Imagine what would happen if a patient had to go through some medical emergency and the hospital lines got flooded with calls and hold times increased. The patient would suffer and every single second is worth it. In worst-case scenarios, a long hold can be life-threatening, it can be a matter of life and death.

That’s where healthcare call center outsourcing comes in. We ensure that without unnecessary delays, patients receive timely care and attention. In a world where every second counts, healthcare call centers are the lifeline that fills the gap between patients and the medical aid they urgently need.

What is healthcare call center outsourcing?

Imagine a hospital or clinic that gets a lot of calls every day. Some people might be scheduling appointments, some might have questions about their bills, and some could require immediate medical assistance. Now, running an in-house call center on your own to handle all this stuff takes a lot of time, people, and technology. Here, outsourcing comes to your rescue.

Healthcare call center outsourcing refers to when a healthcare organization, such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, or telemedicine, hires and contracts with a specialized company to answer their inbound calls. Outsourcing call centers for the healthcare industry is one type of business process outsourcing (BPO). The outsourcing company usually has the technology and experienced staff to handle healthcare-related calls efficiently. It is like having a helping hand to manage all those important calls, ensuring that patients receive the care and support they require without imposing on healthcare professionals.

Searching for healthcare call center outsourcing?

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How does outsourcing a healthcare call center benefit you?

Outsourcing can benefit your business of healthcare in various ways. Such as:

Reduce operational costs

Outsourcing helps you reduce operational costs as you do not need to set up an in-house call center and also do not need to spend money on staff, office space, hardware, software, or maintenance, which makes it a cost-effective choice and pocket-friendly.

Increase patient satisfaction

When you outsource your call center, you get a team of trained professionals who are skilled in customer service. They handle patient inquiries and issues by answering their calls quickly and providing the correct assistance, keeping your clients satisfied.

Optimize your existing staff

Handling customer calls can be time-consuming, by outsourcing, you do not have to put your staff in an in-house call center. So your team can focus on your patients.

24×7 phone answering services

A medical emergency is something that can happen at any time. In view of this, many outsourcing companies provide round-the-clock service. That’s why we named ourselves AM2PM Support, ensuring that your patients can reach you at any time, even during weekends or holidays.

Here is a list of the best companies offering healthcare call center outsourcing

AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support- Outperform with outsourcing.
AM2PM Support- Outperform with outsourcing.

Founded by Mayank Jain and Ankit Kapoor, AM2PM Support is a BPO company that is known for handling customer service and support across multiple industries. With a great understanding of the requirements and challenges faced by the healthcare sector and patients, AM2PM has proven itself as a trusted provider by delivering excellent customer support solutions.

One of the best parts of AM2PM Support is that we have a skilled and experienced workforce that is proficient in healthcare terminology, regulations, and patient care. This expertise ensures that every engagement with patients or healthcare professionals is effective, gentle, and understandable.

We have advanced call center technology for quick response, smooth communication, and efficient appointment scheduling, resulting in a better patient experience. They ensure that not even a single emergency call is left unanswered.

Why should you choose AM2PM Support call center outsourcing?

Data security

AM2PM Support gives priority to the security of healthcare information. Our security protocols and strict industry regulations guarantee the confidentiality and protection of patient data. We have taken significant measures to protect your data from internal and external threats.


Outsourcing healthcare call centers leads to cost savings as compared to maintaining an in-house team. We do not suggest solutions that are irrelevant to your requirements. We offer customized services that are cost-effective. Also, you can redirect your team to core business activities while benefiting from our cost-effective solutions.

24/7 Support

AM2PM Support provides 24/7, round-the-clock support for patients because we understand the importance of 24/7 availability in healthcare. Our services ensure complete assistance for your patients.

Quality service with accuracy

AM2PM Support is dedicated to providing high-quality services with accuracy. We establish a high standard that provides totally verified and authorized performance for your healthcare business.

Patient Survey

AM2PM Support conducts surveys to understand patient experiences and identify important areas that need development. We also monitor and improve our processes to provide the best possible experience for you.

Level up your healthcare operations with AM2PM Support

Selecting a healthcare call center outsourcing company is a tedious task because it directly or indirectly impacts your organization’s efficiency, patient satisfaction, business growth, and overall success. Finding a healthcare call center that can be a lifeline for patients and provide the support they need is a tough task. Let us make it super easy for you.

Expand your healthcare business with call center outsourcing.

Outsource AM2PM Support’s healthcare call center outsourcing services.

Fusion BPO Services

Fusion BPO Services- The power of human connection.
Fusion BPO Services- The power of human connection.

Fusion BPO Services has been operating as a call center service provider in India at different locations for a long time. It provides huge categories of services like customer engagement, digital solutions, and utility billing. They provide solutions for healthcare businesses worldwide.

It has workplaces in popular BPO destinations like the United States, India, and the Philippines. Thousands of employees work for this company.


Helpware- Amazing customer experience.
Helpware- Amazing customer experience.

Helpware is a customer service provider with headquarters based in the USA and call centers spread across four continents. They provide a range of BPO services, such as help desk support, back-office support, customer support, and technical support.

Helpware positions itself as an outsourcing partner for start-ups and large enterprises. From a small team to renowned brands, they have clients from different companies and industries like Headspace, Zendesk, and Samsara.

Sales Aladin

Sales Aladin- Lead generation and appointment scheduling.
Sales Aladin- Lead generation and appointment scheduling.

Sales Aladin is an Indian company that provides call center outsourcing. They have conducted their outsourcing operations since 2016, and the company has been able to bag a number of clients worldwide. They are on the list of top call centers and have a customized strategy for each customer.

Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Services- Services and solutions.
Flatworld Services- Services and solutions.

Flatworld Solutions is an outsourcing company that provides customer support. With a worldwide presence and headquarters in Bangalore, Flatworld has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom as well.

They serve thousands of clients and prove themselves to be the biggest call center in India. It offers services like business process outsourcing, call center service providers, data entry, software development, research, and digital marketing.

BBC Global Services

BBC Global Services- Customer support outsourcing.
BBC Global Services- Customer support outsourcing.

BBC Global Services is a BPO (business process outsourcing) service provider that offers overall process management services to various small or large organizations. They provide outsourcing services like customer service, medical billing, and billing services.

They also provide management of all back-end operations, improving the working atmosphere and enabling the company to reach new heights. It offers virtual assistants to simplify and streamline the support process, making it take less time.

Want to streamline your support process and reach new heights?

We make it possible for you at AM2PM Support.


Go4customer- Ideate, create, and elevate your call center services.
Go4customer- Ideate, create, and elevate your call center services.

Go4customer- Ideate, create, and elevate your call center services.

Go4customer is a call center outsourcing company that offers innovation and performance-based customer support solutions across various industries. They have advanced technology and industry expertise to provide a complete approach that covers voice, live chat, email, and social media management.

They possess extensive domain knowledge that enables them to deliver customized solutions to businesses worldwide. With headquarters in Jaipur, India, they ensure the delivery of a customer experience that drives your business forward.


Aidey- Scale up effectively with outsourcing.
Aidey- Scale up effectively with outsourcing.

Aidey is a business process outsourcing company that provides phone, chat, and email customer support services. It provides services to businesses of all sizes with an efficient way to manage their operations through flexible and cost-effective outsourcing solutions.

By providing outsourcing solutions, their service is highly preferable. Other than customer support, they also offer assistive services like recruitment, training, and onboarding. The company is completely dedicated to providing customer support services, taking them to a new level of efficiency.


VSynergize- Optimize your processes.
VSynergize- Optimize your processes.

VSynergize offers services like demand generation, high-quality lead generation and a call center. In addition, they conduct marketing campaigns through several modes, like email and event-based.

They categorized their lead generation process into multiple channels like sales and marketing. They also provide voice-verified leads. They elevate your process efficiency and streamline it, ensuring business growth to a great extent.


DataAngle- Transform your business with data solutions.
DataAngle- Transform your business with data solutions.

DataAngle Technologies is a trusted call center service provider in India. It is located in Hyderabad. They provide services in a variety of fields, such as business process outsourcing (BPO), consulting services, data processing, and CRM solutions. It assures high-quality services that fully cater to the client’s needs. Which makes it one of the finest outsourcing service providers. By providing high-quality leads, this will greatly assist your business’s expansion.

Are you in the healthcare industry? Do you want 24/7 caring of your patients by outsourcing healthcare call center services?

Having a healthcare business is not an easy task, as you have to face so many challenges with your day-to-day operations like managing patients, doctors, and staff. Additionally, during peak hours, it might not be possible to attend every call that you get. Outsourcing a healthcare call center company to attend this call is possible.We at AM2PM Support have the ability, expertise, and technology to answer each and every call. We are dedicated to providing support for patients and ending calls by fulfilling patients inquiries and making them satisfied. We have more than a decade of team experience handling 24/7 customer service and support across healthcare industries. Operated by a team of 25+ experts, we are the perfect choice for healthcare organizations, we are the perfect choice for healthcare organizations.

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