaign and the customer feedback for analysis
    • The success of the campaign helped the Unique Aircon team to derive maximum value from their existing customers through upselling.
    • It also helped them bridge the gap between their services and the customers’ expectation for future improvements.
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