As businesses expand and introduce a wider range of products and services, handling sales in-house can become too difficult. This is where sales outsourcing companies can help businesses expand and boost sales without worry. At the same time, new companies or start-ups may not be able to hire and train a sales team. 

Thus, there are benefits of outsourcing call center services Outsourcing sales is a good business strategy, but which b2b sales outsourcing companies should you choose?

What is Sales Outsourcing?

It refers to delegating a part of a company’s sales strategy to a third-party or another company. For example, you are a producer and seller of electronic gadgets, and your sales are over tele calling. If you hire sales outsourcing firms to make calls on behalf of your company, it is known as sales outsourcing. 

Outsourcing can help in growing your sales
Boost your sales game by outsourcing with the experts.Source:cydcor)

What are the Benefits of Sales Outsourcing?

Outsourcing to sales and marketing outsourcing companies has numerous benefits for businesses, such as-

Balance cost and resources

A common reason for hiring the best sales outsourcing companies is to grow and expand businesses. For example, if you are thinking of creating an in-house team, you will need tele-callers, then their salary. However, the cost of acquiring new team members (salaries, bonuses, training costs) and the time spent is often too high compared to the benefits reaped. Businesses can generate new leads and boost sales in a short period of time and minimal costs

Better flexibility

Sales outsourcing firms allow businesses to change priorities as and when required because they are highly adaptable. From changing the target audience to the immediate product and even data analysis, outsourcing firms can do it all.

Since the epidemic, 45% of organisations have intended to boost their outsourcing, typically focused on identifying skillsets they cannot access in-house.

Leverage expertise

The employees at any sales outsourcing company are selected after rounds of interviews, rest assured, they are persuasive and skilled at what they do, this is done to provide personalized customer services.  This is especially beneficial for companies new to the landscape and wishing to capture markets by competing with existing players.

Greater focus 

Your internal team will be able to focus on more important issues once they are relieved of the strain of making too many calls per day or continually replying to messages. For example, suppose one of your employees is in charge of receiving customer inquiries, and she is continually returning to the inquiries, but a larger problem occurs. What will happen is that your employee will be unable to devote her time to that “BIG ISSUE” and thereby companies like AM2PM Support is here to support businesses.

Partner with sales outsourcing  
Streamline your operations with outsourcing(Source:ttec)

Lower risk

The payoff from outsourcing sales is guaranteed to be good. Still, if by any chance the product is not successful, the loss is lower when using a firm to outsource sales. Think of it this way, an in-house sales team is expensive, and the risk is higher, but an outsourced team is much more economical and carries a lesser risk.

Top 10 Sales Outsourcing Companies to Help You Grow Your Sales

By this point, you might consider giving your business to outsourcing sales and marketing companies, but which ones are the best? Here is a list of the ten best companies to give your sales responsibilities to:

1) Squadstack

Grow your business with Squadstack 
Grow exponentially with sales outsourcing platform(Source:SquadStack)

Squadstack is a sales outsourcing platform with best-in-class technology and trained professionals to help businesses grow exponentially. They provide telecalling services such as caller training, quality assurance, data management, handling incoming and outgoing calls, and more.

It has a prioritization model that matches callers with professionals who are likely to convert them. You can provide your script, followed end-to-end by their trained professionals. Moreover, they provide insights into the entire process so you can have a bird’s eye view of the strategy and success.

2) AM2PM Support

Empowering businesses with sales outsourcing
Grow your business with AM2PM (Source:AM2PM Support)

AM2PM Support is a reputable company offering comprehensive services to businesses. With their expertise in call center outsourcing, live chat outsourcing, ticket management outsourcing, and more, they help organizations optimize their processes and improve customer satisfaction. 

AM2PM’s dedicated team delivers personalized solutions tailored to specific business needs, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced productivity. They are committed to delivering excellence and driving success for their clients.

3) Acquirent

Drive business success through outsourced sales
Scale your business with sales outsourcing(Source:Acquirent)

Acquirent has helped thousands of B2B businesses boost sales and revenue. Their key services include- intent data to boost B2B conversions, reach out to decision-makers, better marketing efforts, and prevent marketing emails from going to spam.

4) Sales Brigade

 Achieve business growth with outsourced sales
Optimze resources and boost productivity of your brand(Source:SalesBrigade)

With over a thousand sales agents, the sales brigade can cater to all your B2B and B2C sales outsourcing needs. They provide comprehensive solutions for sales staffing, training as well as management. Sales Brigade boasts of providing high-quality solutions to their client’s problems.

5) Skondras

We are your sales experts
Optimize resources and boost prodivity of your brand (Source:Skondras)

Based in Britain, Skondras has over 27 years of experience in sales expertise. Their services include- lead generation, business development for B2B lead generation, saas business, customer service for focused retention, sales consulting to help curate an innovative and effective strategy and recruitment of in-house sales teams.

Thus, Skondras is an end-to-end sales outsourcing company as it solves all problems from recruitment, boosting sales, and solving customer queries.

6) Top Hawks

 Powering your business growth
Powering your business growth (Source:TopHawks)

Top Hawks is one of India’s top sales outsourcing firms, with a presence in over 32 cities. Its extensive sales associate database helps it find the perfect staff for your business. The team comprises expert professionals with long training and reporting automation to give its clients a complete look into sales insights.

7) Cloudtask

 Supercharge your business growth
Powering your business growth (Source:CloudTask)

Another great sales outsourcing firm, cloud task, is a great option for already established companies looking to generate more revenue by expanding sales.

8) Belkin

Outsourcing is the gold for your business
Redefining your success (Source:Belkin)

Belkin is a top-rated lead generation company with a strong presence in over fifty industries. Belkins reaches out to potential customers tele calling, appointment setting, and more.

9) Thrive 

Drive success throught smart collaboration
Drive success throught smart collaboration (Source: Thrive)

Thrive aims to provide cost-effective business solutions to its clients. With more than five years of experience, they provide scalable business models.

10) Sales Roads

Get Uniquely Qualified Appointments
Build your brand with right outsourcing (Source : SalesRoads)

A top-rated sales outsourcing firm, Sales Roads is service focused and considers its customers the utmost priority.

Wrapping Up

Sales outsourcing especially from AM2PM Support is advantageous to businesses of all sizes. However, choosing the rating firm can be tricky. Please review our list of the top 10 companies that can help you level up sales and expand your business.