In today’s fast-moving digital world, every business wants a virtual presence to grab the attention of customers. It does not matter whether you are a small start-up or a big company, if your product has unique quality and strength, then you are going to rule the market. Having differentiated products will help you acquire customers, but to make them loyal, you need customer service. It acts as a key ingredient in your business and keeps you ahead of the competition. Customer service is not a choice, it is a necessity for every business. Customer service is not just about solving queries, it also helps grow your brand by retaining existing customers. However, it has been found that customers have stopped buying products from a business because of bad customer service.

To resolve this concern, many businesses are turning to ecommerce customer service outsourcing. Outsourcing ecommerce customer service, such as AM2PM Support, allows your business to not only focus on core operations but also ensure quality service, round-the-clock support, and a better customer experience. We strongly believe that every customer interaction is an opportunity to generate additional revenue for your business, which is why we provide highly skilled and trained professionals to handle customer issues. This escalates customer satisfaction and builds strong customer relationships.

Let’s start with the first question that most of us have:

What is ecommerce outsourcing?

Well, it is the process of hiring a third-party service provider to handle some of the tasks associated with running an online store. For a while, imagine this: you are running a sweet ecommerce business, and you have tons of things to do. Instead of trying to do all operations by yourself, you bring in experts from other companies to handle stuff like talking to customers, shipping orders, and invoice-related queries. It’s like having a helping hand from the outside, so you can focus on what you do best.

Benefits of ecommerce customer service outsourcing

A product with specifications and uniqueness is great, but after marketing and selling, it’s the service that decides whether the customer is going to be loyal to your business or not.

“After-sales service is more important than assistance before sales. It is through such service that one gets permanent customers.” -Konosuke Matsushita

This is where outsourcing steps in.

Save your operational costs

Outsourcing ecommerce customer service makes your business more cost-effective. You do not have to hire, train, and maintain an in-house customer service team, and you also do not have to spend on hardware and technology. This reduces employee and infrastructure costs.

Redirect your team to core business activities

Outsource AM2PM Support ecommerce customer service

Access to expertise

Outsourcing an ecommerce customer service like AM2PM Support can make your business operations easier. We bring skills and expertise that you might not have in-house, like technical support, customer handling, quick response, and smooth communication.

Omnichannel support for your customer

In online shopping, different customers have different inquiries. Having omnichannel support to provide a seamless customer experience is important. It integrates with various communication channels like live chat, email, mobile, chatbots, and social media. Customers can directly interact with your business through multiple platforms and devices. Omni-channel support ensures that customers can switch between channels without losing the context of their inquiries, leading to more efficient issue resolution and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

AM2PM Support offers ecommerce customer service outsourcing to your business.

Scalable resources

As an ecommerce business, you will experience fluctuations in customer demand and queries throughout the year, sometimes high and sometimes low. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility to handle and scale resources when peak demand requires it, especially during holidays and festivals.

Focus on core business

By outsourcing your customer service to a third-party service provider, you will be able to focus more on your core business. Outsourcing lets you concentrate on what truly matters, which is improving your existing products, introducing a new product, and expanding your customer base.

Adjust employees as your business demands

Let AM2PM Support can provide you this flexibility

Provide 24/7 customer support

Offline stores have a fixed opening and closing time, but as an online business, ecommerce operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For instance, if a customer is buying a product in the morning or at midnight and faces some issue regarding purchasing the product, not getting support will make them move to your competitor. As your business is online 24/7, customers will expect the same 24/7 availability from your customer service teams. By outsourcing AM2PM Support, you can provide round-the-clock support to your customers.

Achieve global expansion for your business

With an ecommerce business, you might be selling to different geographies. Customers from different locations speak different languages. To make sure that language cannot become a barrier for your business, you need customer service like AM2PM Support.

Services offered by ecommerce customer service

AM2PM Support- Outsource your ecommerce customer support
AM2PM Support- Outsource your ecommerce customer support.

Call center support

Imagine a customer has questions related to the product, or maybe he or she wants to share their great experience with the product. Ecommerce call center outsourcing is like having a dedicated team of skilled and well-trained professionals who are always ready to pick up the phone. In simple terms, customer service means that your customers can connect with us whenever they need assistance and information.

Need a customer support team with round-the-clock availability?

Look no further AM2PM Support has the solution

Live chat support

Sometimes it happens that customers want real-time support regarding their concerns without the number-dialing effort. Here, live chat comes into the picture. Ecommerce live chat outsourcing, such as AM2PMSupport,t is like having an instant messaging expert in ready mode. We guide your customers throughout the product choices, helping with issues and making sure that they leave your website happy.

Email support

As an ecommerce business owner, getting lots of emails is a very common thing. It can be related to customer queries, product questions, shipping concerns, or billing concerns. Email customer support help through your inbox, address customer queries, and provide helpful responses. E-mail support is one of the most conventional forms of ecommerce customer service.

Mobile support

Mobile support is essential in today’s digital world to ensure that customers can interact with your products or services. This enhances their overall user experience, boosts their satisfaction level, and also strengthens your brand’s reputation in an increasingly mobile-centric world.

Social media support

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in customer service. As the customers boldly post their review on social media platforms such as Twitter (X), Facebook, Instagram, etc. In cases of negative reviews, the social media support team reaches out to the customer to address their complaint and resolve their issues.

Negative review from a customer (Source- Twitter (X))
Negative review from a customer (Source- Twitter (X)).

So, in the case of negative reviews, your business needs to be extra careful because these platforms have millions of users that can hamper your business.

Multilingual support

Multilingual support helps you to attract customers from around the world. We at AM2PM Support ensure that the customer can communicate fluently with the support team, who speak different languages. It bridges the gap between the language barrier and cultural differences.

Does language barrier stop your business growth?

Break the language barrier with AM2PM Support professionals

Tips to find the best ecommerce customer service outsourcing

Know your needs

Before deciding to go with outsourcing, take a look at your ecommerce business. Search for which tasks or processes are consuming your time. If it does not belong to your core business, then you can outsource it. It may be phone support, live chat, email inquiries, or data entry. By knowing your needs, you can now find an outsourcing partner that specializes in these services.

Ask for recommendations

Searching for an outsourcing company by yourself takes time. It’s better to ask someone, maybe your business friends or ecommerce owner. It’s like asking for restaurant suggestions from locals when you are new in a city because personal recommendation is something that often comes with a stamp of trust.

Research for their past and present

Check their records to see how they derived the results for their current clients. Ask for documents and PPTs where they achieve the best outcome. You must know the kind of businesses they are working with or have worked with in the past. You should take reviews and ratings from their clients, there is nothing wrong with communicating with other organizations. It’s like before going to a new doctor, you inquired about their patient.

Chat with their team

Take a chat with their team and ask them about their processes, principles, communication style, and how they handle customer queries. You do not only need a skilled team, but you also need to be easy to understand and communicate with customers.

Start with small

Instead of giving the entire project, provide a small task. Evaluate performance and see if they are the right fit for the long term. It’s like tasting a spoonful of halwa before putting it on your plate.

Seems heavy to manage your customers?

Let AM2PM Support help you with the same

Why outsource your ecommerce customer service with AM2PM Support?

✅We have a team of experts who really know their stuff when it comes to ecommerce customer service.

✅We provide high-quality services at very low prices. So, outsourcing to us can save you money.

✅Need help at 3 AM? No problem! We offer 24/7 support, so your customers get assistance whenever 

they need it.

✅We provide all types of communication channels, such as phone, email, chat, and social media. You 

name it, we have got it covered.

✅Whether you are a small start-up or a big company, we have an incredible outsourcing model for you to grow your business.

✅Worried about data security? Your customer data is safe with us.

✅We’ve got a track record that speaks for itself.

AM2PM Support made a lot of clients really happy over the years.

So, why not give us a shot? We’re ready to help your ecommerce business shine.

Ready to transform your customer into a brand ambassador?

An ecommerce business is difficult to run as you have to do so many tasks regarding your day-to-day operations, such as inventory management, sales management, workforce management, and stuff related to your core business. In addition to this, it might not be possible to attend every customer call, email, or chat, which may impact your business sales badly. Remember, unique products can attract customers, it’s the quality of customer service that establishes loyalty.

We at AM2PM Support are here to assist your customers with their queries and provide support at any time. Whether it is related to calls, emails, or live chats, we help them with their issues and make them your loyal customers.

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