To outsource or not to outsource?– it’s the billion-dollar question every business is asking today, 14.05 billion dollars to be precise!

While everyone seems to be raving about how outsourcing makes for an excellent investment for a business, it’s also important to cut the noise and see what outsourcing really has to offer. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 big benefits of call center outsourcing to decide whether it counts as good business sense or not.

10 advantages of outsourcing your call center services

Offers you flexibility + adaptability

Usually, when people think about outsourcing, they think of massive teams sitting in another country just picking up calls mindlessly.

Outsourcing is often associated with big businesses that can afford such expenses on offshore setup. However, on the contrary, outsourcing is an economical option for even budding startups to trim their resource cost without compromising quality.

You can set up a team of even two and scale it to a hundred in a day without breaking a sweat about hiring and managing the team.

And that’s why it’s a lifesaver to address the rising customer demands and peak-volume overflow at the drop of a hat.

Prevents a hole in your pocket

Setting up an outsourced team might look like an expensive affair from the outside. But those who are involved know that it’s an excellent move to cut costs.

Think about how much you spend on a single team member– recruitment, training, equipment, salary, benefits, incentives, and so on.

Comparison of traditional setup vs. outsourced call center setup. [Source - Slideshare]
Comparison of traditional setup vs. outsourced call center setup. [Source – Slideshare]

Clearly, you’re spending not just money but time also. 

Now, imagine how painless and rich your business would be if you didn’t have to worry about any of it. 

Outsourcing call center services provides the perfect solution by making thousands of workforce accessible and affordable, making it possible to provide excellent customer service. Since you’re just paying the outsourced company for the number of team members and their hours, it’s much more cost-effective.

Additionally, chat process outsourcing can help you offer quick assistance to your customers eliminating the wait time on calls.

Powers business with industry experts

Businesses succeed with an able team.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing call center services is that you can leverage an established team’s knowledge and experience. 

Outsourced businesses usually come with specialties in particular industries, so you can expect them to know the trade inside out. Such a professional team is a real asset for understanding your customers’ expectations and developing suitable strategies.

It can be a game changer for you to cut through the stiff competition and serve your customers better.

Levels up in-house team’s productivity

Merely working doesn’t mean you’re getting things done. 

You need to have might on your to-do list to channel the hard work into success. And that’s only possible when your team isn’t occupied with endless irrelevant chores.

Often, in the daily routine, customer service teams become more reactive, limiting growth opportunities. Outsourcing call center services give your team a breathing space and allow them to rethink their priorities. 

And when your team isn’t overburdened, they can focus on strategizing to improve internal processes. 

It also accelerates your growth as you can do more in less time. While outsourcing call center services, you won’t have to choose between speed and efficiency.

Allows access to full-house resources

Handling customer calls isn’t an easy feat. You can’t expect your team to get started with a cliche script and their mobile phones.

On the other hand, outsourced firms work with sophisticated technology and expert teams, which most businesses can only dream of.

Fortunately, instead of investing heavily into these resources, you can avail an established outsourcing call center service to help you with it. When you outsource call center services, you can expect proper call recordings, software for analysis, and other useful tools that add valuable data for your customer calls.

Unearths hidden growth potential

92% of the sales happen over calls. 

Do you still think that you can afford to overlook how your sales calls are handled?

A well-planned sales process fuels one’s business growth. So naturally, it makes sense to use a team that knows enough about the industry and negotiation practices to handle every curveball the customer throws. 

Outsourcing call center services for the sales process can help you do exactly that. You can set up a team to scour the market for hot opportunities and close them too. It also frees your in-house sales team to manage prospects with ease.

Impact of outsourcing sales calls management on business growth. [Source - TTEC]
Impact of outsourcing sales calls management on business growth. [Source – TTEC]

Deals are closed by reaching out and following up with the prospects at the right time. So, use a skilled team with enough bandwidth to boost your market share.

Provides quality monitoring 

No one appreciates a helicopter manager because micromanaging your team can often be a breeding ground for conflict and resentment! But being a manager, it’s also your responsibility to ensure that all KPIs are met.

How does one strike a balance?

By outsourcing call center services, you can curb this headache too.

Outsourced services thrive only when they can prove results. It demands outsourcing businesses to be constantly on their toes and monitor the agent’s performance.

So, you can relax and trust that tracking the team’s daily work progress will not distract you from your core responsibilities.

Improves key performance indicators

What does it take for a customer call service to prove effective?

A meaningful call center service isn’t only about picking calls and answering queries. To make your customers happy, you need to up your game a bit.

Outsourced call center service keeps an eye on the crucial metrics like the following to make a customer truly happy with the services.

  • Call abandonment rate
  • Average time in queue
  • The average speed of answer
  • Average call handling time
  • Occupancy rate
  • First call resolutions 

And a lot more.

Key performance metric benchmark of call center services: [Source – FinancesOnline]

Working on all these metrics simultaneously makes for a wholesome customer service experience.

Shares in-depth analytical reports 

Pulling your hair along with performance reports at the end of each month is a sign you should start streamlining your processes– at the earliest.

No matter how good you think you’re doing, unless the data supports you, it’s just a claim. Meaningful data and analytics give you visibility on current processes and also helps you plan ahead.

The best benefit of outsourcing call center services is getting these insights right into your inbox anytime you want. Outsourced businesses share daily, weekly, or monthly reports to get an instant, accurate picture of your processes.

Satisfies your customers more

The main goal of outsourcing call center services isn’t to reduce cost or workforce. Instead, it’s serving your customers better. The rest should be the cherry on the cake.

When you assign a 24/7 available and skilled team to answer business calls, your customers will enjoy faster resolutions with more information.

Impact of better services on customer satisfaction level. Source - Aircall]
Impact of better services on customer satisfaction level. Source – Aircall]

And building customer satisfaction can reward you with ardent product promoters and exponential referrals. Because in today’s SaaS world, there is no better marketing strategy than better customer service. 

Where to Get Started?

More and more businesses are preferring to streamline their operations for quick and efficient services. And outsourcing has proven to do the trick.

But it’s only possible if you collaborate with an outsourcing partner whom you can trust with your customers. Choose a firm that understands your business expectations to get ahead of the competition and strengthen your customer relationship. 

But if you don’t want to spend hours researching the options, AM2PM Support is a perfect recommendation for you. You can set up a skilled team today and enjoy the freedom of pay-as-you-go plans.