Since the IT revolution began, India has always managed to stay ahead with their services. The Indian call centers tend to be highly significant. Many even consider outsourcing to be synonymous with the country. India has thousands of inbound and outbound call centers providing services to numerous businesses. 

Companies worldwide prefer calling call center companies in India because they’re less expensive. The call centers of India are around 60-75% cheaper than those in Europe or the US. Most call centers offer non-voice back office services to ensure smooth telemarketing and tech support operations for businesses. 

Best Call Center Companies in India

Technology business Europe corporate news [Source - AP News]
Technology business Europe corporate news [Source – AP News]

AM2PM Support

Call Center Outsourcing Services - AM2PM Support
Call Center Outsourcing Services – AM2PM Support

If you need expertise and time to provide the best customer support to your business, AM2PM Support can help you. The professionals at AM2PM Support have more than a decade of experience in the industry. Their expertise can help you with customer support services around the clock. 

As one of India’s leading call center outsourcing companies, the agents are well-trained to support businesses constantly. They can help you across different aspects of call center outsourcing, such as answering incoming service or support calls. With the available resources, they promise to provide long-term viability. The cost of setting up your customer service can be very high, which is why you must outsource it. 

Apart from the best customer experience, professionals at AM2PM Support also focus on upselling products and providing quick resolutions to problems and queries. Furthermore, they help with inbound and outbound calls. 

Tech Mahindra

BPaaS Solution - Tech Mahindra
BPaaS Solution – Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is one of the leading names in outsourcing call center services. Their services promise the best yet affordable BPO solutions for businesses with live chat, customer service, email support, and call support. 

Tech Mahindra has a very strategic way of maintaining relationships with clients. Therefore, they will ensure that no harm is done to your business. The company has numerous professionals who promise to offer the best services to maintain client relationships. They promise to provide process skills and operational excellence to maintain customer satisfaction standards. 

Wipro BPO

Business Process Outsourcing - Wipro
Business Process Outsourcing – Wipro

Wipro BPO is indeed one of the biggest BPO service providers in India. Since its inception in 2002, they have created a mark in the industry. Wipro promises to offer industry expertise and transformation capabilities. Wipro BPOs are there in more than 175 cities across six continents. 

There are 20 branches of Wipro in India itself. Wipro offers outsourcing services for customer management and human resource. Many tech giants across the world use customer services from Wipro. 

Infosys BPO

Business Process Management Services- Infosys
Business Process Management Services- Infosys

Headquartered in Bangalore, Infosys BPO is present worldwide. They collaborate with some of the leading tech giants across the globe to handle their customer service operations

Besides customer service and call center, Infosys BPO provides a wide range of outsourcing services. These include finance and accounting, human resources, legal process outsourcing, digital business services, procurement outsourcing, and more. 

Aegis Ltd

AEGIS Company Enterprise Support Operations
AEGIS Company Enterprise Support Operations

Currently, Aegis is present in 7 countries. They have 35 delivery centers in India. The main functions are conducted in Mumbai, but the company also has a branch in Bangalore. Aegis Ltd offers call center outsourcing services only to limited businesses. With over 55,000 employees, Aegis provides financial, accounting, retail, energy, human resources, and enterprise application services for companies. 


Customer Care Solutions - Genpact
Customer Care Solutions – Genpact

Genpact is one of the biggest companies for call center outsourcing in India. Established in the year 1997 by James C Madden, Genpact has been helping businesses around the world. 

Genpact has more than 65,000 employees to ensure complete support to the customers. Based in Gurugram, Genpact is present in other cities of India like Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai. They provide technology management and business process services. 

Genpact believes in personalizing as per customer needs and responding to them accordingly. Genpact helps organizations turn reactionary roles into anticipatory ones as they harvest data. They augment the “man-machine collaboration” and help companies meet customer needs with agility and relevance. 

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services
Tata Consultancy Services

Next in line for one of the leading call center outsourcing companies is Tata Consultancy Services. They offer innovative business solutions. Besides customer services, they also provide consulting services for businesses, bringing notable results for global companies. With their high-quality services, they promise to match the certainty that no other company can provide. 

TCS also provides an integrated portfolio of IT, infrastructure, BPS, and assurance services for businesses. The transformation of operations offers leverage to client platforms via the TCS Global Network Delivery Model. 

WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd

Business Process Management Company - WNS
Business Process Management Company – WNS

Established in 1996, WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd has been offering BPO services for a long time. They are hailed to be one of the biggest call centers for outsourcing your services in India. 

WNS combines deep industry knowledge with analytics and expertise to deliver the best. Their digital-led transformational solutions have helped them cater to clients’ needs across different industries. Their diverse range of services ensures a smooth customer service experience for businesses. 

Hinduja Global Services

Consumer Engagement Solutions - HGS
Consumer Engagement Solutions – HGS

Hinduja Global Services- a part of Hinduja Group, was established in 2000. Since then, they have been providing services across ten countries. Currently, they have more than 8 delivery centers in India. 

As one of India’s leading call center outsourcing companies, Hinduja Global Services provides services to businesses across different industries. These industries include banking, travel, retail, insurance, hospitality, media, telecommunications, healthcare and more. 

Hinduja Global Services provide business process management and optimization. They use the latest technologies such as analytics, cloud, automation, and AI to ensure customers receive the best. They will understand your customer’s problems and then provide real-time solutions based on the data they gather. 

Leverage your customer satisfaction demands with professionals

A positive customer experience is significant for every small business; it helps them establish trust and create a loyal customer base. Around 94% of customers will likely purchase from you if you promise them a positive experience. You should consider outsourcing if your business needs help managing customers.

Outsourcing customer services can play an essential role in bringing benefits. You can reach out to AM2PM Support, use their expertise, and implement those in your business solutions. The professionals at AM2PM Support are trained in providing efficient solutions. They will take care of your customers and ensure all their queries are solved soon.