The call center is a sanctuary for your company looking to interact with its customers in an era when a melody of ringing phones and the noise of client questions fills the air. A new chapter in the world of customer service started to emerge as the wheels of time continued to change, a chapter that would echo throughout the decade.

Imagine traveling through history to this decade, when call center outsourcing was more than simply a business decision; it was a story of invention, adaptability, and change.

This is a decade in which trends and statistics are dominating because innovation is at the forefront and customer expectations are higher than ever.

Ready to know about the latest trends and statistics about call center outsourcing?

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What is call center outsourcing?

In simple words, call center outsourcing is all about hiring another team of agents from outside the organization in order to take care of the complex operations. With the help of call center outsourcing services, your business can prioritize the important tasks when most of the workforce is freed up. 

Would you try to install your office’s electrical circuits on your own? 

No right!

Call center outsourcing improves customer experience when the key functions of your business are optimized. The goal of call center outsourcing is to create a seamless web of customer service, not only answering phones. While your company concentrates on what it does best, this customer service wizard can handle queries, address problems, offer technical help, and even generate sales leads.
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Contact AM2PM Support and open doors to new successes for your business.
Contact AM2PM Support and open doors to new successes for your business.
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What are the customer expectations from call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing can either make or break your business through customer service. And due to this, your business should always place this as your top priority in order to use it as a competitive advantage. 

Still, keeping customers happy and satisfied is not easy.


Because the market place is crowded, big and uncertain which is affected by constantly evolving customer expectations. Nowadays, the focal point of customer service is customers but sadly, their expectations always keep changing.

However, call center outsourcing does not only help your business to deal with customer problems but it also provides high quality services. 

Watch out for the call center outsourcing trends and statistics

I’d like to invite you to journey with me through the 17 Call Centre Outsourcing Trends & Statistics You Must Watch Out in 2024 with me in this article.

So, my reader, buckle up because we’re going to take a spectacular adventure together through the constantly changing world of call center outsourcing in the decade that looks to be a masterpiece in the history of improving customer service management

Welcome to the list of 17 Call Centre Outsourcing Trends & Statistics for 2024.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay longer than ever

According to a recent report, AI assistants by 2024, anticipated that the market for this technology will grow from $4 billion to $15 billion.

There is no arguing that almost every shift in the call center industry has been influenced by the disruptive force of technology. New call center solutions have been appearing often due to the hectic pace of innovation. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the newest technologies to enter this industry.

There are many unexpected advantages of AI for call centers. It has saved call center managers, for instance, many hours spent designing complex call algorithms. Your business can now make direct calls to the “most qualified” agent without leaving the customer on hold thanks to AI-based technologies.

For instance, the predictive capability of AI takes over when a consumer calls and lodges a complaint, providing the agent with a variety of alternative solutions. The agent can then select an appropriate answer or, if it doesn’t make sense, simply ignore it.

What I have for your clients is safety, which is exactly what they’re seeking. Our AI-powered algorithms now start working as soon as a customer gives us a call. They quickly obtain all the necessary information from the caller and deliver it to our representatives. This implies that our call center agents can resolve your clients’ problems more quickly, precisely, and successfully.

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Analytics is the new driving force

In an old fashioned way, call centers heavily relied on the skill of managers in order to boost productivity and growth.But thanks to the modern technologies, today call centers do not have to solely depend on the skill of managers.

Consider it like this: In the past, call centers were somewhat similar to driving at night. You could view what information you have about your customers, but not much more. But with analytics, it’s like having cutting-edge night vision equipment now.

See, every time a customer interacts with a call center, massive amounts of data are being collected. Data is transformed into gold by analytics, which swoops in. It supports your business’s understanding of client preferences, pain points, and even future needs. 

With this fresh understanding, call centers may optimize their processes. They are able to spot trends, streamline procedures, and improve customer service experience. Having a GPS system works similarly to providing excellent service.

The new norm is omnichannel communication

Consider this, you are a customer who wants to contact a business. You might favor making a fast text message, online chat, or even a phone call to them. You can choose your favorite channel when a firm offers omni channel communication, which is equivalent to the corporation saying, “Sure, we’re here, ready to chat however you like!”

It’s similar to having choices at your preferred ice cream parlor. Today you might want a cone, but tomorrow you might prefer a sundae. The important thing is that you get to decide what suits you the best.

But is it even possible from a business point of view?

Amazon provides omnichannel communication to its customers. Source Amazon web services.
Amazon provides omnichannel communication to its customers. Source Amazon web services.

And this is where omnichannel communication comes into picture. It provides your customers with a constant and seamless experience across various channels such as mobile phones, desktops, or in person. It also helps to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible and allows agents to identify better opportunities for the future.

Call centers concentrate on offering seamless connection between channels in order to give users an omnichannel experience.

According to research, 89% of consumers are retained by organizations who offer omnichannel customer involvement.

Migration is on a rise to the cloud

The delivery of customer support is changing as cloud migration soars in popularity among the newest call center trends.

Imagine switching from an outdated, cramped workplace to a stylish, modern skyscraper. Call centers are moving their operations from on-premises settings to virtual, cloud-based systems as a result of cloud migration.


Well, this decision has a few really awesome benefits. Agents at call centers can access the internet from any location to work. So there’s no need to be bound to an actual office. If they choose, they can even answer calls from their preferred coffee shop!

But it’s not just that—it’s also incredibly scalable. You can rapidly scale up your call center resources with cloud-based technology to manage the increased demand.

It’s also affordable. Traditional setups demand a lot of costly equipment and maintenance. You only pay for the cloud services you really utilize.

Another key priority is security. It’s like having a team of security experts monitoring your important data with 24/7 customer support thanks to the major investments cloud providers make in data protection.

Remote call centers are on a rise

Call centers were heavily impacted due to the pandemic. Organizations started using work-from-home models a few months after COVID-19 became a problem. In contrast to other areas, creating good virtual call centers was much more difficult because it required moving to the cloud, providing customer service digitally, and setting up calling equipment. Even just the overheads are expensive. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the saying goes. 

There are many call center solutions and deployment models available that can act as your dependable sidekicks in assisting your business’s seamless migration to the cloud and enhancing your customer service strategy

It’s like you have a team of professionals working with you, making everything simple!

Transcription is always real-time

There are a lot of calls coming into your call center, therefore sorting them out for training and reference has always been difficult. Calls can be recorded using the old technology that is currently in place, but it is still difficult to learn anything from them. 

Voice recognition and modern call center technology are on the way. UtilizeWhen live transcription features are incorporated with call centers then it can make your business more effective in regular consumer encounters. This technology enables learning by not only recording calls but also providing real-time transcriptions of the discussions. 

This also shows that you can get information more quickly because you don’t have to listen to the full call repeatedly; you can just skip to the relevant section of the conversation. 

Pretty useful, no? 

Live engagement tools: yes that’s the new thing

Reportedly, 96% of consumers think that a brand’s level of customer service is important when making a decision.

This shows why good customer service is important for your business.

The newest call center trends are all about live engagement tools, which provide customer interactions a boost.

Consider them as the tools that will increase the abilities of your favorite superhero. Whether it be through chat or video, these tools are made to establish interactions with clients in real-time.

Imagine a situation where a consumer has a query and can engage in live chat with a helpful agent rather than waiting on hold or sending emails. It’s like always having a conversation friend who is willing to assist.

Additionally, live interaction technologies support video. So, if a client has a complicated problem, they can start a video conference with an expert. It’s like starting a face-to-face meeting virtually right away.

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Co-browsing solutions isn’t going anywhere

Co-browsing has been a very common technological trend among call center solutions because of this.

Co-browsing enables agents of your company to engage, communicate, and work together in real-time with customers. This enables handling client inquiries during the initial interaction, cutting down on repeated callbacks and transfers.

Imagine yourself trying to complete a task on a website, such as making a purchase or navigating a complicated process, and you encounter a barrier. 

That’s annoying, right? Let’s start co-browsing now!

Co-browsing is similar to browsing with a nearby tech-savvy friend. A customer care representative can share your screen with you while you’re on the phone with them if you give them permission to do so (of course).

The secret is that there is no need for you to detail the problem or click through countless stages. The agent can interact directly with the webpage and see whatever you see.

Dependence on self-service tools is increasing

The use of self-service tools is becoming increasingly common in call center trends, and it’s like giving clients control over their own support experience.

Imagine being able to discover the answers you need without having to wait on hold for a customer service representative when you have a query or need help with something pertaining to a product or service.

Self-service resources are similar to having an enhanced library at your disposal. This includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and automated systems that can assist you without requiring human assistance.

Since these resources are accessible 24/7 for customer support, you can seek assistance whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s like having a helpful friend who is always there, regardless of the time.

They are also extremely effective. You may quickly find answers to frequent queries without having to wait for a live representative.

The purpose of self-service tools is to improve the customer experience.

Therefore, when I say that call centers’ dependence on self-service tools is growing, I’m referring to a customer-centric strategy that focuses on offering you the freedom and means to receive the support you need.

Contact center analytics provide real-time insights

Consider this: Interactions of every kind are happening in your contact center: calls, chats, emails, you name it. It resembles a crowded train station. Now, contact center analytics work as the conductor, watching over everything and ensuring that it all goes according to plan.

These analytics tools are very clever. Data from all those client encounters is continuously being collected and analyzed. In real-time, it’s like having a team of data detectives searching for hidden patterns, trends, and problems.

The beauty, though, lies in the fact that they don’t simply gather data for the sake of it. They transform the data into useful insights. It’s similar to having a friend who not only informs you of what’s going on but also offers advice.

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Recall technology is the priority now

For call centers, recall technology functions like a memory bank on adrenaline. Whether it was a call last week about a billing issue or a chat session a few months ago about a product query, it records and remembers all of your prior interactions.

So the agent doesn’t start again when you ask for assistance again. The context they require is already available to them. It’s similar to carrying on a discussion with an old buddy where you don’t have to start over from scratch.

Customers are not the only ones who gain from this technology; agents experience an evolution in mindset. They are able to offer quicker, more personalized help, which leads to quicker problem resolution and contented consumers.

Furthermore, firms can follow trends and problems more efficiently with the aid of recall technology.

Your business can more efficiently track trends and problems with the aid of recall technology. It’s similar to having a map of the locations of customers’ pain points so you can proactively solve them.

Go all digital

Consumers today are searching for something more.

Consider this: Call centers previously made a significant amount of traditional phone calls. But right today, everything needs to be digital!

Using a range of digital channels for customer interactions is the definition of going fully digital. Chats, emails, social media, and even video calls are all relevant here. It’s like having access to a vast collection of communication tools.

Online shoppers today want to connect with businesses in ways that are convenient for them. 

Going completely digital is the same as saying, “We’re here for you, no matter where you are in the digital universe.”

Therefore, when I say that call centers are trending towards turning completely digital, I mean that customer service is moving towards a more contemporary, responsive, and effective approach.

A comprehensive digital transformation strategy is therefore necessary as call center outsourcing can help to improve your customer service experience

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Engage through social media

Engaging in the newest call center trends on social media is like having a direct connection to your clients’ preferred online hangouts. The key is to meet them where they are and offer excellent service.

Consider the following scenario: Your clients are going through their social media feeds, posting amusing cat videos and updates about their days. Imagine your company being there with them, prepared to address their concerns, find solutions, and provide support. It’s like having a helpful neighbor who is always willing to help.

Building strong, genuine relationships with consumers in a setting they already adore is the key to effective social media engagement in contact centers. It’s similar to being the welcoming host of a fun digital party, ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time! 

Interactive voice response (IVR) is here to stay

One of the first call center automation trends was Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR has been used by call centers for years, and the technology is still in its early stages. IVR usage increased in 42% of the organizations currently utilizing it.

IVR technology has been reinvented by the rise of AI. In reality, advanced IVR systems like conversational IVR were created as a result of the IVR + AI combo.

Callers can be quickly sent in the right way by the call center, which can then connect them with the appropriate departments or agents without any problems.

But that’s not all; AI also powers IVR systems so they can delve deeper into a customer’s past. Consider it to be a digital memory bank. It retrieves all pertinent information and historical data from prior contacts. 

This magic trick enables agents to provide consumers with personalized interactions that give them the impression of speaking with an old friend who is familiar with their preferences. 

Nice, isn’t it?

Measure customer satisfaction

The delight of your clients should be a top priority for your company. It’s like having a built-in compass to traverse the world of customer service when measuring client happiness in the newest call center trends.

Imagine this: You want to know if you’re on the right path since you’re traveling. Your reliable compass, which you take out, directs you in the direction of “Customer Satisfaction.”

There are various ways on how call center outsourcing can help improve customer experience. A simple way to measure client satisfaction is to ask them how they felt about the assistance they received. After a phone or chat session, you might ask them to rate their experience or provide comments.

Now, why is this such a big deal? 

It’s sort of like a call center report card. It lets you know what’s working well and what can benefit from some minor adjustments. Moreover, satisfied clients are more likely to be loyal to your business.

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Mapping customer journey

Customer-centricity is very important in today’s competitive world. Customer journey mapping helps call centers recognize your customer’s problems and preferences. This helps in personalized conversations and solutions, thereby increasing customer happiness.

Consider that you are planning a cross-country trip via car. You wouldn’t simply get in your car and hope for the best, would you? You would draw a route with all the interesting stops marked on it. That is, in fact, the purpose of customer journey mapping, but for your company.

It’s similar to going for a walk in your clients’ shoes. From the time they initially learn about your business to the time they turn into devoted supporters, you want to comprehend each move they take.

Finding all the places at which clients interact with your company is necessary for mapping the customer journey.

Automation and chatbots

Customer support services are being provided in a completely new way thanks to automation and customer service chatbots, which have become essential parts of call center outsourcing.

Routine and repetitive operations including responding to frequently asked questions, obtaining consumer data, and directing requests to the appropriate department or person are simplified by automation and chatbots.

With more queries being handled simultaneously by the call center thanks to this efficiency, wait times will be less and response times will be quicker.

The helpful virtual assistants you find at call centers are similar to chatbots. 

Consider yourself a consumer experiencing a brief interruption in your internet connection. To obtain a quick fix, you don’t want to have to wait on hold for an eternity. The chatbot, acting like your tech-savvy friend, steps in at this point.

This helpful chatbot will walk you through basic troubleshooting techniques. There’s no need to browse through manuals or search online for answers—the chatbot has you covered!

Stay on top of call center outsourcing trends & statistics

Get ahead in the industry with AM2PM Support.

You’ve learned the tricks to how technology is revolutionizing customer service, making data strategic, and elevating the customer experience to entirely new levels. You should start adapting to the new call center outsourcing trends. Various customer service channels should be used to upgrade customer experience.

It’s critical to keep in mind that these trends are the keys to unlocking success and providing excellent customer service as we go forward because they are more than simply statistics and facts.

Therefore, these trends and figures are your guides in the changing world of call center outsourcing, whether you’re a business leader aiming to remain ahead of the curve or a committed customer service employee looking to deliver the best help possible.

Call center outsourcing with AM2PM Support is the next big success that your business needs.
Call center outsourcing with AM2PM Support is the next big success that your business needs.

Just start outsourcing through AM2PM Support and open your organization’s doors to new benefits. There are many reliable solutions that can make outsourcing fun.

So what are you waiting for?

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