Do you know that a business can generate 1877 leads monthly on average?

Perhaps, no! Well, no issues with that. However, my question is: Do you desire to achieve a large number of high-quality leads, the same as the aforementioned range?

If so, then you should not only prioritize skyrocketing sales but also generate qualified leads which will drive your business to achieve long-term goals. 

And the good news? You can smoothly get it done while partnering with a sales call center outsourcing company that is capable enough to target prospects and turn your Marketing-Qualified leads (MQLs) into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).

Well, before you start approaching an outsourced sales call center to drive growth in outbound sales along with lead generation, go through this well-researched guiding article and know what is in it for you.

Get to know the factors that play a major role in outsourcing decisions and at which point you should outsource.

What are sales calls?

Sales calls are telephonic conversations between your prospective clients and sales reps from your outsourced partner. Through sales calls, sales experts provide nitty-gritty details of your products or services with a well-crafted sales conversation, reduce customer complaints, empathize with their concerns, and consistently follow them up for further purchases. 

Here, the purpose is to generate leads, qualify them, and nurture relationships from the first touchpoint to retain them in your sales pipeline. So that your target audience can turn into your long-term loyal paying customers.

Want to nail your sales strategies on calls?

Let AM2PM Support provide well-crafted sales pitches.

Now, let’s take an example. Kotak Mahindra Bank, one of the leading private sector banks in India has its own insurance products and Kotak General Insurance is amongst them. If you go through its website, you’ll get insurance variants that you can apply for, or else you can claim your previous insurance too. 

Imagine a picture, where one fine day you applied for car insurance. And guess what? The very next day, you get a call from their side. You get introduced to their professional who provides you with detailed guidance of coverage for losing assets, liabilities, and risk apart from life. 

Eventually, your trust in Kotak Mahindra gets built up and you don’t even think to spare a microsecond for others. If you till now place yourself in your customers’ shoes, then hopefully you get the idea that exactly the same will happen for your customers where your outsourced sales pros will take the command on your behalf.

Understand the concept of sales calls with an example from Kotak General Insurance  (Source: Kotak General Insurance).

Which type of sales calls can you expect while outsourcing a sales call center?

Although there is a myth in the market that outbound sales calls evolve around cold calling only, let me clarify that sales call as a whole itself is a broader approach. To get it in detail, have a look below:

Cold calls

Cold call is an approach, where your target people get an unexpected call and are very first time introduced to your brand’s exclusivity while they don’t have any prior knowledge of it. Although it’s more popular in the finance industry, almost every other industry outsources sales and services, keeping that in mind you need to do so as well to stay strong in the competitive market.

To understand the cold calling perspective, let’s consider the movie “Boiler Room”, where the cold calling concept relates to a number game. If you don’t know about it, no issues. 

Just imagine this scenario: A room filled with stockbrokers, where all are called one by one as listed on a scheduling paper. The stock brokers have asked to clear the uncertain stock. To clear these stocks, sales professionals make many calls with the belief that the more phone calls they have, the more they succeed in closing deals and the more money they can make. 

Well, needless to say, the same goes for your outsourced sales reps.

Crack the concept of cold calling that is done by a sales call center outsourcing partner while relating to the movie “Boiler Room”
(Source: PrimeVideo).

Warm calls

Warm call is a technique used by sales reps from your outsourcing partner to reach potential prospects who have at least some prior knowledge of your brand. These people can be anyone who either goes through your website or social media posts, or they may see any ad campaigns and show their interest by filling out forms, attending your events, or subscribing to your podcasting channels.

To understand this, let’s take an example from Hubspot, a leading CRM company around the world. Whenever people come across its website and fill up a form as shown below, it means they tend to know more about Hubspot and they already have some engagement with it. Now, after this process, Hubspot’s salespeople will definitely interact with these people and try to sell their products. 

Your target prospects who get engaged through website forms, experience warm calls by a sales call center outsourcing partner
(Source: Hubspot).

The same is applicable in your business while sales reps from your call center outsourcing company acknowledge your prospect’s interest in a very personalized manner and of course with a warm greeting. In this stage, there are higher possibilities that you succeed in qualifying hot leads.

Hot calls

Now, we come to the probably last stage of a sales call and that is a hot call. Well, this is the time when your hot leads are completely convinced to purchase from your brand. That means your outsourced sales agents already strategically implemented their sales intelligence to address your leads’ intent & trigger buying psychology to close the deal.

For example, you come across an amazing deal on a homestay on Airbnb, an online platform for hospitality services. There you see the details, fill in everything that is needed for purchasing services but hold your decision of making an ultimate payment. Now, there is a higher chance that you can get a call from their outsourced expert sales and support telecallers about closing the deal.

Your sales call outsourcing partner provides engaging hot calls to turn your hot leads into paying customers same as Airbnb
(Source: Airbnb).

Here, you can see how these hot calls turn you into an ultimate paying customer. Well, no need to say the same goes for your customers as well. In this stage, not only does a payment occur but also a trustworthy relationship is built up for a long-term purpose which has the potential to drag your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

Follow up calls

Do you think that the call process ends in the aforementioned stage? If so, then wait! Because it’s time to follow up and retain your loyal customers.

To speed up growth in your business, the customer base must be strong and that can possibly be done with your long-term loyal customers. Well, to count on your existing customers and strengthen relationships one step ahead, your outsourced sales reps reach them through follow-up calls and convince them with appealing deals.

The purpose of follow-up calls is to retain your customers who are already done with an agreement. Here, sales reps acknowledge your customers’ concerns, empathize with them with the best possible deals that they feel valued and willingly share emotions. All-in-all, these experts successfully not only do sales but also enhance your customers’ experience in the call center.

How can you speed up your business growth with AM2PM Support sales call center?

If you want to be a pro gamer in sales, you need all kinds of sales calls in one place with an industry-experienced call center outsourcing buddy. And, here you have none other than AM2PM Support. But how do they help? Let’s have a look:

Partner with AM2PM Support for skyrocketing outbound sales & enhancing quality lead generation.

Schedule & track target prospect

Before starting with the sales process, sales experts of AM2PM Support complete their homework on who are your target customers and where they can track that customer behavior. 

Whether your prospects present on emails, websites, or social media, the expert team tracks it all as these work as important lead generation channels and makes a well-researched list to segment and schedule lists for its team. So that sales reps can nail sales engagement strategies with a well-crafted sales pitch.

Appoint meetings on calls to generate leads

In the next stage, where sales reps get tasked with having a direct conversation with your target prospect, they set immediate meetings with the particular person. 

As the sales reps from AM2PM Support are well-versed and have experience in how to engage your customers through conversation and address their intent, they never fail to achieve their goals in their ongoing meetings. They turn your cold prospect into hot leads.

Eliminate the expense of in-house training & save financial resources by outsourcing a trusted partner, AM2PM Support.

Seal the deal & reduce churn 

Now, the most important part is when your hot leads turn into paying customers. Well, needless to say, sales pros from AM2PM Support smartly succeed in hitting your customers’ buyer persona and shifting them from the bottom line to the top of the sales pipeline.

Also, sales experts succeed in reducing the rate of customer churn at this stage. Either it is voluntary churn where your customers are leaving because of poor experience, or it is involuntary churn where your customers leave without actively choosing your brand, in both cases, you can rely on AM2PM Support to reduce churn possibilities.

Retarget & retain loyal customers

As selling your product or services is not all, AM2PM Support’s sales experts retarget and retain your paying customers for further purchases while nurturing relationships. Well, to get success, the sales reps provide your customers with the best deal that suits their needs and financial circumstances.

This stage is very crucial for you because without strengthening your loyal customer base, you can’t achieve success and you can’t thrive in a competitive market.

Struggling with lead generation and customer retention?

Don’t worry though! Let AM2PM Support qualify it all.

Nail your sales calls strategically & drive revenue with sales call center outsourcing partner

If you’re a smart business player and your deep-down desire is to bring down competition in this evolving sales arena, then you’ve to nail your sales deals strategically and upgrade your business to stay on sales trends.

But enhancing the core of your product or services along with counting on your loyal customers every time while providing them with the best deals, is just not a cakewalk. Therefore, you will definitely need a sales call outsourcing partner like AM2PM Support with whom you not only gain profits but also lessen call center costs.

As AM2PM Support has a decade of experience as well as expertise in crafting engaging sales conversations to drive conversion and has a keen eye for finding sales opportunities, you can undoubtedly rely on them. 

Well, better late than never, you still have a chance to experience it all on a single platter, just book a free demo with AM2PM Support.

Know about AM2PM Support’s market reputation from the words of Mayank Maheshwari, the co-founder of University Living.
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