Do you want to grow your business and reach customers across India? 

It’s a dream for almost any and every business in the country to increase their reach and you are right to think this way. Now how do you go about doing this? 

It’s quite common these days for all those pan-India brands and businesses to boost their sales and productivity using high-end software.

Although your ultimate business goal could be driving revenue growth through sales, you can’t accomplish this without satisfying your customers.

When expanding your business your customer base inevitably becomes diverse and multilingual, in a country like India with 22 official languages recognized out of 121 major languages and 1599 other languages as of the census of India (2011). This diversity is extreme.

To tackle this diversity and increase customer satisfaction, you need to outsource your customer service to a multilingual call center. Before I enlighten you with the truth about a great multilingual call center that can increase your customer satisfaction, let me tell you a bit about multilingual call centers in general.

Multilingual call centers

Most call centers that cater to your customers’ needs, operate in one language which is commonly English. This however is not enough for your business with customers all over the country speaking different languages.

This is where multilingual call centers like AM2PM Support step in to help you. A regular call center manages inbound and outbound calls, provides different kinds of customer service, and offers tech support and telemarketing. A multilingual call center does exactly what a regular call center can do for your business as well as target a range of diverse languages for your customers.

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How does your business benefit from multilingual customer support?

Now that you have an idea of what multilingual call centers are, let me tell you how these multilingual call centers can benefit your business.

Increases customer satisfaction by speaking your customer’s language

Imagine that you are in a new place for vacation and you want ice cream. There are two ice cream shops, one of them run by a foreign man and the other by someone who speaks your native language. Who are you more likely to buy from?

It’s from the person speaking your native language right?

This is a very common behavior to feel comfortable and safe with the person we relate the most to. So it’s clear that relatability directly influences your customers’ behavior. 

Speaking the same language as your customers say, make your smart move in enhancing your customers’ satisfaction. Well, for that, you need to outsource a partner like AM2PM Support who can provide you with expert native speakers. 

These agents actually hold expertise in diverse local languages and deal with queries in your customers’ preferred languages to provide them with a sense of personalized customer service.

Makes you a pan-India star

If your business is like any other modern-day business that has an online presence in the form of a website to sell products or services to people from Jammu to Kanyakumari,  you are already halfway there to attaining that pan-India star status.

With multilingual call centers to back you up on your customer service, you can truly connect with your diverse customer base and help them in the language they feel comfortable in. It’s easy to remove the language barriers with multilingual outsourcing companies like AM2PM Support and truly unleash your full potential.

Gives the advantage of connecting through emotion

Evoking your customers’ emotions to address their pain points is a little detail but a great effort can set your business apart from the rest of your competitors. In that case, your aim should always be to outsource an efficient partner who can improve your customer’s experience in the call center.  

Imagine greeting your Tamil customer with a ‘Vanakkam’ (Hello), instead of a plain old ‘Hey, how are you?’ when they make a call to you regarding a problem they are facing. This gesture would instantly positively affect their opinion about your company. 

24/7 availability to cater to your customer’s needs

Multilingual call centers like AM2PM Support offer 24/7 customer service that caters to your diverse audience’s needs. This round-the-clock availability is essential as your customers may have different times of the day they prefer to make a call to your business based on their availability. 

You cannot expect your customers to only call you at a time that’s convenient for you. A multilingual call center provides you with native agents who provide excellent customer service at the time your customers are most comfortable and in the language they feel most connected with.

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How to choose the right multilingual outsourcing company for your business

Now if you are convinced with the fundamentals of multilingual call centers as you grow globally, let me tell you how you need to choose the right multilingual outsourcing company for your business. Let’s go over the crucial steps you need to follow to choose your perfect outsourcing partner and skyrocket your business 🚀.

Define your needs

First and foremost you should clearly define your customer service needs so that your customer service strategies are not drowning in the sea of inefficiencies. You can consider these below-mentioned aspects:

Language needed

You should find out the languages your customers comfortably speak to determine the language of your customer service calls for a smooth interaction. 

Now, let’s suppose, your audience is mixed with a majority from Delhi and the rest from Gujarat. Then you would need a call center like AM2PM Support to deliver customer support in Hindi as well as Gujarati.

Volume of calls 

Estimating the volume of your customers’ calls and queries will help you to understand the workload in your business. Now, with this understanding, you can assess the capacity and quantity of agents that you actually need from your outsourcing partner to ensure smooth functioning.

Research the market for available options

After thorough research, you need to compile a list of potential multilingual call center outsourcing partners that best suit your business requirements. Well, to keep a sharp eye on every aspect, you must consider the following factors while choosing your outsourcing partner:


To make things simple while searching for a highly reputed outsourcing partner, you can seek recommendations from industry peers and read client reviews and testimonials. 

By doing this, you can find out if they maintain rapport with your customers and are efficient enough to reduce customer churn rate and improve customer retention.

Well, let me tell you, if you’re looking for an outsourcing provider with a strong reputation in the industry, you can count on AM2PM Support. 

Explore how AM2PM Support is loved by its partners from the words of the co-founder of University Living, Mayank Maheshwari.

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Industry experience

You should consider whether your multilingual outsourcing company has experience in your specific industry. Well, this is essential as industry expertise can lead your business to a smoother transition and better customer service outcomes.

Language assessment

To move forward, you must request language proficiency assessments or tests for agents of your potential outsourcing partner. You should do this to ensure that their agents are proficient enough and they can effectively communicate with your customers and build an emotional engagement throughout the process.

Try to always prioritize companies that employ native speakers of the languages you require, just like AM2PM Support. The reason behind this is that a native speaker holds a deeper understanding of the culture and language of your customers, and their efficiency can reduce your customer complaints.

Review and seal the deal 

Now, look at your references to review the performance of existing employees of your preferred multilingual outsourcing companies. Also, you must discuss and clarify the service level agreements (SLAs) that the outsourcing company offers. 

Why is it important? SLAs define the expected service quality, response times, and resolution times. Now this clear approach pushes you one step forward whether you’re on the right way for outsourcing.

Well, by making all the aforementioned steps considerable while partnering with the multilingual call center, you will definitely gain an extra advantage in providing top-quality customer service to your global audience.

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Remember relatability is key to building trust with your valuable customers. In that case, the importance of good customer service for your business is immeasurable, be it interacting with your audience in different languages, or it’s connecting to their intent while offering exact solutions. 

Now, you have already gained knowledge of the benefits of customer service with a multilingual outsourcing partner. Above that, the steps for outsourcing are already mentioned there, which you should follow. Well, it’s your time to go and satisfy your diverse audience with exceptional customer service in the language they love to speak. 

Oops! Before that don’t forget to pick one of the best in the industry which is AM2PM Support. Because the expert agents from AM2PM Support have a decade of experience in handling leads with ease to drive conversion with them.  

So why wait to get going on your journey toward success? Book a free call and get in touch with AM2PM Support to grow your business exponentially.

Watch Mayak Jain, co-founder of AM2PM Support, who shared the success of AM2PM support across different countries.
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