If it has been a long since you got a reaction from the customer about your services, you must immediately take some steps to dig into the problem by checking the speed and quality. The best way to do this is by providing a way for your customers to live chat with you. If you have got in-house resources for that, good. If you are running short on in-house talent to take care of live chat with customers, no worries. Just take the help of a good service chat company to ensure 24/7 assistance to your customers.

What is live chat outsourcing? 

It is a strategic method in business services where you hand over your chat support service to a third party. Instead of managing the service, the third party takes responsibility for answering all customers’ inquiries. Once you outsource your live chat service to a third party, they answer the customer’s incoming questions, manage multiple chats, and provide solutions from your side to customers.

Suppose you give your live chat services to outsourcing service providers. In that case, they aim to answer various queries and convey other benefits as quickly as possible and make your support services a seamless process. 

What are the pros and cons of live chat outsourcing?

Pros & Cons of Live Chat Outsourcing You Must Consider - AM2PM Support
Pros & Cons of Live Chat Outsourcing You Must Consider – AM2PM Support

Usually, a business person unaware of live chat outsourcing lets their services get exhausted. If you do not outsource any of your customer services, the live chat service would have to be managed by your sales team, which may affect your limited sales team by consuming time and giving more workload. On the other hand, outsourcing live chat can ensure that your customers get the right support at the right time, without putting pressure on your internal team. 

Pros of live chat outsourcing

Cost-effective customer service

One of the live chat outsourcing pros is the cost benefits you get by saving 30%-50% of live chat expenses. Also, outsourcing increases the conversion of your business opportunities. Some requests coming from many customers seem complicated, but experts managing live chat still keep the chats balanced and try to maintain conversions for the business. 

Round-the-clock service

One of the complex tasks for many business companies is to provide round-the-clock service. With live chat outsourcing, you can get the fantastic benefit of getting your services run on a 24/7 basis. It ensures that no questions asked by customers go unanswered even if asked at odd times.

Experiences support team

The support team of live chat outsourcing companies helps your live chat services go as smoothly as possible; they have experienced team members who can handle any situation or questions that may even challenge your team members. Working with experienced members from the chat process team makes things smoother. With this kind of fully auto-pilot service, you will get to see substantial positive growth in your company’s customer satisfaction score and maintain the loyalty of your customers.

Better focus on core business activities

Your business management team needs more attention and focus on other crucial services such as production, distribution, marketing, and sales. By giving the live chat services to outsourcing, you let your core department focus on the core activities and even be free from customer complaints and feedback.

Flexible expansion of business

By outsourcing your live chat services to a third party, you can expand the infrastructure of your service and support team without stretching the expenses and new hiring. The third party takes the responsibility of providing support to your customers and taking care of their inquiries and service needs. Companies providing outsourcing services have a support team with experienced and properly trained professionals that can save your cost of training expenses and the time required. 

You don’t have to worry about maintaining an entire team for the chat process. Everything is taken care of, from hiring to training, by the third party. So, it reduces your tasks by many folds. Also, the cost involved in the training process is being saved entirely. When your business can enjoy such excellent benefits, outsourcing live chat services makes a sensible business choice. 

Cons of live chat outsourcing

Along with so many positive aspects of outsourcing live chat, you will also get through some circumstances requiring you to rethink outsourcing live chat services. Let’s see. 

  1. Outsourcing means that third-party live chat operators will decide and operate your customer service. With outsourcing, you will have fewer controls. With today’s technology, the workflow is very transparent, still, the risk remains.
  2. While outsourcing, you need to share customer data with your customer service BPO agency.

Is live chat outsourcing right for your business?

Like any other service that your business gets, live chat outsourcing also has some positive and negative aspects balanced from both ends. The positive or negative impacts of it depend on your business requirements and your BPO agency. So, before making a final decision about outsourcing, it’s always good to make a list of all pros and all cons and see the net benefit your business will get out of it.