If you are an ecommerce or retail seller, you would know that boosting sales is no cakewalk. It is all the more difficult for companies with significant clientele through telesales. However, boosting sales is essential as it is guaranteed to increase a company’s profits and brand outreach. 

So, how can you boost your sales through tele calling with an overburdened or exhausted sales team? Simple, this is possible through SaaS sales outsourcing. Software sales outsourcing will increase brand outreach and daily call capacity to help increase sales.

What is Saas Sales Outsourcing?

SaaS can grow your revenue
By implementing SaaS in your business you can boost up your revenue! (Source: Finoit)

SaaS sales outsourcing refers to delegating the entire or a part of your company’s sales strategy to a third party. SaaS sales outsourcing is wielded by companies who provide SaaS business, i.e. software as a service to other professionals. 

For example, you are a company like AM2PM Support that provides a WMS (Warehouse Management System) to ecommerce sellers. By outsourcing sales, you can boost the number of tele calls being made daily and, as an extension, sales and revenue. 

What are the Benefits of B2B SaaS Sales tele calls?

SaaS sales funnels as sales outsourcing are highly beneficial for companies. Let’s have a look:

 Why you need B2B outsourcing?
B2B outsourcing helps businesses streamline operations, reduce costs, and access specialized expertise. (Source: smith)

Balancing Cost and Resources

Hiring top sales SaaS outsourcing companies is often driven by the desire to grow and expand businesses. However, the expenses associated with acquiring new team members (such as salaries, bonuses, and training costs) and the time invested are frequently excessive compared to the benefits obtained.

Outsourcing sales and balanced outsourcing cost allows for a balanced approach to managing costs and resources. Within a short timeframe and with minimal expenses, businesses can generate new leads and increase sales.

Enhanced Flexibility

Sales commission rates offered by software outsourcing firms allow businesses to adjust their priorities as needed. For instance, imagine a software company shifting its target audience from small businesses to enterprise-level clients. 

To effectively realign their sales efforts, they collaborate with an outsourcing firm specializing in sales like AM2PM Support. The outsourcing firm adjusts the commission rates accordingly, incentivizing its sales representatives to focus on acquiring enterprise clients. This adaptability allows the software company to seamlessly transition its sales strategy, ensuring that resources are allocated appropriately and driving growth in the desired market segment.

Utilizing Specialized Expertise

The employees at top sales outsourcing companies are carefully selected through rigorous interview processes, ensuring they possess persuasive skills and expertise in their field. 

This is particularly advantageous for companies new to the industry and aiming to compete with established players to capture markets. This is done so that employees can handle call center overflow like a pro!

Improved Focus

By relieving the internal team from the burden of making numerous daily calls or constantly responding to messages, outsourcing sales, especially from AM2PM allow them to concentrate on more significant matters. Sales outsourcing can free up time for the team to focus on core business issues and make informed decisions based on data.

Reduced Risk

Outsourcing sales guarantee a favorable outcome. However, in the unlikely event that the product is not successful, the loss incurred is lower when using a sales outsourcing firm. Consider this: an in-house sales team is costly and carries higher risks, whereas an outsourced team is more cost-effective and involves lower risks. There are many other benefits of hiring outsourcing call center services too.

Increased Profits

Higher sales mean higher revenue. By outsourcing saas sales, you can develop products, expand them in the market and boost sales cycles. A higher sales ratio also means that people would become more aware of your products, and incoming sales calls may increase.

When Should you Outsource Saas Sales?

 Do you need clarification about whether to outsource saas sales or not? Consider the following points that can help make a decision

 Don’t hire, Outsource!
Outsourcing can increase operational efficiency. (Source: Videoform)

Limited budget

Outsourcing SaaS sales can be cost-effective, especially for small or medium-sized companies with limited financial resources. Building an in-house sales team from scratch can be expensive, considering recruitment costs, salaries, training, and infrastructure. By outsourcing, companies can access a dedicated sales force without the upfront investments, allowing them to allocate their budget more efficiently.

Rapid scalability

When a company experiences sudden growth or expects a surge in customer demand, outsourcing SaaS sales enables rapid scalability. Scaling an in-house team takes time and effort, including hiring and training new sales representatives. Outsourcing provides many benefits to your business like access to a flexible and readily available sales force that can be quickly expanded or downsized based on business needs, ensuring efficient handling of increased sales volumes.

Limited sales expertise 

For example, let’s consider a SaaS company that has developed cutting-edge project management software tailored to the construction industry. While the company excels in product development, they need to gain expertise in selling SaaS products and navigating the complexities of the construction market.

To overcome this challenge, the company partnered with a sales outsourcing firm specializing in SaaS sales for the construction industry. The outsourcing firm brings in a team of sales professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of the construction sector, understand potential customers’ pain points, and can effectively communicate the unique value proposition of the project management software.

Market expansion 

Outsourcing SaaS sales can provide valuable support when a company plans to enter new markets or target different customer segments. Sales outsourcing firms often have a diverse talent pool with experience in various industries and markets. Leveraging their expertise allows companies to quickly adapt their sales strategies, target new audiences, and gain a competitive edge. Outsourcing if done from AM2PM enables companies to enter new markets without extensive research, training, and hiring.

Focus on core competencies. 

Outsourcing SaaS sales allows companies to focus on their core competencies and strategic initiatives. By delegating sales responsibilities to an external partner, internal teams can concentrate on product development, customer support, or other crucial business areas. 

This division of labor enhances overall efficiency and enables teams to allocate their time and resources where they can add the most value, ultimately driving business growth.

It’s important to note that the decision to outsource SaaS sales should be made after carefully evaluating the company’s specific needs, goals, and available resources. A comprehensive analysis of the potential benefits, costs, and risks associated with outsourcing should be conducted to ensure it aligns with the company’s overall strategy and objectives. One should always check the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an outsourcing company. 

Saas Can Help You in Your Business Growth!

If you want to boost sales and revenue, it can be advantageous to consider SaaS sales outsourcing. Outsourcing if done from reputable company like AM2PM Support is good for boosting a company’s revenue and de-stressing your employees, who can spend time on core functions. If your aim is rapid business or market expansion, sales outsourcing is necessary. For an overworked sales team, outsourcing is nothing less than a bloom.

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