A company always starts with big thinking. Having a company or start-up is an easy thing, you can register so many companies and start-ups by doing just the paperwork and legal formalities. The thing that is not easy is running a start-up or company, and we truly appreciate the consistency, effort, money, time, sleep, and comfort that you put into your business or start-up to achieve the desired goals. We understand well how much hard work you have put in to build your start-up, organization, or company.

Now, every business needs a customer base to survive, it’s the customers who generate revenue for the company. The products and services of your business work as a bridge or we can say they build the relationship between you and your customer. If a customer is having a problem with your product or service, they contact you and ask, I am having a problem related to this service or product, and your employee solves it.

Now, think about the same scenario, but this time you are unable to pick up the call or solve the customer’s queries. It can happen for any of the following reasons:

  • Maybe customers call you during off-business hours or holidays.
  • Your line is flooded with too many calls.
  • Your employees, who usually solve the query, are absent.
  • You do not have the proper manpower.

Any of these reasons is enough to make your customer unhappy with your business, put them on the unsatisfied customer list and they will go with your competitor’s business.

To overcome the above reasons and problems, you need a professional call center outsourcing company that is available all the time to handle and solve your customer queries. We have emerged as one of the most reputed outsourcing companies in specialized fields. Whether you are enjoying a vacation with your family or you are focusing on other key aspects of your business, you should know that we are working at the backend to help you fulfill your project goals.

Your customers are your asset, treat them like one!

Explore AM2PM call center oursourcing services and ace customer service.

Our greatest asset is the customer! Treat each customer as if they are the only one!

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Here is a list of the top 29 call center outsourcing companies in India

AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support is a leading provider of call center outsourcing services in India, holding a strong record of success and maintaining a large portfolio of clients. Founded by Mayank Jain and Ankit Kapoor, who have strong knowledge and decades of experience in the outsourcing industry.We, at AM2PM Support, understand that every requirement is unique, so we have customized a plan for your business. We help businesses transform and expand in a world of technology that is always evolving through sustainable solutions and strategies based on in-depth expertise in the field. This makes us the perfect call center outsourcing provider to take on and fulfill all of your outsourcing requirements quickly and affordably.

Why is AM2PM the best call center outsourcing company in India?

AM2PM Support’s outsourcing operation is handled by an in-house team of qualified professionals that are proficient in handling customer support and service. This expertise ensures that every engagement with your customer is effective, gentle, and understandable. We have advanced technology-enabled solutions for every aspect of your projects in compliance with cost, needs, budget, and time.

The key factor that makes AM2PM Support different from others

Client-centric approach

We are committed to providing clients with success and satisfaction with our service. Instead of making business deals and transactions, we focus on creating trust and long-term client relationships. We make sure there is an ongoing supply of respect for each other’s time and the value of both businesses, and we also provide assistance for success in terms of expertise, resources, innovation, and sustainability.

Qualified and secure service

As an industry-leading call center company, AM2PM Support maintains the highest standards of data quality and security. We assure you that your data is safe in our hands. Also, we conduct surveys to understand customer experiences and identify important areas that need development.

Partner of choice and minimize operational costs

We aim to “be the partner of choice”. Every assigned project that we own works with commitment and integrity to provide the highest standard of service. Our outsourcing experts work as a part of your internal team to plan and execute a wide variety of outsourcing initiatives that improve your performance and maximize profits in a cost-effective way.

Round-the-clock service

We at AM2PM Support provide 24/7 customer service. It should go without saying that a satisfied customer is considerably more likely to remain loyal than one who has had a negative experience. There is no question that by offering your clients customer service 24/7, they will reward you with their loyalty.


[24]7.ai is a customer service company that offers call center outsourcing. With years of call center operational experience, they can help you deliver consistent, simple, and personalized experiences to your customers.

They have a contact center software named [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud. This software is based on extensive call center management expertise. It is a trusted partner that provides a wide array of expertise, including customer support, call center services, and customer management.

Fusion BPO Services

Fusion BPO Services has been operating its call center service in India at different locations for a long time. Thousands of employees are working in this center across different countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Thailand, Mexico, and Canada.

The company is well-established with a global presence, and their inbound and outbound call center services will help you deliver satisfactory customer interactions.


Virtusa is a worldwide service provider of digital business transformation and outsourcing services. The firm helps execute successful end-to-end digital business transformations. It has operations in North America, Europe, and Asia and serves various industries like Pega, Salesforce, and Adobe.

Sales Aladin

Sales Aladin offers call center outsourcing to many businesses. Since 2016, they have conducted their outsourcing operations, and the company has customizable sales growth solutions and has been able to attract a number of clients worldwide.

Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a global outsourcing company that provides customer support. With a worldwide presence and headquarters in Bangalore, Flatworld has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom as well.

They serve thousands of businesses. With a decade of satisfying interactions, it has earned its stripes and proven itself to be the biggest call center in India.


VSynergize offers services like demand generation, high-quality lead generation, and a call center. In addition, they conduct marketing campaigns in several modes, like email and event-based.

They categorized their lead generation process into multiple channels, like sales and marketing. They also provide voice-verified leads. They elevate your process efficiency and streamline it, ensuring business growth to a great extent.

Looking to streamline your customer service operations?

AM2PM Support’s call center services can help you with the same!

Vserve Ebusiness Solutions

Vserve is a service company offering customer support and management services. IT-enabled service provider offering a comprehensive set of industry-specific solutions. Their decisions, work patterns, and strategies are all customer-centric. Their work culture is a compliment to each employee and helps their teams be more productive.


Aidey is an outsourcing company that provides call, chat, and email customer support services. It provides businesses of all sizes with an efficient way to manage their operations through flexible and cost-effective outsourcing solutions. They also offer assistive services like recruitment, training, and onboarding. other than customer support.

Octopus Tech

Octopus Tech is a leading call center outsourcing firm with clients on a global scale. It offers services like voice and non-voice customer support. All the services are well organized and completely client-oriented. They use their many years of industry-level experience to ensure that clients get the results they deserve.

Contech Outsourcing

Contech Outsourcing is a team of qualified and experienced professionals that are committed to making outsourcing profitable for their clients. All of these services comply with the rules and regulations. It is a reputed supplier of call center services in India.

Valenta BPO Careers

Valenta is also an option on the list of call center outsourcing companies in India if you are looking for a company that offers solutions for your outsourcing needs. They provide services to various industries, like accounting, finance, and software development, to allow the clients to optimize their operations at their best.

Data Angle

DataAngle Technologies is a trusted call center service provider in India that provides clients with the most accurate and personalized solutions for all their needs. It is located in Hyderabad and helps businesses increase their profitability by optimizing their processes, implementing automation, and providing staff augmentation.

Krazy Mantra

Krazy Mantra is a viable option for call center companies in India. It offers a wide range of services, such as IT services, non-IT services, outsourcing services, and human resource services. It is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and has worked with a few leading brands like Cisco, Pepsi, and Glenmark.

People Tree

People Tree is an outsourcing service company in India with over a decade of experience. They create an ecosystem dedicated to delivering quality to call center outsourcing, which allows businesses to better focus on strategy and accelerate growth.

BBC Global Services

BBC Global Services is a BPO (business process outsourcing) service provider that handles sales outsourcing for start-ups and entrepreneurs to established businesses.They provide outsourcing services like customer service, IT services, back office, administrative task, virtual assistance, and live chats.

They also provide management of all back-end operations, improving the working atmosphere and enabling the company to reach new heights. It offers virtual assistants to simplify and streamline the support process, making it take less time.


Since its incorporation in 2010, Acelerar has established itself as one of India’s leading providers of call center services. They strive to provide high-quality and solution-focused services. It facilitates sustainable value growth and process streamlining to evince a competitive advantage for your business’s success.

My Tasker

MyTasker is a BPO company that provides customer support, administrative services, writing assistance, and internet marketing services. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Kolkata.


Invensis BPO Company offers services to ensure that clients get the best solutions for their businesses.

They provide many solutions, including customer care, human resource management, and back office management. The company is an expert in the latest technologies and delivers cost-effective solutions to achieve business goals.


31West is one of the top IT support outsourcing companies serving businesses in the US and Europe. They offer technical support services, including help desk and customer support solutions, to small and medium enterprises globally. They have decades of experience and have worked with leading brands such as McDonald’s, UnitedHealthcare, and General Electric.


Go4customer is a call center outsourcing business that provides performance-based and innovative customer support solutions for a range of industries. They provide a comprehensive strategy that includes phone, live chat, email, and social media management due to their cutting-edge technology and business knowledge.

Need an expert outsourcing company?

AM2PM Support is always ready for outsourcing services.

They have in-depth industry expertise that enables them to provide companies throughout the world with specialized solutions. Their headquarters are in Jaipur, India, and they guarantee the creation of a client experience that advances your company. They have worked with prominent brands, including Relaxo, BSNL, and Timax.

Best Call Center

Best Call Center is an advanced call center service provider in India that was established in 2017. Its corporate office is located in Bangalore. By providing all these services, such as inbound and outbound call centers, data entry services, and form processing services, they have proven their reliability among other Indian call center companies. They have helped a few leading companies, including Titan, the Aditya Birla Group, Wipro, and DLF.


VonUp is your one-stop solution for all your outsourcing needs. Their technology, infrastructure, and educated well-trained agents deliver results to businesses. VonUp is an off-shore business process outsourcing company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. They specialize in telemarketing, data management, customer service, lead generation, and sales support for offshore companies.

Logica Infotech

Logica Infotech is a BPO and call center service provider in India. They have been helping the companies deliver the best customer service worldwide at effective rates. It runs on an advanced framework that gives clients the results that they want.


PGBS is a reliable service provider of multiple types, such as call center support, computer-aided telephonic interviews, virtual assistant support, email support, and chat support. It was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Bangalore. They fulfilled the customer’s requirements effectively. They give all the projects equal priority and deliver quality services.

Infosearch BPO Services

Infosearch BPO Services is a global BPO services, call center services, back office services, and data management outsourcing company based in Chennai, India. They cater to businesses worldwide and help them achieve their goals with the best possible outsourcing services.


WinBiz Solutions was founded in 2014 and is counted as one of the most experienced call center companies in India. It provides services to global clients, which include start-ups, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, and professionals.


Call2Customer is an outsourced call center company in India. They are service providers of all kinds, such as inbound and outbound call centers, customer care services, lead generation, and technical customer support. It is based in New Delhi, India, and was established in 2011. It is a reliable outsourcing partner for businesses looking to hire a specialist in these services.


Max BPO is a market-leading provider of call center services that helps clients all over the world expand their businesses. As a trusted BPO in India, they provide result-oriented services to businesses of any size, any industry, and any geographical region. It has hundreds of clients and was founded in 2014. They provide inbound and outbound call center services, customer support services, chat support services, telemarketing services, and email support services.

Want to boost your concentration on your core expertise?

Running a successful business is not an easy task, it requires hard work, time, and consistency. If a customer’s needs are not prioritized, then you can lose that customer. To overcome these challenges, you should outsource a call center company. These companies, such as AM2PM Support, offer customized solutions for excellent service, even during off-working hours or holidays. We facilitate sustainable value growth and process streamlining to provide a competitive advantage for your success.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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Keep in mind that being a business owner your best asset is your customer base. You may increase client loyalty and trust by using our outsourcing services to provide round-the-clock service.

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