Running a business is backbreaking…

…and finding a compatible team is even more so.

That’s why for a single job posting, companies are spending 23.5 hours on average reviewing their candidates which increases the cost significantly.

And this cost isn’t just limited to the hiring process, it further transcends into training, supervising, and reviewing the hired team.

In case of attrition or a bad hire, get ready to start the whole process again.

This doesn’t sound sustainable. So, what’s the solution?

In this post, we’ll see how outsourcing can be the answer to this prominent question.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is contracting another company for certain processes and tasks, instead of hiring a team of your own. And here are some reasons why outsourcing has become a buzzword in today’s business world.

  1. Lower Costs: Hiring a team for your growing business demands your time and resources. With outsourcing, you get a team tailored to fit your needs without the expenses like
    • Recruitment cost
    • Onboarding & training cost
    • Payroll management
    • Healthcare with other benefits
    • Infrastructure & technical support

    This allows you to get more done at a much lower cost.

  2. Faster Scalability: When you don’t have to worry about implementation, you can focus on strategy and processes.Growth becomes rapid and easier as you can rely on outsourced resources to meet your demands when you’re scaling. You won’t have to wait a month or longer to start or expand your processes when that same thing can be done in a day.

    This gives you the ability to serve your customers with the same efficiency irrespective of whether your customer base is of thousands or millions.

  3. Skilled Resources: Outsourcing companies provide you with the top industry talents for your business processes.You get an already trained, professional, and experienced team that can substantially improve your results in much lesser time.

    You can outsource not just the customer-facing roles like sales or support but it’s a great option for internal departments like accounting, admin, technology, etc.

  4. Easier Management: At the end of every month, along with other hundred tasks, add one more- ‘team performance review’.This is common for all businesses that monitor and assess the performance of their employees. When you outsource a team, you can cross off that task from your to-do list without drowning in the analytical data.

    An outsourced company proactively tracks the performance of its active agents to maintain the service standards. You can access the prepared reports to ensure that your business requirements and targets are being met.

  5. Better Results: Since an outsourced team comprises professionals who know what they’re doing, you can see better results and returns on your investments quickly.A result-oriented approach followed by the outsourced companies show the daily progress that has been made and finally the results achieved.

    You can even choose your operations to go on around the clock with outsourcing to serve your customers better and achieve big numbers for growth. This is how University Living grew with AM2PM Support.

A traditional business approach forces you to think about the resources first and then focus on the core business tasks. While outsourcing gives you the freedom to strategize your growth without the hassle of implementation.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to grow, innovate, and serve your customers with the exemplary dedication that can make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Himanshi Goyat

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