If I ask you, what is the one crucial point that can make or break a relationship with your customers, as a pro businessman your probable answer could be an excellent experience throughout your customers’ journey. Am I right?

Yup! Then tell me, if I ask you the name of a brand that you’re already impressed with, I guess, you’ve picturized the scenario with Amazon, Apple, or Nike.

Now, think once: Does your target audience recognize your brand so fast, the way you recognized the aforementioned brands?

Ummm, not sure. No worries, if you succeed in providing exceptional B2B customer service, your target prospects and qualified leads will surely turn into loyal brand advocates. 

This is not a theory but a practical note. As per American Express’ study, consumers are willing to spend 17 times more with the same brand if the brand can deliver great customer service.

Now, you may be thinking about how to do so. Well, take a sigh of relief. Because you’re going to unfold the secret recipe for B2B customer service best practices that can differentiate your brand from the crowd.

What is B2B customer service?

A B2B customer service refers to the support and assistance that a business provides to another business using its products or services. It involves technical support, order processing, billing and invoicing support, account management, product training and support, or providing the business with the resources they require to solve the problem like data entry management, and ticket management.

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These services may vary depending on the nature of the business involved and the industry in which the business operates.

For instance, imagine yourself as the owner of an IT firm that recently collaborated with a telecom company that requires a large number of mobile connections for their employees.

In this context, B2B customer service involves your IT firm’s need to provide prompt and effective support to the telecom company. This includes tasks such as activation of new connections, handling billing, providing technical support, and addressing any other related needs.

The strategic ways of a B2B customer service to bring happiness to your customers’ face

To turn your unhappy customers into the happiest ones and enhance their experience to maximize the customer lifetime value, well-curated B2B customer support can help. Look here to learn and implement the best ways 👇

‌Listen to and implement customer feedback

Feedback is a gift. Ideas are the currency of our next success. Let people see you value both feedback and ideas.

Jim Trinka and Les Wallace.

After listening proactively to what your customers say about your brand, don’t try to create a long list of issues that cover every single word from your customers to demotivate yourself. Instead, try to focus on your customers’ key suggestions, and their highlighted pain points, and take note of it. 

Why? You may have a wider range of customers and they all have different psychology and practically it’s not possible to satisfy everyone in one go. 

If you start to deal with it to showcase better and more organized customer service management, then you don’t need to execute all your customers’ demands. Rather you can ensure sharing all positive and negative feedback with your appropriate team members. 

Also, having a deep discussion with your team members can help you to find out the areas where you can actually work to satisfy your unhappy customers. That means it not only helps you strengthen relationships with your customers but also helps you figure out the improvisation of your product or services.

For instance, a well-known brand like Apple consistently gathers customer feedback through surveys and online forums. They use this feedback to identify areas of improvement and address any issues or concerns that their customers may have. And, you need to master the same process to enhance your B2B customer service experience.

Master the art of working on customer feedback as Apple does & enhance the experience in your B2B customer service
Apple is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service based on its customers’ feedback. Apply the same strategy to enhance your customers’ experience while providing B2B customer service. (Source – Apple)

Focus on getting the right answer rather than a fast one

If you ask me if speed matters for a quicker reply in your B2B customer service, then my answer would be it’s always not about the faster one rather it’s always about an accurate one. While a faster response can build a ‘wow’ moment, a simple mistake can make an ‘oops’ moment. The reason why prioritizing accuracy over speed is your smarter B2B customer service strategy when it comes to reducing your customer complaints.

To understand this, let’s take the example of Amazon. Every time Amazon Prime customers receive their booking products on the same day from Amazon. Amazon smartly does it to impress its Amazon Prime customers.

Now, for a moment, think if Amazon misplaced the products while it was in a hurry to leave a mark on their customers’ hearts, what could be the result? Simply instead of building loyalty and making a lasting impression, the trust is gone because the customers get frustrated. Well, I guess, now you may have understood the reason behind prioritizing accuracy in your high-quality B2B customer service.

Use your customer data to provide personalized support

You may already be aware of the fact that as today’s customers have a full plate of choices, they have higher expectations and they seek more. So, in this scenario, differentiating your brand from your competitors can be the toughest work for you, and this is where personalized customer service comes into play.

How to do that? You should make a full-fledged strategy that can personalize your customers’ journey based on the insight into the customer data. 

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Well, you may already have different kinds of data, which showcase the variation of your customers’ opinions, needs, and preferences. You need to scrutinize each single data thoroughly to understand your customers’ buyer persona based on which you need strategized customer service. This approach makes them feel valued and heard which eventually transforms their satisfaction level and builds loyalty.

For example, Walmart, a well-known brand, uses customer data to comprehend their preferences and offer personalized recommendations, ensuring a smooth and pleasant shopping experience. By utilizing data, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and deliver outstanding support that caters to their unique needs.

Walmart use customer data to provide personalized experience & try out the same way in your B2B customer service
Walmart uses customer data to deliver tailored customer service, ensuring a personalized experience. Master the art to improve your B2B customer service. (Source: Sailthru)

Collaborate effectively to other team members to solve issues faster

Providing top-notch customer service and customer support is never solely dependent on your customer service professionals, rather the new narratives keep each type of team member together. This helps in reducing repetitive queries from your customers’ side as well as your customer service pros don’t need to ask the same question again and again.

For example, your most reliable software product doesn’t work well which is your target area for increasing revenue and your customers continuously raise their issues. Now, if your B2B customer service team doesn’t sync with your product development team, they don’t have the idea of real-time intricacies.

It’s just a short glimpse of a hiccup and there are many reasons why you should take the initiative for smooth collaboration between your team members including the product team, technical team, marketing team, and sales team. 

This collaborative space can speed up the case resolution process and provide customer service in a more consistent and satisfying manner which transforms the result of customer retention. Also, teamwork can mitigate the overwhelming burnout process of satisfying your customers, so they can now work in a more efficient and productive environment to swiftly trigger your consumers’ buying psychology.

Take advantage of self-service capabilities

According to the report of Statista, 39% of B2B players prefer self-services over taking help from an executive. And, this is the most changing phenomenon that has been shown in recent years to drive customer satisfaction which you should also include in your strategy.

Why? The self-service is itself an intelligent and autonomous system that is accessible from any device. The way the tech-driven world drives people’s minds, therefore your customers love to spend a lot of time on mobile and have a walkthrough on your website at their convenience. Everything they get from the details of your B2B product or services to their pricing module within just a few clicks improves their experience. 

Now, if you come to the customer satisfaction level, then let me tell you that your given self-service options, likely an AI customer service chatbot, a community forum, a learning demo section, etc should be more personalized. And, in this case, your database should be a full-fledged preconfigured setting that is fed with the answers that your customers are seeking.

For example, Zendesk which is a SaaS-based company, provides different types of tours such as customer tours, sell tours, agent tours, and admin tours to its customers for easy understanding. The idea behind implementing this tour section is that the customers get an overview of the brand without having direct interaction with Zendesk’s professionals which can quickly build the consumers’ agility.

Zendesk prioritize the self-service capabilities as its B2B customer service strategy
Zendesk provides self-service customer support to enhance the customer experience. Try out the same strategic move in your B2B customer service as well. (Source: Zendesk)

Offer & optimize post-purchase support to benefit from loyalty

For instance, if you are already well aware of the name of Deloitte, which is a UK-based accounting firm and counting under ‘Big Four’ companies. It provides services for tax, consulting, audit and insurance, and risk and financial advisory. Now, tell me how they became a big brand which doesn’t need to get validation from anyone.

The simple answer is loyalty which they have already built during their consulting process and they never fail to recognize their existing customer base even after post-consultation. 

This is the trick of supporting your B2B customers after their each time of buying. And, if you succeed in doing this, it simply means you’ve already cracked the code of how to stay in their minds and how to make them feel confident. This will smoothly speed up the word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers and you neither get overburdened with customer acquisition costs nor have the headache of reducing customer churn rate.

Deliver post-purchase support to build loyalty and attract new customers.

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Well, according to data, your current customers can willingly spend 33% more when they repeat their purchase from your brand over a new customer. The reason why offering seamless post-purchase support and optimizing your customers’ satisfaction level is really crucial when it comes to benefit from long term goals.

Offer multiple channels of communication with an outsourcing partner

Nowadays sticking to one particular channel to provide customer service is not very effective. Each customer has unique concerns about products or services and may prefer a specific communication channel, such as a call, live chat, or email. 

Imagine a scenario where a customer purchases a new mobile phone online, but it is delivered to them in a broken or damaged condition. In this case, the customer decides to call the helpline of the online company to get their issue resolved. The choice of a phone call, rather than a live chat, is driven by the need for a more personalized approach. In this case, the customer values human interaction as the preferred means to swiftly resolve their issue.

Therefore, call or phone support maintains its place in the digital era when customers require personalized customer service regarding more complicated issues.

However, in a different situation, for example if a customer needs an update regarding the delivery date of the package, live chat would be the ideal solution. And for queries requiring attachments or detailed information, emails can be the ideal solution. 

The all-in-one solution for the above scenarios is to consider outsourcing a multi-channel communication system for your business. This will effectively address your customers’ issues using various communication channels and allow you to focus on your core business activities. Moreover, it will also ensure that your customers are satisfied and happy, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Now you might be wondering which outsourcing company you should rely on to handle your valuable customers.

Let me introduce you to AM2PM Support,one of the best customer service outsourcing companies in India. It was founded by Mr. Ankit Kapoor and Mr. Mayanak Jain, who have over a decade of experience in the industry.

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Outsource one of the best B2B customer service partners & experience the result of how your customer base swiftly expands.

They have built a team of skilled customer service professionals who know how to implement effective customer service strategies to help grow your business. 

Furthermore, these professionals are proficient in delivering quality customer service in the B2B sector. AM2PM Support enhances customer loyalty by offering a concise list of service experiences across various channels.

Call support

Call support is one of the most preferred channels of communication when it comes to seeking help. And AM2PM Support understands this very well, when you choose AM2PM Support, your customers get quick access to knowledgeable professionals who handle more than just basic questions.

Their team excels at solving complex issues and providing personalized assistance, ensuring a smooth experience for your clients. Additionally, the representatives create a comfortable environment for your customers, enabling open and swift discussions while handling high call volumes and providing multilingual support in the call center for enhanced customer service. With AM2PM’s call support, you can build strong and trustworthy connections in the B2B world.

Helpdesk support

When you choose customer service outsourcing with AM2PM Support, your customers can expect resolutions that go beyond addressing general queries such as product information and payment confirmation. To elevate your customers’ satisfaction, AM2PM Support offers an additional help desk support service.

The dedicated team of experts works diligently from their desks to troubleshoot issues, eliminate technical glitches, and manage your customers’ accounts. This proactive approach ensures that your customers feel secure and well-supported, contributing to the overall positive perception of your brand.

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Live chat support 

In B2B customer service, live chat is a crucial tool for instant communication and problem-solving. It allows you to interact with clients in real time, addressing questions and providing help promptly. The accessibility and responsiveness of live chat play a key role in building strong relationships and cultivating satisfaction within the business community.

Ticket management

Effective ticket management is crucial for smooth communication and issue resolution. A reliable ticket system serves as the backbone, helping your business to organize and prioritize tasks efficiently. With a centralized approach, AM2PM Support ensures that customer queries and technical issues are tracked and resolved promptly. 

This streamlined process enhances operational efficiency and cultivates transparent communication between your business and customers. By utilizing advanced ticketing solutions, AM2PM Support not only meets but exceeds client expectations, ensuring timely and comprehensive issue resolution for sustained customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To experience the benefits of all kinds of customer support, you just need to book a free call with AM2PM Support, have a clear discussion about your purposes, and finally allow them to do tasks on your behalf.

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Nurture your B2B customers with well-organized customer service & they will take care of your brand 

Once James Cash Penney said, “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement”.

Well, if you believe the same, then you need to jaw down a full-fledged customer service strategy for your B2B business. And, to simplify the process for you this article got you covered with a list of proven ways which can enhance your B2B customer service while gaining loyalty to stand out in the competition.

From personalized customer experience to focusing on implementing customers’ suggestions, aligning different types of teams together to partner with an experienced outsourcing customer service partner – this article combines all kinds of strategic possibilities.

You just need to work on it and apply all B2B customer service tips to experience how these together can bring you results while expanding your customer base and driving revenue in your account.