Imagine a picture, where you manage an online shop to sell handmade items. The volume of demands and number of consumers during holidays are increasing a lot. And you’re just finding it so discouraging because efficiently managing your customers’ queries and satisfying them at the same time builds a huge pressure.

Now, how do you get over the headache? Do you ever imagine?

Nah! Well, let me tell you the simplest as well as reliable solution could be an experienced customer service BPO. 

By collaborating with a customer service BPO provider, you gain access to a specialized team that answers your client queries, fixes difficulties, and ensures that each buyer’s trip is as seamless as possible. This not only saves your stability but also converts satisfied consumers into dedicated fans, increasing your sales and reputation.

Well now, let’s deep dive into the article to understand how BPO customer service works along with its numerous benefits in detail.

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What is customer service in BPO?

Customer service in a BPO company implies multiple tasks such as smartly handling your customer queries and complaints across multiple channels such as email, phone, chat, and social media. This continuous engagement elevates your customer experience throughout their journey while grabbing your customers’ attention very quickly and of course, it’s done with precise conversation.

If you outsource a team of customer service representatives they will promptly respond to the most complicated queries either from your prospective clients, potential leads, or existing customers. There they smartly encounter new product launches and trigger buying psychology by showcasing discount offers and applying well-crafted customer service strategies on your behalf.

Now, consider you’re running a financial institution attempting to develop trust and differentiate in a crowded market. You collaborate with a customer service BPO provider to not only handle routine questions but also to deliver customized financial advice using advanced analytics. Your customers will feel appreciated, which leads to deeper connections, more investments, and a healthier bottom line. 

Although now, you understand what a customer service BPO company is, you need to know the benefits of best customer services from the eye of real-time facts and figures. Just have a look below:

  • According to the research by Salesforce, 89% of customers intend to make a next purchase if they get a positive customer service experience.
  • Zendesk’s report emphasizes that nearly three out of 5 customers believe that customer service is core to earning their loyalty to their most preferred brands.
  • According to an Invesp research report, acquiring new customers is quite expensive than retaining existing consumers and the expenses are costlier around 5 to 25 times more.
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How does customer service BPO level up your business game?

To protect your brand’s image from the drawbacks of poor customer service and efficiently handle your customer base irrespective of size, the importance of best customer service is immeasurable which you can outsource with a customer service BPO.

Let’s suppose, one of your customers receives a damaged item, or the product goes missing at the shipment, it will help if he gets prompt customer services like return pickup or refund, which facilitates him to place a new order.  

Now, let’s get to know the wider array of customer service BPOs that can change your business dynamics.

Increase customer retention rate to reduce acquisition cost

Do you know that your business growth heavily depends on post-purchase customer interaction?

Hence, each customer interaction can create a positive or a negative impact on your brand, you must try to retain existing customers before gaining new customers and give importance to them to reduce the rate of customer churn. This has one more benefit and that is investing less in onboarding new customers. 

A framework of personalized communication that is covered by your outsourcing partner with the latest customer service channels like live chat, chatbot, video chat, etc., gives a personal touch to them, which benefits the customers and your business enterprise, leading to a win-win situation. 

For instance, I recommended the online stores of KEEN footwear, an American brand to my family and friends as they provide prompt customer service through live chat on their website. Thus, KEEN not only successfully retains customers like me but also prevents themselves from falling into 44% of business categories that face unfortunates in retaining their customers back.

KEEN Footwear’s customer service with a customer service BPO company
KEEN Footwear smartly retains its customers with the help of a customer service BPO partner to reduce the cost of acquiring new ones. [Source – KEEN Footwear]

Enhance customer satisfaction to make happy faces

Won’t you get worried if 51% of existing customers will not consider your brand only because of poor experience?

I guess you won’t want it. If so, then strategizing your decision with an experienced customer service BPO can prevent your brand from this unfortunate happening.

Well, today, BPO customer service companies support advanced tools to improve and promote first-contact resolution. They engage your customers with multiple touch points and connect with your customers while applying emotional intelligence, which does not provide a second thought to your customers to switch over to a new seller. 

For a moment, let’s think you’re a customer of Amazon, who purchases things frequently from their online store. Now, you purchase a Fastrack watch and after receiving it from them, you aren’t able to access it properly. So, in this case, when you reach them to get rid of this headache, they provide 24/7 customer service to give an instant resolution.

This customer service not only addresses your queries but also the experience can turn you into their loyal customers. Needless to say, the same goes for your customers as well.

Amazon’s customer service with a customer service BPO partner
Amazon enhances customer satisfaction with the help of BPO customer service partners to gain loyalty. [Source – Amazon]

Deliver exceptional services in real-time

According to a recent survey by Salesforce, customers said, “I would change the brand as the company does not treat me as an individual.” 

From the aforementioned statement, you surely understand that you must be present at the place where your customers are to make them feel comfortable, valued, and heard. 

Well, to meet your customers’ expectations in present customer service BPO enables virtual customer services be it SMS, email, social media, or anything else. The tactic is to provide round-the-clock personalized assistance to your customers and encourage them to make more purchases.

For instance, you can see the below-mentioned brand, Nike’s LinkedIn profile. They not only showcase the real problematic picture but also provide solutions that their customers find the post problem solver as well as interactive. Also, if they ask any questions, Nike’s customer support teams provide immediate responses.

Nike’s customer service with the help of a customer service BPO company
Nike provides customer service in real-time with the help of a customer service BPO to well treat its customers. [Source – LinkedIn]

Expand Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value is one of the most important KPIs that helps you measure the average amount of revenue generated by your customers as long as they are willing to be with you.

But do you think that it’s as simple as snapping your finger? Nah! Well, a customer service BPO smartly does that on behalf of you. But how?

✅ They segment your customers to understand them and make them engage as they want.

✅ They provide a personalized conversational tone that sounds caring as well as prompt.

✅ They listen to your customers’ feedback and never react especially if your customers are connecting after having a bad experience.

✅ They are more focused on preventing customer churn by reducing customer complaints and enhancing customer retention rates.

This Customer Lifetime Value also creates trust among the new clients on your brand, enabling you to upsell and cross-sell more products and services with less burgeoning friction. 

For example, your brand offers products or services at a specific rate to your customers, still, they will willingly come to your doorstep as you not only sell your brand’s excellence but also increase your brand value by uplifting customer service.

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Boost your loyal customer base

Achieving customer loyalty can prove advantageous for your business, amplifying your ROI and garnering a greater inflow of repeat purchases. As per industry intel, loyal customers shell out a heftier sum of money than their one-time counterparts, elevating your enterprise to new heights.

According to Microsoft’s reports, 55% of global customers admitted that customer service is a truly important factor in gaining their loyalty.

After setting the highest customer service standards with a BPO customer service partner you can smoothly boost your loyal customer base. For example, when your customers experience the fruitful results they expected, their inclination to acquire more purchases from your brand reaps the rewards in the long term.

Create first impression to promote positive word of mouth

A delighted customer returns to you and promotes your business through positive word-of-mouth marketing. They recommend your brand to their family and friends, which creates a first impression on them.

Word of mouth could be oral or digital, where online buyers look at the reviews before buying from your company. In the case of face-to-face word of mouth, a happy customer will give good reviews about your brand orally.

In the case of digital marketing, your customers provide good ratings and comments in the online reviews on Google Search and other social media platforms, which attracts the audience. Well, these benefits you gain while you consistently provide different types of customer services from a single desk with the help of a BPO customer service company.

Imagine, you’re a health insurance holder of Reliance General Insurance, a well-known Indian insurance brand. They provide you with a cashless insurance service especially when you’re going through severe health problems and facing medical treatment with a costly burden. Their immediate service without any difficulties will make you and your family happy and that will turn you into an advocate for them.

Reliance General Insurance’s customer service with a customer service BPO company
Reliance General Insurance provides impressive customer service with the help of a BPO customer service that eventually promotes word of mouth. [Source: Reliance General Insurance]

Enhance the excellence of your offering to drive sales

Experts from customer service BPO quite maturely handle your customers’ queries and respond to them to value their interest in your brand. The surprising fact is that this amazing customer service experience can significantly drive 78% of existing consumers after even making a mistake.

Now, this will make them repeat purchases which will drive sales in your business. And that’s not all. It has an add-on advantage and that upselling growth means your customers are willing to buy the product even after your sales team offers an add-on product or a high-priced option. 

Moreover, the professionals from customer service reach out to your clients, employing feedback forms to assess the value of their recent purchases. This method enables the identification of areas for advancement, ultimately improving the quality of your products or services.

For instance, AM2PM Support’s representatives may request the caller to provide constructive product or service value such as what your customers’ expectations are and where you can improve.

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Reduce waiting time by offering accurate solutions

You may already know that your customers would not like to be on hold, and they hang up when you do not value their time. This experience adversely affects and may ultimately turn into a worse brand image as 82% of customers expect an immediate response to their queries

For example, the incident often happens in online shopping where we call customer service for specific queries and are on hold for at least 20 minutes.

However, when there are many customer service representatives in an organization, the customer’s waiting time automatically comes down. As the reps from customer service BPO take a smart approach to modern customer service aligned with technologies, they take minimal time to resolve queries until and unless it’s huge.

Do you know? AM2PM Support has succeeded in reducing the customer churn rate by 43%. Yes, Know more from the words of AM2PM Support’s co-founder, Mr. Mayank Jain.

Build a strong reputation to stay competitive

To build and hold a strong reputation in the competitive market, all you need is BPO customer service. They very smartly build the culture, attitude, and belief on behalf of your brand that you never fail to play psychologically to your customers’ minds and they don’t think beyond you.

BPO customer service works as a selling point in your business, and that has several advantages from building trustworthy relationships with your customers to giving your competitors head-to-head challenges.

To understand this let’s take an example of Zomato and Swiggy, the Indian online foodie brands. Both of them deliver food but Zomato provides it within 30 minutes, whereas Swiggy provides it a max 45 minutes. 

Now, as they are rivals in the industry, only one factor can make the difference in responding to customers’ complaints in the entire day.

Zomato’s customer service with a customer service BPO
Zomato provides continuous customer engagement with the help of BPO customer service to differentiate it from its rivals. [Source – Zomato]
Swiggy nails its customer service strategies with the help of a BPO customer service
Swiggy nails its customer service strategies with the help of a BPO customer service which provides customer support to stay competitive. [Source: Swiggy]

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AM2PM Support - One of the trusted BPO customer service providers for outsourcing all your customer service needs
Work on customer service excellence to maximize customer success with one of the best BPO customer service companies, AM2PM Support. [Source – AM2PM Support]

File-name/alt/description: AM2PM Support – One of the trusted BPO customer service providers for outsourcing all your customer service needs.

To stay attentive to the customer service outsourcing trends and to maximize your customer service ROI, a BPO customer service partner just becomes the need of the hour for your brand.

You already understand that a customer service BPO can help you with its 360-degree services. These benefits you in terms of quick and prompt responses, enhancing customer experience, driving revenue from upsell, reducing customer churn rate, strengthening customer relationships, improving your brand value, and ultimately making your stronghold in the market.

But the worthwhile question comes into mind when it’s not only about leveraging benefits but also about choosing one of the top-notch BPO customer services for reducing customer service outsourcing costs.

Well, needless to say, AM2PM Support takes center stage to play. Why?

Get to know how AM2PM Support will drive success from the words of the co-founder of University Living, Mr. Mayank Maheswari.

It has a decade of experience, well-trained, skilled customer service reps, a modern approach to handling customers, and updated tech-savvy products to connect your customers. And above all, the empathetic way of interaction that your customers seek is undoubtedly an exceptional one that you can rely on.
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