With around 24.9% of growth, chatbots are rapidly expanding brand communication mediums. Artificial intelligence has changed the way businesses use to interact with customers. It has gradually redefined the way of communication from automated calls, texts, and emails to the currently trending Chatbot.

AI has helped companies to streamline the process of customer interactions with the help of chatbots. As more consumers are moving online, the use of chat in customer service is increasing rapidly.

Currently, global chatbot marketing revenue has reached $83.40 million in 2021 and is expected to be worth around $454.80 billion in 2027

Chatbot market revenue worldwide (Source – Statista )

Now a billion-dollar question is what is this customer chatbot?

What is a customer service chatbot?

Chatbots are a type of computer program that use artificial intelligence ( AI ) and machine learning to handle customer queries, provide assistance to clients, resolving their issues thus automating the process of the customer without human interaction.

From brands likes, Spotify to Starbucks all are using chatbots in excellent ways and are winning over the customer games. This way all the businesses are slowly adapting chatbot services.

Chatbots are bridging the gap between business and consumer in a way that no other AI platform has done before. So let’s discuss why chatbots are important and why you need one for your website.

Importance of customer service chatbot

24/7 customer support

Modern-day customers are extremely demanding, they want their answers to get responded to quickly and instantly whenever they step into your website.

Today’s consumers want around-the-clock service at any hour during the day or night, well it has become impossible for human support teams to be available for customers 24/7 but with chatbots, this can be possible. Chatbot never sleeps, chatbot service is available 24/7 for your customer inquiries.

Also, another reason for having a chatbot on your website is to provide consistency in answering customers’ queries. Well, AI-powered chatbots provide a homogeneous response to its customer but this cannot be possible with human agents, because their service is mostly depended on work pressure and mood.

The agent attending its first customer will be more energetic and in good mood as compared to his last call of the day.

 Thus with this, your customers will get a heterogeneous response depending on the agent’s mood, and thus chatbot helps in maintaining the quality of service.

Chatbot maintains a continuous stream of communication in absence of your customer support agent thus 

  •  Reducing the workload from service agents
  •  Maintaining efficiency in responding to customer 
  • Also, your business will save costs by cutting down night and holiday shifts 

Hence win-win situation for all three sides.

 Multi-language support 

One of the winning features of a chatbot is that it can carry out conversations in multiple languages. In this modern world, if you want to spread your wings in the global market, then it is necessary to break down the language barrier.

As customers, today prefer to communicate in their own language and hence you don’t want to lose your potential customer because of language barriers. Thus, chatbots with Multilingual capacity help you to open up to your audience in a big way and will help to expand your reach to new markets and territories.

Thus, engaging people in their preferred language is a pro move to maintain the quality of customer service as this  will help too,

  • Gaining customer trust
  • Increase in sales/service
  • Competitive edge in the global market 
  • Effective customer engagement 
  • Marketing and promotional strategy


Chatbot helps in offering a one-to-one interactive experience to the customer. This helps in giving a personal touch to the whole conversation, thus making customers feel that they are cared for and listened to.

In today’s world, personalization is not a choice but a necessity, so it becomes necessary to provide personalized customer service and delight your customers. 

Chatbot perform the below function which makes customers feel that they are talking with a human

  • Addressing customers by name
  • Product recommendations as per their taste and history
  • Assisting them with their query 

Such interactive conversation will help you to gain customers’ trust and help you to meet and exceed customers’ expectations in today’s era.

 Reduce customer support costs.

With a fiercely competitive market, businesses need robust customer service that can help in scaling up the customer service model and automating its business process at a significant cost.

Well, chatbot service can help in scaling up chat support during busy hours. cost saving is one of the primary benefits of installing a chatbot service.

As chatbots are handling the majority of customer queries, organizations can save costs in providing agents’ salaries, training costs, and infrastructure costs.

Customer service Chatbot can save around 30% of customer service cost

Initially,  there are certain amounts that will incur on installing a chatbot but in the long run, this cost is lower as compared to the money spent on customer agents.

This will help organizations to invest the amount in scaling up other business operations, increase credibility and add value to the bottom line.

 Customer gets an instant response 

In today’s fast-moving life, customers expect a resolution of their queries instantly. chatbot helps in providing instant response to clients.

When there are thousands of requests piled in line it becomes impossible for agents to revert each one of them instantly.

But chatbots can handle thousands of customer queries instantly. Thus helping in decreasing waiting time for customers and improving the average response time.

Nearly 68% of consumers enjoy the speed at which chatbots provide answers

The positive aspect of chatbot service 
(Source – bloggingwizard)

This will help in increasing customer satisfaction as customers value the organization which saves their time and moreover gain customer trust.

Even though a chatbot is not able to provide a perfect solution, the chatbot can respond to simpler questions and for complex inquiries, the request can be transferred to a human agent.

This way chatbots can help in improving consistency and help in improving customer experience with brands.

Enhance customer experience 

Customer engagement is the most difficult task in today’s competitive world, to keep customers engaged chatbot is an excellent tool.

Chatbot helps businesses to take customer engagement to the next level, chat responds to customers within a second.

This real-time response makes customers feel satisfied and valued. More conversational AI chatbots help in providing interactive communication making the whole conversation more personal. Chatbot generates nearly 35% to 40% response rates.

In addition to this chatbots are quick learners and flexible also, this bot provides information to based on customer history and details available. This way chatbots are the main driver for increasing customer happiness. Quick responses, real-time engagement with a personal touch make customers stay longer on your website,  making the whole customer experience more positive and pleasant.

 Help in lead generation 

A human agent can concentrate on one customer at a time. However, a chatbot can answer millions of questions simultaneously.

Thanks to AI-based chatbots that address numerous inquiries with minimal Hassle. as customers are not going to get engaged going through the user manuals or some boring articles. But conversational chatbots engage with customers proactively by guiding customers in making quick decisions or evaluating different suggestions to them.

This way relevant questions asked by the chatbot and information provided by customers can be used by the sales and marketing team to generate new leads. The bot can start providing relevant leads to the sales and marketing team by automatically providing new contacts to the CRM chatbot.

This way chatbot can help in increasing sales and ensure keep high conversational rate. Nearly 55% of business that uses chatbot generates high-quality leads


In today’s time customers do not only want businesses to provide quick responses but also want the brand to be present on every channel.

The AI chatbot provides Omnichannel messaging support features across various platforms including their website , email social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

AI chatbots provide flexible and effortless service to customers on above various channels. Thus help in providing customer satisfaction at every stage.

 Brand voice 

Every business wants to stand out in this competitive market. So chatbots can provide significant help in this venture.

Chatbot not only helps in providing positive customer support but chatbot can also become the voice of the organization. Alexa and Siri are the live examples of how AI-type chatbot  can become the face of the brand.

Every business wants to stand out in this competitive market so chatbots can provide great help in this venture.

Well designed bot and a well-prepared strategy help the chatbot to provide a human touch in conversation so that customers feel that they are engaging with humans and not robots. 

Chatbots help provide good creativity to your brand and help in shaping your brand image in a more positive and profound way.

Scale your business with customers service chatbot

Chatbots are quickly becoming an integral part of every business and moreover looking at the above various features, you should also follow the trend and install chatbot features on your website as all the people say adoption is growing. If you wish to deliver the same immediate 24/7 assistance but with a human touch you can look into companies with live chat support who you can outsource to.

So what are you waiting for, whether you are a small business or a multinational company looking to provide immediate customer support AM2PM Support will help you in this journey.