Customers’ lives have shifted over the last few years and the way business processes have also changed drastically. In today’s world customer satisfaction plays a huge role in business growth.

Customers’ expectations have reached multifold. Today they expect more from the brands, customer demand brands should understand the needs and requirements of customers. 

Nearly 59% of customers have higher expectations from business than they had a year ago. As a result of the internet and due to the prevalence of digitization, merchant and customer relationships have evolved.

Since your business success depends on your customer experience,  it is important to outsource your customer service. The importance of customer service outsourcing is also understood by a multinational giants like Google and they have also outsourced phone and email support services.

Moreover, the world’s leading brands and most trusted brands like Amazon, Apple,  Microsoft,  etc have also outsourced their customer service. 

These successful brands are customer-centric and they have adopted two-way conversations with consumers. As of consumer switch companies due to bad customer service experience.

Consumer reaction to bad customer service
Consumer reaction to bad customer service( Source –financesonline )

Outsourcing customer service is the key to success for many entrepreneurs and call center outsourcing has benefited numerous Companies.

Well, let’s now check in detail about outsourcing customer support service.

What is customer service Outsourcing? 

Customer service is the support that businesses offer to their clients for building healthy relationships and establishing customer loyalty.

Outsourcing customer service is a process when the business handover its customer service to another organization it is known as customer service outsourcing.

Outsourced customer service is a team of professional and trained agents who learn about your product/services, adopt your brand voice, and understand your company’s policy to resolve customer queries across all the channels on your behalf.

8 ways outsourcing can help you to improve your customer service

As per a statistical report, the global outsourcing industries market has been valued at $245.9 million in 2021 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2022 to 2030. So numbers speaking itself with so much investment in outsourcing surely return is fruitful well just have a glance on below image reflecting some features of outsourcing that will help you to improve customer service.

Various benefits of outsourcing customer service
Various benefits of outsourcing customer service (Source – YourTeamIndia )

Now let’s take a dive into the various features of outsourcing that will help your business in customer support.

Affordable services 

Cost saving is one of the winning features of outsourcing customer service. 

Recruiting, onboarding, and training in-house employees will be very expensive. The burden of infrastructure cost takes the maximum share of the business budget .Not only does in-house customer service result in huge capital but it’s also very time-consuming.

In addition to that, advanced tools and equipment can increase your operational cost but this cost can be reduced by outsourcing. Also you will surprise to know that The top reason for outsourcing nearly 70% is cost reduction.

 Cost reduction is one of the mail objective of outsourcing
 Cost reduction is one of the mail objective of outsourcing (Source-findstack)

Thus outsourcing customer service for your business can save you a significant amount each year which was earlier spent on your inhouse customer support team beginning from hiring, training etc. In turn this saved money  can be used to turn up your  finances and can be utilized in core finance areas of your business. 

With outsourcing customer service you are still providing excellent customer support but spending only a fraction of your company’s budget.

24 / 7  support to your customer 

As said by Vince Lombardi

” It takes month to find customers and seconds to lose one “

And this fits so well in today’s social media era. One of the key features of excellent customer experience is quick response. Getting back to customer inquiries quickly shows that we value their time.

Today’s customers want to contact businesses whenever it is convenient for them. So basically customer expectations are that the business should be available 24/7 to address their issues.

As per the report, 66% of consumers say that they expect to engage with someone immediately when they are contacting companies.

So outsourcing your customer service will help to respond to your issues quickly at any time as call center staff are available 24/7, thus providing efficient customer service and helping your business to stay ahead in this competitive world.

To elevate your customer experience even further it is always a good idea to look for a live chat support service provider that can help you deliver immediate customer support with live chat.

 Increase in efficiency and productivity 

Along with cost-effectiveness and 24/7 support, Outsourced customer support helps in increasing efficiency and productivity.

As per the below statistics, great customer support services always pays sweet fruits to the company.

  Great customer service benefits
  Great customer service benefits (Source – Kinsta)

As customer support is handled by trained professionals so now you can concentrate on business complexity and core business area like

  • Improving products
  • Generating new leads
  • Implementing new marketing strategies 
  • Improving your sales

So When two main pillars like Customer support service and business operations are  running smoothly, with flexibility and efficiency then this can be a game changer for your business growth.

Multi-language support

Proper communication is a key factor when you want to expand your market in the world,

Thus outsourcing your customer service can help you to drive out this factor.

One of the winning features of outsourcing customer service is they get the perk of getting multilingual support.

Nearly 70% of the customer says that they feel more loyal to the companies that offer support in their native language.

 Multilanguage support benefits
         Multilanguage support benefits (Source- Intercom )

Outsourcing agents are trained professional agents, they can speak multiple languages smoothly. As a result outsourcing customer service can help you to broaden your customer base.

This will help in gaining the trust and confidence of your international consumers and also help in reducing communication barriers.

 Increase in ROI

Customer satisfaction and ROI go parallelly, Businesses that ignore or neglect customer service will lag behind in this competitive market.

The truth is customer satisfaction increases customer trust and purchasing power which will eventually increase the sales of the company.

Thus outsourcing customer service will help you in achieving quality customer service.

Also, we have discussed earlier that outsourcing is the most cost-effective solution as compared to the in-house model.

Thus the level of service provided by an outsourcing partner will surely boost your ROI.

 Increase in customer satisfaction and retention 

80% of customers agree that the experience a business provides is as important as products and services.

Customer retention is an important factor more than customer acquisition. When you outsource your customer service you are handling the work to well-experienced agents who can smoothly handle customer queries with a personalized touch.

And in this digital Era, you need to have a multi-faceted presence on various platforms as the customer segment is huge and diversified, and also customers want to hear and answered quickly.

As per the reports 59% of consumers have used multiple channels to get their questions answered.

So basically customer expectations have been increasing so this customer support team should be effective, fast, and clear in making clients happy but your in-house department must not be as trained and effective as an outsourced customer team will be.

Hence it is necessary to outsource your call center service as they are highly responsive and productive at all channels.

Thus frequent and effective interaction with customers will help you strengthen your customer relationship and increase customer confidence. Thus, in turn, this will help you to generate a loyal customer base.

Access to the latest technology and resources

By tying up with an outsourced customer support team you are getting access to the latest tools and technology.

This can be the latest software, warehousing program, networking hardware, VPN,  chatbot, etc

This high-tech technology might not be within your budget but with outsourcing, you can easily get access to this.

This outsourcing partner has best-in-class technology like

  • Average wait time tracer that will help in reducing the client wait time 
  • Auto mail revert 
  • Auto call diversion 
  • Pop-up method on a web page which will guide you through FAQ etc.

Access to skilled professionals 

One of the significant advantages of outsourcing customer service is gaining access to skilled or talented professionals.

These professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle customer inquiries smoothly, they will provide excellent service to your clients with a personalized touch as they have the proper training for this. 

70% of customers say that it is important for a brand to offer a personalized experience. 

Training is a key component in any customer support strategy, the professional agents get proper training on

  • Industry knowledge 
  • Multilingual speaking
  • Technical expertise
  • Proper communication training etc

Speed and consistency are two important pillars of call center outsourcing, which can be done by trained professionals more smoothly and consistently.

The Customer is impatient, speed and consistency are everything
The Customer is impatient, speed and consistency are everything (Source –startup bonsai )

This will help in providing a proper solution to your customer. But in case you decide to process your customer service through an in-house department then the process may be quite cumbersome.

But by partnering with outsourced customer support you can gain the benefit of a highly specialized workforce without having any upfront cost.

Final thoughts

Many of you are spending huge amounts on marketing and advertising to lure customers and try to achieve customer loyalty.

But the greatest approach to make your brand more reachable is to adopt an outsourced customer support service.

This will be your first step towards providing a good customer experience. Thus outsourcing your customer support to a trusted outsourcing team will help you unlock future growth.