The e-commerce industry is still strong and robust despite the financial hardships caused by the epidemic that affected hundreds of thousands of businesses. 

The market is experiencing a substantial growth in popularity, and more and more companies are beginning to experiment with various platforms for marketing and selling their products while also interacting with their customers.

Entrepreneurs are gradually moving towards more sophisticated and interactive communication channels in order to offer smooth 24/7 support and help to their clients because customer communication is a crucial aspect that influences a company’s branding and reputation. 

These platforms enhance the client experience and reduce customer complaints that could lead to higher retention and satisfaction ratings.

One of the most common ways to communicate with customers is live chat, and for online business owners, real-time contact is essential. Additionally, this explains why there is a growing need for e-commerce websites.
So get ready to have a complete guide on live chat outsourcing services? Read on to find the answer.

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What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is the practice of purchasing and reselling goods and services over the internet. Despite popular misconceptions, businesses and consumers are steadily becoming more interested in buying and selling intangible things like music, software, stock images, e-books, and online continuing education courses. 

Digital items are significantly simpler to keep than physical things, and they are typically delivered to customers extremely quickly, if not immediately.

By 2040, 95% of purchases would already be completed online, according to an estimate made by experts, who anticipate even greater growth in the eCommerce business. Given that consumers demand a convenient experience, one-stop shopping platforms make this possible.

What is e-commerce outsourcing?

The phrase “outsourcing” refers to the practice of contracting out specific e-commerce operations to a different service provider. Outsourcing can benefit your business as operations that would have been handled internally by workers can be outsourced by your business. Your firm can outsource data entry work, ticket management, technical assistance, site development, and other services with e-commerce businesses.

E-commerce outsourcing operations result in cost reduction. If your business needs to add more resources to its workflow but is unable to afford or unwilling to hire new personnel, it may be wise to consider outsourcing some of its overall operations. Domestic or foreign outsourcing in e-commerce is possible.

Different roles and services of e-commerce outsourcing?

For a number of reasons, the e-commerce sector is a good candidate for outsourcing. For starters, many e-commerce businesses have remote collaboration and communication systems in place. Additionally, the majority of the job is done by e-commerce personnel using cloud-based technology, which makes outsourcing relatively simple.

8 e-commerce roles that can be outsourced.

Among the services that are most frequently contracted out in the sector are:

  • Both back end and front end web development.
  • Development of apps.
  • Customer service representative.
  • Chat support.
  • Inventory management.
  • Sales consultant.
  • Digital marketing specialist.
  • Technical support specialist.
  • E-commerce specialist.
  • Fulfillment and order processing.

What are the different types of e-commerce outsourcing?

There are various e-commerce outsourcing service options. You may choose the option that best suits your needs by understanding how each one operates.  

Offshore outsourcing

Offshoring is a method your company can employ to reduce costs. This refers to relocating your full e-commerce business or just a particular department to another nation.

Many consumers and business owners frequently mistake offshore for outsourcing. They presumptuously believe that e-commerce outsourcing solely applies to foreign farming occupations. Although outsourcing and offshoring are two distinct business techniques, they can definitely be combined.

Offshoring is a common practice for e-commerce companies that promote their products in order to improve customer service management. Due to the high manufacturing prices and other associated expenditures in nations like the US, e-commerce businesses have been forced to relocate some operations to nations like the Philippines, where labor costs are lower.

For instance, your e-commerce company can use both tactics by contracting with outside service providers for email assistance. By doing this, you may access more talent while spending less money.

Nearshore outsourcing

When you outsource one or more tasks to a country in the same continent or in a nearby time zone, this practice is known as nearshoring. For example, a US-based business might look into outsourcing inventory management to Panama or Mexico. A UK-based company can do the same by moving its e-commerce support to Bulgaria or Poland.

Your business can benefit from a more diverse talent pool, lower labor costs, consistent business hours, and perhaps direct transit linkages in both e-commerce outsourcing scenarios. Additionally, you can shorten the training period because you may already have a common language or understanding of culture, especially if you’re outsourcing customer support responsibilities.

Domestic or onshore outsourcing

In a domestic or onshore outsourcing approach, your e-commerce business assigns specific tasks to third parties with local offices. Accounting and other back-office tasks, including IT operations, might be contracted out to domestic third parties.

Onshore outsourcing reduces the need for supplemental resources like staff, office space, and equipment by keeping your teams concentrated on their primary duties. The cost of domestic outsourcing is typically higher than that of offshore or nearshoring, which is the only drawback. When it comes to cultural familiarity, it has the advantage.

Project outsourcing

Your company may occasionally find it difficult to manage one of its projects, or even just a part of a project. You might decide to hire BPO firms to handle some processes as a result.

In other instances, your company might not have enough internal staff members with the necessary abilities to finish the project. Additionally, it could be more expensive to complete the task in-house rather than assign it to an outside firm with greater expertise.

Process-specific outsourcing

Nowadays, it’s normal practice to farm out specific operational components of your firm to an outside provider or organization that specializes in customer service outsourcing. For instance, your e-commerce business can hire a courier service to handle the delivery of your products.

Then, such an agreement would require specifics like customer contacts, prices, and delivery schedules. Process-specific outsourcing enables your business to focus on its core competencies, enhance customer service, and reduce time and expense.

Important communication channels for e-commerce outsourcing?

Customers are guaranteed a better purchasing experience thanks to communication channels, and business owners have many options to choose from:

  • Social media.
  • Email.
  • Live chat.
  • Chatbots.
  • In-app messaging.
  • SMS marketing.
  • Telephone

However, in this article let us focus on live chat and how it helps in improving customer service.

What is live chat?

Your company can use live chat as a kind of customer support to quickly address issues with product and customer service. Because of its straightforward, practical, and efficient user interface, it is the perfect platform for you to suggest as an owner of an e-commerce firm. 
Live chat outsourcing offers additional advantages, such as reduced expenses, increased productivity, and the chance to promote self-service assistance, in addition to quick resolution and improved rapport and trust between customer care agents and clients.

What are the benefits of e-commerce live chat outsourcing in order to level up your sales and customer support?

Let us have a look at the detailed benefits of e-commerce live chat outsourcing:

Quick customer service

Support staff may find it challenging to respond to each customer question and concern while also doing other sales-related responsibilities when there is a significant volume of messages from consumers. 

Before deciding to check out certain items that pique their attention, online buyers who have questions about particular products and services desire prompt responses.

Customers’ wait times can be reduced by having a helpful chat box because most chat solutions nowadays allow business page managers to save answers to frequently asked inquiries. 

Customers don’t have to wait for answers from customer service representatives when they choose a fast query because the solution will automatically show when they select it.


Agents for the chat support team are trained to produce and submit sales reports just like a team of sales experts from a sales outsourcing company can provide, monitor stocks, and promote promotions in addition to responding to client questions and complaints about products and services. It can be highly taxing for your agents to do all of these tasks in the absence of a central communication channel.

Agents can continue working on other duties while addressing the various demands of several consumers thanks to live chat’s straightforward and user-friendly design. 

Chat operators can save responses to frequently asked questions so that users can quickly access them later. These comments are referred to as canned responses.

Delivers personalized services

Identification and analysis of consumer behavior might be difficult for your company and sales people without in-person contact. You’ve become accustomed to believing that building customer trust requires direct physical contact over time. 

Through the use of sensors and chat software, developers have developed methods for monitoring the online users’ purchasing patterns.

The top live chat applications for e-commerce right now include sophisticated capabilities that enable agents and business owners to look up information on clients’ online behavior, including their purchase history, frequently visited pages, and even how much time they spend on various platforms! 

Service personalisation can lead to more beneficial interactions with your customers by assisting you and your support staff in developing a deeper and more intimate awareness of their precise needs and wants.

24/7 support

You must be ready to provide 24-hour service if you want to expand your company to the international market. While potential customers from various nations and time zones may be browsing your website and adding goods to their carts, if one or more details are missing, they are likely to call your customer service department.

Your company may virtually answer their questions in live chats with the use of automatic responses, and you’ll observe customers adding more goods to their carts as a result of the happiness and good customer service. 

The next advantage is that clients may still ask quick questions and receive prompt responses even outside of your chat support team’s regular business hours.

Conversion rates are increased

The number of website visitors per day is significant in measuring the efficiency of your company’s marketing and promotions if you have an active website where you can promote your products and services and simultaneously guide customers through the whole purchase process. 

Visits or simple browsing are worthless until users choose to add things to their carts, check them out, and make payment for each purchase. An indication of superior customer service and efficient client support is the conversion of consumer interest and first activity into sales.

Due to its ability to increase conversion rates and sales, live chat is appreciated by business owners and eCommerce professionals.  You may track client engagement rates and identify the specific chat session feature that encourages customers to use your goods and services once more.

Still in doubt? Have a quick look at why you should outsource live chat services.

E-commerce sales are increased

By giving clients quick and simple access to customer care, live chat services can assist your company in time-optimizing its sales processes. This is due to the fact that customers may get their queries answered through live chat in real time, which can boost confidence and lessen buyer’s regret. 

Live chat also improves client communication, personalized the brand, and lowers bounce rates for your company. Additionally, live chat can improve the relationship and trust between a consumer and a business. Increased revenue for your company may be the result of all of these causes.

Customer lifetime value is high

The sum of all the sales a client makes throughout the course of their engagement with your business is referred to as customer lifetime value. By increasing conversions, raising order values, and offering excellent service, live chat can raise customer lifetime value.

Live chat can help you convert more prospects into paying and devoted clients by raising conversion rates. Additionally, raising order values might increase the amount of money you make from each customer. Additionally, live chat offers a fantastic chance to deliver first-rate customer care. 

You may establish trusting relationships with your customers and keep them coming back by responding to their inquiries in a timely and helpful manner.

Bounce rate is reduced

There are numerous benefits of customer service outsourcing that include enhancing client satisfaction and increasing conversions, your e-commerce website must lower its bounce rate. 

By interacting with visitors and assisting them in finding the information they require, live chat can be an effective technique for lowering the bounce rate. 

Live chat may aid visitors in overcoming any challenges that would tempt them to quit your website by offering immediate, pertinent support. By delivering visitors automated messages, live chat can help lower the bounce rate.

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Competitive advantage

You should step up your game if your rivals continue to use the conventional channels for customer service communication. 

Since customers would always prefer instant solutions to their inquiries to prevent long lines and waiting times, live chat help has a substantially better satisfaction percentage than email (61%) and phone (44%)

Without expending too much resources, having a competent chat support team can provide you a competitive edge over rival companies.

Minimisation of cost

To cut expenses and increase effectiveness, your company can include live chat solutions on its website. Numerous research and polls have found that using live chat software can significantly save call center expenses.

Excellent live chat software can help small business owners save more on labor and recruitment costs because the management may decide to hire a small number of staff to act as chat operators and totally automate the customer service department.

How can you improve the performance of live chat?

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Why settle at less when you can improve the performance of live chat to the maximum. The various ways to improve the performance are:

  • Check queries from chats which aids in easier tracking.
  • The right salutation, conflict resolution, and use of positive language are among the communication skills and live chat etiquette that should be taught to agents. Specify ground rules for chats.
  • Limitations to use of canned responses and scripts.
  • Canned responses should be updated with additional answers to common questions.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • Filters need to be used to check read and unread chat messages.
  • All chat-related notifications to be turned on.
  • Customer feedback should be reviewed from post-chat surveys.

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If you are a business owner looking for a one-stop platform to market and sell your goods and services while communicating with current and new clients, e-commerce live chat is a great investment. 

It’s crucial to pick live chat software that will enable you to provide exceptional customer experiences without going over budget.

When selecting a live chat platform, take into account the advantages it will offer your company, your clients, and your staff. Employing a team of skilled customer support specialists can significantly improve your company’s image and reputation due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

Most importantly, clients will continue to favor intimate, personalized, real service since only people can provide it.

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AM2PM Support – outsource your organization’s live chat services with 27X7 support.

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