Have you ever felt the building levels of stress when juggling between complex tasks? Ever felt that you could really use a helping hand?

Who am I kidding? We all do! There were plenty of times when I felt the need for someone to take care of a time-consuming task so that I could get my other work done efficiently.

If you’re a business or someone who like me would love to get some weight off your shoulders you’re in the right place. Let me enlighten you with how these helping hands called call center outsourcing services can help you. And hey I’ll let you in on a secret of where you can find the best call center outsourcing companies – India! But before we begin let’s first be clear on what call center outsourcing is.

What is call center Outsourcing

We can all agree that our customers are at the center of our businesses. Imagine a situation when they might have some questions or grievances that need to be addressed but we might be occupied with building the next product or service to best help our customers. 

This might lead to a misunderstanding which is the last thing you want. Now imagine you have a dedicated team constantly working to answer any questions at any time this would make your precious customers feel valued. 

This is not limited to customers, be it your business partners, other companies, or anyone willing to contact you will be attended to.

This process of using a helping hand to manage your calls is call center outsourcing.

I understand that it might be an overwhelming decision to find your call center outsourcing partner especially if you are outsourcing to a different country. It is important to make the right choice as it is important to achieve a high rate of business growth, and profitability, improving customer service satisfaction and retention rates.

Why call center outsourcing to India can be beneficial for your business?

It’s safe to say that over the years call centers in India have gained the confidence of organizations across the world. Top US companies like Ford Motor Company(FMC), CISCO, American Express (Amex), and Microsoft have set up offshore call center outsourcing here in India. 

It is evident through the success of these companies  that India is one of the hotspots for call center outsourcing. There are reasons for these companies outsourcing to India and finding success. Though the skilled workforce, cost saving and improved productivity can entice you to outsource to Indian companies there are other reasons to do so as well

  • India has a large and educated workforce.
  • Call centers in India offer inbound and outbound call center services, telemarketing services, technical support services, disaster recovery services, email support services, and chat support services.
  • Global organizations take advantage of India’s 12-hour time difference as they get the advantage of providing their customers with 24/7 customer service. For example, US organizations are able to provide round-the-clock customer support to their customers due to India’s time difference.
  • Call centers in India make use of the latest technology, software, and high-end infrastructure for providing high-quality customer support.

Reasons to outsource call centers to India

In the late 90’s American companies began exploring the possibility of outsourcing their call centers and BPO solutions abroad to cut operating costs and increase efficiency. India was among the first countries to accept this new age challenge. There were pleant of reasons for them to rech out to India and those reasons still hold value. So let me tell you why you should outsource call centers to India.

Never-ending support for your business

Having 24/7 availability in your call centers is essential for any business to thrive. With a twelve-hour time difference, India makes for the best possible call center outsourcing destination and they can offer full after-hour support for many North American and European businesses.

By outsourcing all your call center services to India, you will be able to offer support to your customers no matter day or night across the globe. AM2PM Support initiates performance checks and other customer service management reports to make sure our services are top in the competition.

Expert and educated workforce

India’s large and well-educated workforce has been one of India’s main advantages over other countries. Very surprisingly very few people in India know that after the USA, India has the largest english speaking population in the world. This gives India a unique advantage over other call center outsourcing destinations in the world. 

Outsourcing companies like AM2PM Support  offer clients with agents who are on the top when it comes to their english and communication skill.Real time pricing flexibility

The general cost for call center outsourcing in India is typically between 6-10 USD per agent per hour. Final pricing can vary depending on specific needs, even in a competitive market AM2PM Support stands our with it’s affordable pricing while still providing services like live chat support, phone answering services, appointment setting, data entry, and more to enhance the customer experience.

Provides benefits for businesses to be more scalable

When it comes to dealing with impossible or unanticipated scenarios, the exceptional skills available in the Indian market will undoubtedly assist your company in delivering results and reaching new heights of success. Irrespective of your business requiring less or more resources, top companies like AM2PM Support’s call centers can help provide your company with a certain degree of scalability.

Modern infrastructure

You and I both know the essential nature of a modern infrastructure in the present day business landscape.
A modern infrastructure like the one of AM2PM Support ensures that the issues faced by your customers are solved quickly and boosts your customer relationship status. They are focused on enhancing the overall customer sentiment positively by following the best practices while responding to customer complaints.

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Undergoing a digital transformation

Today, fewer and fewer companies have large in-office call center teams. A busy call center is more likely to have a mix of both work-from-home agents and in-office agents instead of hundreds of agents all in one room.

And a big reason for that is many businesses have undergone call center transformations. Not only is it an incredibly important part of overall enterprise digital transformation, it also comes with other benefits like cost savings and more flexibility in global hiring. 

At present, India is in the middle of a digital wave, and with it, the government hopes to connect the entire country with robust IT infrastructure. Digitization is expected to help several tier II and tier III locations offer call center outsourcing services at lower costs than the tier I locations.

India offers secure and fair IT policies

India makes for the ideal outsourcing destination because it is supported by a stable pro-IT government whose policies on GDP growth, economy, power, taxation, industrial parks, telecom and special zones have been extremely helpful in improving infrastructure, along with communication systems. 

Outsourcing in the IT sector might be quite challenging for most but a top company with vast experience like AM2PM Support can most definitely improve the customer service management of your firm.

It is not difficult to outsource to India

I don’t think it will be difficult for you to find an outsourcing partner in India rather you might find it hard to choose the right partner due to the abundance of companies. To save you some precious time on research I have found one of the best outsourcing companies in India to meet all your business needs. It is AM2PM Support that I am talking about.

AM2PM Support has particular goals and expectations in mind and ensures that the services provided will meet your needs.

What call center services can be outsourced to a top Indian company like AM2PM Support?

AM2PM Support – A leading customer service outsourcing company in India.

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Many of the services such as voice-based business processes, record keeping, accountancy, music recording, film editing, book transcription, and clinical advice are being outsourced by companies to India.

By outsourcing call center services to India with AM2PM Support, you get the best quality of processes and quick resolution to customer queries. Their experience in the industry when paired with the arsenal of services they offer make them on of the bes call center outsourcing companies in india. 

The services offered by AM2PM Support

Inbound call center services

Inbound calls are those calls made by your customers for any help they might need or those calls made by other businesses willing to contact you. These calls are extremely important to manage as they affect your existing customer relationships. So outsourcing these inbound calls should be done right by a trusted partner like AM2PM Support to manage these calls is crucial in maintaining and nurturing your existing customers.

Here’s what AM2PM Support’s inbound call center support offers:
Resolution to customer issues

AM2PM Support provides extensive support to manage incoming calls of customers and follows the best practices to fix any customer complaints. issues faced by your customers

Maintaining brand image

AM2PM Support helps maintain your brand image by ensuring top-quality assistance is delivered by their agents in the call center thus keeping the customer sentiment towards the company at an all-time high. 

Nurturing inbound leads

With their inbound call center services AM2PM Support helps nurture leads and make them convert to customers thanks to their talented agents.

Providing customer support.

AM2PM Support with Its inbound call center services provides customer support for those customers contacting your business seeking help. 

Order taking services.

To those customers who prefer order-taking service to acquire information, confirm specifications and clear their doubts before placing an order AM2PM Support offers assistance through their order taking services.

Help desk outsourcing.

AM2PM Support helps your customers with troubleshooting problems or provides solutions to known problems through their help desk outsourcing

Outbound call center services

Learn how to measure your success with Outbound call centers using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You might have to make outbound calls for numerous reasons like lead generation, customer retention, sales services, and scheduling appointments. I understand that these calls can be very time-consuming. AM2PM Support understands this too. So they offer their outbound call center services to help you and take some weight off your shoulders

 Here’s what AM2PM Support’s outbound call center support offers
Lead generation

AM2PM Support with its Outbound call center services helps you successfully grow you business by generating leads efficiently with its experienced agents.

Customer retention

Through it’s exceptional service it helps you retain your loyal customers.

Sales services.

AM2PM helps you through your sales processes like data collection, contacting leads, nurturing, and converting them.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling can be a tedious task but with the help of its top-rated agents it is made easier and efficient.

Telemarketing services

Whether you are struggling to generate quality leads, acquire new customers, or boost sales, AM2PM Support with its telemarketing helps you accomplish your goals. Build lasting relationships and deliver value with our customized services.

Here’s what AM2PM Support’s telemarketing offers
Outbound telemarketing

AM2PM Support helps you reach out to prospective customers and inform them about you product or survive to then make them convert.This increasing your revenue

Customer retention

With AM2PM Support, you can increase the loyalty of your customers by retaining them and turning them into repeat customers.

B2B telemarketing

Am2PM Supports helps you connect with other businesses and provides the best way to B2B customer service and boosts your reputation.

Technical support services

Technical support concentrates on resolving a technical issue or problem in the fastest, most cost-effective way. With an increasing base of technology users worldwide, this service is a key towards keeping your customers satisfied and retained.

With AM2PM Support you can overcome various technical challenges by providing timely resolution to their technical issues.

Here’s what AM2PM Support’s technical support services offer
Technical support for operating systems.

AM2PM Support answers the questions raised by customers and assists them in troubleshooting problems with computer hardware or software.

Technical support for email.

AM2PM Support offers customers technical support on any trouble they might face with emails and does so in a way the customer feels valued and appreciated.

Technical support for portable devices.

AM2PM Support provides assistance to customers with any trouble they might face with their portable device like a mobile phone.

Ready to outsource your call center needs? AM2PM support can make it happen

AM2PM Support – your one-stop solution for call center outsourcing needs!

In the process of helping your company reach the desired heights, outsourcing call center services to India is a great option. While they are pocket-friendly they are also proof of working in a smart way.

If your organization is looking for a reliable call center service provider in India then your search ends here as AM2PM Support is a great choice for a call center in India. It has the capability to provide any type of customer support services. With Its belief in total transparency, AM2PM Support makes your customers feel important and valued.
If you want your business to succeed and thrive in the modern world of business, then AM2PM Support would be a great partner. Choose AM2PM Support for call center services and give your organization a competitive edge.

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