Have you ever experienced a sweet date with your loved ones? 

Oh, silly me. It’s probably yes. Before going on a date, you may prepare yourself very well, be it in your dressing or it’s your initial preparation for making an impression to build kinship with a resounding yes.

Now, you may have a question, why do I say this? You would be surprised if I say the pre-sales process is quite identical to dating and making a lasting impression to trigger buying psychology.

In the pre-sales process, your first interaction is processed with your targeted people. You give them a detailed description of your products or services, including pricing options, and make every possible effort to move them toward the bottom line of the sales funnel.

We’re here with this article to provide you with answers about what and why pre-sales support. Is this only leveraging the advantages of BPO or more? Look below!

What are pre-sales BPO services?

Can you sell me a credit card from Mastercard? Not sure?

Why? Before diving into the sales procedure, you need to determine whether I’m eligible. To do that, you must confirm any prerequisites, from my age to my address, identity to income. Otherwise, attempting a direct sale would appear as if you haven’t done your homework properly.

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When your pre-sales support outsourcing team begins its action plan, it will require a precise exercise in terms of researching the product, the market, and the demographic profile of potential customers. Based on these criteria, they will craft a well-crafted pitching script. 

This will enable you to address your consumers’ specific needs with customized solutions and nurture the initial phases of a business relationship with well-prepared customer service strategies. If your outsourced pre-sales team effectively manages this ongoing process, your sales team can then step up to invest your leads’ purchasing potential and loyalty in your brand. 

Because, after nurturing a bond with tailored solutions on your behalf, your outsourced team will provide your expert sales reps with a solid reason to focus on revenue generation by securing actual sales deal closures.

AM2PM Support – What is Pre-sales?

Which support can you get from pre-sales BPO & management services?

If you’re looking for an industry expert BPO player like AM2PM Support for managing services in the pre-sales process, then you must have knowledge that can be served on your platter. Have a look!

1. Lead generation

If your business struggles to find the need of the time, it will result in an empty sales pipeline. Why? Well, if prospecting is the first step in sales, then lead generation channels are your key to stretching the bottom line of the sales funnel.

With pre-sales BPO service, get your targeted prospects on calls, qualify them with the right ticks on your checklist, nurture customer relationships, and arrange further meetings to gather more data for making a well-knitted demographic profile.

AM2PM Support – what is lead generation?

2. Appointment handling and building a database

Appointment setting is a crucial part of a sales strategy with SWOT analysis. Why? Because it serves as a direct line between locking down new clients and the rest of the sales process while focusing on finding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

While reps from the outsourcing team address all relevant questions during the appointment, they try to engage your clients to counter obstacles in the further sales process. These inquiries may include about how exclusive features can satisfy their business requirements, whether responding to customer complaints with a particular product or feature, or if they have any suggestions.

Get top-notch support and services in lead generation

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Moreover, the representatives also have access to a ready-to-use custom database that includes pre-qualified and validated prospects spanning across all industry verticals. This database can be further leveraged for setting up your various marketing campaigns.

3. Market research & competitor analysis

If you wish to thrive in competition, then you can’t afford to lose information related to your competitors. On your behalf, your outsourced team will analyze data from online tools, research reports, and market studies to provide you with a clear reflection.

They will cover areas such as how your product or services are received by the target audience, whether they are well-suited to the current market scenario, whether your competitors have added any exclusive features to stand out from the rest, and if you need to rethink your sales strategy before implementing it.

This analysis can be quite lengthy but to make your process hassle-free along with personalized customer service, your outsourced experts prioritize quality and logic along with relying on the theory of digits.

Competitor Analysis

How to choose & process with the right pre-sales BPO & management services?

While outsourcing pre-sales BPO and management services, you need to have real-time visibility. Here are some key factors to ensure your successful outsourcing:

1. Be specific in your intent

Are you looking only for lead generation or 360-degree pre-sales support? Don’t know? 

Then you should dive deeper into the reasons for outsourcing before contacting a suitable outsourcing partner. By simplifying and organizing things, you will automatically move forward your business into a more strategic aspect.

2. Consider your budget

Is every outsourcing partner feasible for your business? 

Nah! Why? Because business process outsourcing can be costly, but it’s not mandatory. So, you need to simplify the path by creating a realistic budget while calculating financial allocations. When you choose a partner for your business, your focus should be on investing each penny wisely and accessing high-quality standards.

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3. Research outsourcing partner’s experience & expertise

To ensure that your chosen partner has a proven track record of success, you need to inspect their industry-standard expertise, client testimonials, and the range of services that meet current needs and satisfy consumer demands. So, choosing AM2PM Support in this scenario, you’ll never regret it.

4. Onboard with a team of trained reps

After outsourcing the right partner for your business, provide key details related to your brand to the onboarded team members. 

Why? They need a detailed list of your target audience, product or service features, your buyer persona, your position in the current market, or your targeted ROI based on the KPIs so that they don’t fumble when interacting with them.

5. Optimize outcome regularly

Having an outsourcing partner is necessary, but a wise choice is to monitor the ongoing process. 

Why? Request meetings and reports from your partner to review your progress and identify any gaps. Ensure that your outsourced partner maintains transparency, as only this can make the process reliable and allow you to quickly modify the strategy if needed.

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AM2PM Support_ Your one-stop solution for business process outsourcing
AM2PM Support_ Your one-stop solution for business process outsourcing.

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Why? AM2PM Support is the perfect example of blending the culture of various industry-based experiences, trendy technologies, and an affordable pricing module suitable for businesses of all sizes.

With AM2PM services, you can not only get reliable round-the-clock pre-sales support and services but also foster a strong customer relationship, providing them with a reason to stay exclusively with you.
So, no more wasting time. Try out AM2PM Support, a pre-sales BPO and management company that fits your sales support outsourcing needs.

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