Imagine you’re going to a coffee shop and placing your order to have one cup of cappuccino, but the barista (an employee of the coffee shop) mistakenly serves you with a cup of cold coffee.

What will be your reaction? Will you be satisfied with their poor customer service? 

If it’s a big no for you, then place yourself in your customers’ shoes. The same goes for them, no matter if you’re serving your customers online or offline. 

When your business growth relies on your customers and revolves around them only, it doesn’t make sense to overlook their expectations with your brand.

However, don’t worry though. Luckily you’re living in an era, where all things are available at your fingertips, such as a top-notch customer service outsourcing company.

To respond to your client’s complaints and provide them with an astonishing experience with the target of always counting on them to create a worthy sales funnel, customer service outsourcing companies are nowadays becoming your helping hands.

But before you are shifting towards outsourcing companies like AM2PM Support, brace yourself to dive into the knowledge of your customer’s issues and recent outsourcing customer service trends that align with your business objectives.

What are the challenges in customer service that drive you to outsource?

To prioritize exclusivity and authenticity in your product or services is equally crucial to providing an excellent customer service experience. 

But this is not as simple as it sounds. Why? 

  • Serving a growing number of multiple customers one at a time is not so easy because they have different intents, needs, choices, and preferences.
  • Lacking to respond with the right answer at the right moment simply crushes your customers’ expectations of your business.
  • Your employees’ inefficiency in addressing their pain points and resolving queries quickly can cause frustration to your clients.
  • Either having too many unnecessary tools or lacking the right tools in your existing system cause your employees to be jeopardized and this eventually causes your customers’ bad experience.
  • Last but not least, if your customer service strategy is not aligned with your customer’s life cycle and their demands.

Which are the customer service outsourcing trends that you need to watch over?

Before you outsource your target customer service company, it’s essential to keep yourself updated on whether it follows current market trends. To make your choice smarter, have a look below at the top 13 customer service outsourcing trends:

Prioritize quality with cost-effectiveness

According to data, poor customer service can cost you up to $1.6 trillion every year. Shocked?

I’m quite sure that a business you don’t want to get caught up with costs thousands of dollars every year. 

It especially happens when you fail to understand your customers’ pain points, provide them with repeated solutions without clues, and make them feel frustrated with your services.

To get rid of this unnecessary headache, every business from small size to big billions, all are prioritizing quality to ensure cost reductions. To do the task, they simply outsource expertise in customer service.

Why? If you want to build an in-house experts’ team of customer service specialists, you have to hire and train them personally. Moreover, after hiring you have to bear the administrative costs to keep your employees happy.

But unfortunately, if you fail to hire the right people, all your efforts will shrink under the sea of competition. 

Better you choose highly skilled professionals for customer service because they provide quality experience in the total length of your customers’ journey and never fail to impress your leads or prospects.

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Demand business flexibility and adaptability

The research report by Deloitte’s 2021 Global Outsourcing Survey shows that economic upheaval caused by the pandemic drives business providers to acquire an approach of a flexible work environment.

To stay on the trend of growing demands of businesses, customer service outsourcing companies make them more adaptable and flexible with the below-mentioned approaches:

  • They willingly accept an abruption on the ongoing project.
  • Ensure the completion of targets within tight deadlines.
  • Step forward to fruitful collaborative initiatives

Ensure mobile-first optimized customer service 

To catch up with the demand for a ‘Mobile-first philosophy’, every business has ensured their customer service options are mobile optimized.

Why? With the surge of affordable smartphones and internet services, almost all people are browsing brands on mobiles with just a fingertip.  And almost every other business showcases its exclusive presence on the web while doing marketing and selling.

Even static by Insider Intelligence shows that 95.4% of people search for products or services on the internet through their mobile devices. Your chosen outsourced customer service company provides support that is aligned with the tweaks with mobile devices so that your people can experience top-notch service anywhere at any time.

Nykaa, an Indian brand offers solutions proactively on live chat.
Nykaa, an Indian brand offers solutions proactively on live chat (Source: Nykaa).

For example, you can engage your customers on the web at any time and uplift their experience through instant personalized responses while you’re outsourcing live chat companies

As for now, you can see the aforementioned image of Nykaa, a leading Indian fashion brand, is providing a quick live chat experience, so that it can engage its leads’ and transform them into its buying clients.

Accelerate business continuity with strategic partnership

You’re not unaware of how the pandemic has disrupted the strategic chain of the businesses. The worst worst part happened to those businesses that switched repeatedly between multiple vendors for a single cause. 

However, the perspective of business players in the post-pandemic scenario has completely changed. Now they are more interested in building a strategic relationship over frequently changing their options for the long-term goal.

Why? While you outsource support for customer services, the motto is providing your customers with a reason that they can be with you. But before you ensure a relationship with your customer, a strong bond filled with loyalty and trust between you and your outsourcing partner is very important. 

And this is not a one-day procedure. If you both work together for an extended period, it will give you a fruitful result irrespective of uncertain circumstances. This means your business will continue to thrive in the market.

Establish omni-channel presence

To connect instantly and build a meaningful relationship, your presence in the right place at the right time is equally important as your quality customer service.

Because you never know your target customers’ choices and preferences of how, when, and where they will willingly interact with you. It could be a phone call, a simple text message, or a social media platform.

The reason why the recent customer service outsourcing companies follow the motto: ‘Be where your customers are’.

Ugaoo, an Indian brand offers omnichannel customer engagement.
Ugaoo, an Indian brand offers omnichannel customer engagement.

For example, you can see the aforementioned picture of Ugaoo, a leading agrotech brand based in India, making their presence everywhere from WhatsApp, and email, to SMS with the purpose of seamlessly engaging their consumers.

And the statistics find this omnichannel customer engagement is fruitful. How? 

The data shows that businesses who follow customer engagement omnipresently typically gain the advantage of retaining 89% of their customers, compared to those 33% who neglect the importance of it.

And this is where customer service outsourcing takes the center stage while they provide you with trained and experienced experts within your desirable outsourcing destinations.

The need for high-quality cybersecurity

With the rising field of high-tech modern technologies, cyber hackers become more active in fraudulent activities and they can willingly go beyond any extent. The same is revealed by a recent Forbes article which states that 82% of companies faced cyber attacks in 2022.

The percentage is not less than a business can overlook. This becomes a nightmare for businesses across the world because any kind of tempering with their customers’ data causes their business’ authenticity at stake.

Handling a vast amount of data with utmost security at every single second is not easy at all. The reason why the businesses who handle a lot of sensitive info, eagerly hire a MSP (Manage Service Provider).

Access to niche talent

Do you feel exhausted in recruiting the right employee for your progressive business? Probably yes!

Finding and hiring talents for your organization who match your criteria, is a daunting task. And this is proven by the report of the 2022 ManpowerGroup Survey, where their report shows that 75% of employers find it difficult to find a right fit in the U.S.

Well, this condition is not limited to a certain geographic boundary. Hiring a niche talent includes several time-consuming processes irrespective of business or location, which are listed below:

  • List down the people who have the core expertise and experience.
  • Segment the people who have complementary skills.
  • Keep an eye on the recommendations.
  • Finally, hire after analyzing each corner.

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Improving customer satisfaction

Your customers’ experience throughout their lifetime within your organization holds the power to make or break your brand’s image.Because the market is dynamic and it evolves around your customers’ expectations which are typically unpredictable.

Therefore, your customers’ buying experience is equally important as your product value, or a little bit more crucial. The research of Salesforce shows that 80% of customers will do business with a brand again after one mistake only if they have greater experience.

Does it sound feasible to you? 

Of course, it’s undeniable. This is why businesses like you outsource support for customer service, while they ensure below listed points:

  • An unforgettable customer service experience.
  • Smooth customer acquisition and retention.
  • Strengthen customers’ loyalty while making your presence more authentic.

Growth in proactive self-services

Your modern customers tend to be independent decision-makers and they are likely to have answers to all their queries, be it pricing structure, purchasing methods, shipping details, exclusive features in your product or services, and more, before making an ultimate decision.

To cater to this need, self-service options come into play. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, and an automated system that assists your customer around the clock without requiring a human assistant.

Even statistics by Statista report the same. It shows 88% of customers’ expectations from organizations of having online self-service portals.

Therefore, if I say about growth and dependence in practice self-services, it simply means I try to convey outsourced companies shifting focus towards customer first and customer-centric strategy. It does not only give you the freedom from headaches but also provides support, regardless of time.

Migration towards cloud computing

For customer service outsourcing companies, cloud computing is increasingly emerging as the smarter choice. It’s similar to upgrading your outdated system into a stylish and modern tool.

Why? The benefits of cloud computing are truly awe-inspiring. The cloud-based system is similar to an expansive reservoir of knowledge, seamlessly accommodating an immense volume of data without any complexities.

Furthermore, employees of customer service companies can engage with their customers online from virtually any location, be it a shopping mall or a coffee shop. Essentially, cloud computing eliminates the limitation of being confined to a specific location.

And if I talk about sensitive data, then I can’t skip its security. Notably, cloud computing invests a large amount in protecting data effectively while mitigating the risk of privacy breaches.

Adaption for modern technologies

According to data, 96% of people prefer brand-level customer service in their whole journey to make an ultimate decision.

But at the same time, good customer service is no longer limited to traditional methods and it’s continuously changing its dimensions towards having modern technologies.

The newest customer service outsourcing trends reflect integrating modern performance tracking tools, live engagement tools, data analytics tools, automation tools, and more.

Although all the aforementioned tools that act like your superhero, have their different directions, all are incorporated with the common cause – increase the efficiency of the employers while making quicker and more personalized customer service engagement with your customers.

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Higher demand for real-time analytics

Do you know which of your customers are happy with your service or who is more likely to break the bond with your organization? 

Well, before you give an exact yes or no, you must have knowledge about the current scenario. 

To have the detail in the palm of your hand, your outsourcing customer service companies are shifting their focus on scrutinizing each digit of real-time analytics. 

The report holds data such as response time, time spent on a call, reasons for won or lost clients’, and more. Simply take it as a value-based module that reflects a detailed cycle of your customers’ experience.

Now, why is this the need of the hour? 

Take your communication medium such as email, call, or chat. Etc. as a crowded station where each interaction has a different dimension. To cut out the possibility of making wrong ideas in understanding your customers’ intent, these customer service companies are watching over everything and anything to make sure their customer service strategy goes accordingly.

Practice transparency in workflow

Goes are the times, when you’re unaware of the current workflow and updated crucial notes with your outsourced customer service companies.

This is the era, where you both believe in transparency between your joint ventures. This is beneficial in terms of holding trust, staying loyal, and opening paths for direct communication to discuss issues. 

This is so trendy, caught by one Deloitte study which shows that having SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts before outsourcing can give you a clear idea about how they work, on which metrics they must perform, or the standard guidelines that they must adhere to.

Collaborate with AM2PM Support and accelerate your customer experience

Well, till now, you already have gained experience in customer service outsourcing trends that your outsourced company must follow along with the details of why it’s important to have your keen eye on that.

But the important question: Is that enough for you? 

Of course, it’s a no, no! Because until and unless you choose one of the best customer service outsourcing companies, the trend will not taste sweet to your brand. 

Then you need to count on AM2PM Support and turn your table to skyrocket an exclusive customer experience. Why so?

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