With the fast expansion of digital transformation, everything required to run a successful organization is crucial and demands attention, whether marketing, finance, sales, or human resources. However, it is critical to prioritize customer service.

Customer service is essential for more than simply increasing sales; it is also crucial for establishing customer loyalty. Many believe customer service is an unnecessary extra expense to handle recurring client questions. Consider customer service as an investment, not a cost, with lifelong returns. Let the numbers speak for themselves; around 89% of the customers make repeated purchases from companies with a positive customer experience.

In this article, we will discuss seven reasons why you should prioritize customer service in your business.

Importance of customer service: why it should be a priority

If your company provides excellent customer service, 78% of your consumers will continue to buy from you even if you make a mistake, says a report from Salesforce. Here’s a list of seven reasons screaming the importance of customer service and why you should take it to your priorities:

Transform brand image for the better

“ It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to destroy it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffet.

This quote is nothing but true. A small mistake like poor customer service can destroy your company’s reputation. In comparison, good customer service will transform your brand’s reputation from “ Yeah! It’s a good company” to “ The company is perfect, Highly Recommended!”

According to Statista, 40% of customers stop buying from a business due to poor customer service in US 2022. First impression accounts for most of the business you do with customers, and customer service helps you master it. 

Handling customer complaints is equally essential; leaving that to chance can be costly. To avoid such incidents, develop a well-established complaint handling and communication system.

Exponential growth in revenue

Money is the deciding factor in most business decisions. You’ll go with whatever idea brings the most earning potential and profits. 

Without profitability, businesses can’t survive. Even the books of business agree with it. It’s essential to maintain revenue and increase profitability. Success and failure of a company are measured by net income, i.e., revenue generated minus expense incurred. 

Good customer service correlates with increased revenues, making it a vital focus area. 83% of companies who believe that customer service is crucial for any business’s success have experienced revenue growth. 

Convert customers into loyal fans

To make a delightful customer experience, providing proactive customer service is key. And you know what, good customer service can be a cost-effective way of marketing as well. 

Let’s look at the situation from the customer’s perspective. You walk into a store to buy t-shirts. You notice that the staff is ignorant of your questions and giving vague scripted answers. You write an email to their manager stating the issue. 2 weeks later, you revisit the store. You see that the staff is active, listening to your concerns and giving meaningful responses. You also notice that they have installed a customer help desk to prevent such incidents further. You are impressed now and became a regular customer in that store and recommended that store to your peers.

What did we learn from this example? We learned from this that proactive customer service could be free of cost marketing and retain customers.

Customers spend more on companies they like

Customer service matters so much that customers are willing to pay more to get a good customer experience. 62% of the customers prefer to pay extra over poor customer service, reported Salesforce

These statistics show that your brand’s survival and growth depend on the customer’s perception of your company. Growing and well-known brands keep working to improve their customer service at a high pace, and so you have to as well. 

With customers’ high demand for good customer service and your ability to provide top-notch customer service, you can beat your competitors in no time.

Catch up on the omnichannel customer service trend

Omnichannel mediums to provide good customer service. [Source - Packingstrategies]
Omnichannel mediums to provide good customer service. [Source – Packingstrategies]

The days of brick mortar are falling, especially after the pandemic. With the rise in internet driven world, people enjoy being online. Video calls, emails, social media, websites, eCommerce, etc. have become a standard mode of customer service for any business. Now, customers expect you to have an optimized digital presence across multiple channels.

When you synchronize multiple channels your customers use and provide a seamless customer experience to your audience at every touchpoint in the customer journey, that becomes an omnichannel customer experience. You would require a well-structured system to handle customer calls and customer service requests on all other channels as well. 

To put it together, instead of managing the website, social media, and emails separately, you sync them together to make one omnichannel. It will help your customers to interact with you on the channel of their choice. It also gives an idea to your customers that you really care.

Personalized customer service boosts conversion rates

Personalized customer service work like a charm to customers. It shows that your company cares about customers’ preferences and has done your homework before marketing to them. Even stats say the same – online conversion rate can be increased by around 8% if you implement personalized customer service.

For example, suppose your target audience searches “white sneakers” on Google, and after that, your brand’s advertisement pops up on their Instagram, showcasing white sneakers. Or once they subscribe to your newsletter, they get an email from you with personalized recommendations based on pages visited by them along with a discount offer for white sneakers. Imagine how fast your conversion rates will shoot up, and you’ll start packing more orders than ever. It is what personalized marketing and customer service do to your conversion rates. 

Also, in digital age, customers are very aware and have very short attention span. Before buying from you, they look up your brand online. That’s why you must have a robust brand presence as well. And to build it across Google and social channels, you can take help of online marketing agencies, influencers and Wikipedia page creators, or just hire an inhouse team.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

We live in a digital world where customers expect faster-than-ever services and a best-in-class customer service experience. All it takes is just one mistake in customer service to drive your customers away from your business to your competitors; 

And thanks to e-commerce and so many options in the market, it’s too easy for customers to put one brand’s product in the basket but end up paying for another. Good customer service is one prominent way of retaining customers and keeping their loyalty. 

If your company is known to serve customers with the finest while your competitors don’t, you’ll stand apart from your competition and even the slightest advantage like outsourcing to chat support companies for live chat assistance can be key to beating your competition.

Good customer service is a must-have if you want your business to rise above the rest.

Get started: Delight your customers with good customer service

Now you understand the importance of good customer service and why you should make it a priority. It’s time to take action and take steps to improve the existing customer service of your company. When you have limited resources, one way to instantly level up your customer service is outsourcing – outsourcing customer services to a party that efficiently handles customer-related concerns. Call Center Outsourcing can be a time and cost-effective solution for your business if you don’t have the required budget and system in place to handle customer calls. 

AM2PM Support is a customer service outsourcing platform with a team of professionals who work efficiently to provide a delightful customer experience to your customers. To explore how you can outsource your customer service and support and how it can help your business grow faster, you can always contact AM2PM Support team.