Is cold calling dead?

Nowadays, this question is creating a buzz in the business world because, with the growing technological advancements, most businesses are opting for chat processes over phone calls.

But let me tell you, cold calling is still effective. How? Direct human interaction is more trustworthy, especially when you’re engaging with your targeted prospects for the first time and providing them with customized solutions to satisfy their needs and trigger their initial buying psychology.

So, without waiting, brace yourself to dive into the article where you’ll explore the basics of the cold calling process, along with the top 13 cold calling companies that you can outsource to outperform your competitors in the business world.

What is cold call outsourcing?

Do you ever receive a call from a sales representative whom you never expected? Well, it may be a yes. 

This type of call from a business to their targeted prospect, with whom they have no prior relationship, is known as cold calling. But wait, maybe you’re thinking that your customers get irritated when they get a call from an unknown business, which can sometimes lead to scams.

From a business perspective, it can harm your reputation in the competitive market. However, if you’re looking for outsourced outbound call center services to improve your lead generation process along with customer relationships through cold calling tasks, you must analyze the following areas before acquisition:

  • If the outsourcing company calls your customers during general office hours.
  • If they determine after having rejections and maintain their self-motivation throughout the deal winning process.
  • If they are well-trained to smartly use their pitching skills to trigger psychology and increase their success rate in reaching targets.
  • If they are efficient at handling both types of prospects, whether your customers are chatty or straightforward because sometimes clear instructions alone are not sufficient to follow the script for closing deals.

Do you need a hand to smoothly generate warm leads?

By outsourcing AM2PM Support, you can make a new path.

Now, if your question is how cold call outsourcing companies can help your business, then let me tell you:

  • You can focus on your core business activities while shifting the burden from in-house experts.
  • You can allocate your financial resources to core improvement rather than spending on workforce expansion.
  • You can make effective deals with pre-trained and updated representatives to enhance your brand’s influence.
  • You can optimize your long-term profitability with exclusive support whenever needed, all while improving the customer experience.
Cold calling – Does cold calling still work?

What are the types of cold calling services that you can outsource? 

Depending on the purpose of the call

  1. Appointment setting: To strategically align your customer service approach, ensuring appointment setting after the first call with a skilled sales representative is the initial step. Both parties’ availability must be taken into account.
  1. Lead generation: The ultimate goal of cold calling during a meeting is to spark interest in your product or service in the minds of your target audience, driving them toward conversion.

Depending on the business model

  1. B2B: In a B2B context, cold calling targets business owners or key decision-makers within a specific business, with a focus on generating leads rather than securing final agreements.
  1. B2C: In contrast to B2B, in the B2C model, the outsourced company will target potential prospects on your behalf, delivering compelling sales pitches and ensuring sales closures without a high number of attempts.

Who is on the list of the best cold call outsourcing companies that you can rely on? 

Now, you are on the path to discovering the 13 best cold call outsourcing companies that possess the efficiency to engage with their words and drive your business one step closer to boosting revenue.

Then, let’s check what’s available on your platter.

1. AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support - Qualify in lead generation round the clock
AM2PM Support – Qualify in lead generation round the clock.

With a name that implies round-the-clock assistance, AM2PM Support stands out as your premium strategic partner. They offer 24/7 customer services and provide expert cold callers to help transform your target prospects into promising leads.

But what exceptional skills does AM2PM possess that make them a reliable choice? Let’s dive into it:

In-depth research for contacting potential customers

Every other customer is not going to buy from your business, or I can say that your business cannot get every other customer’s loyalty exclusively dedicated to your brand. 

This is why each target customer, along with every word of the dealing pitch, can vary, and AM2PM conducts detailed research every time to ensure they provide all the necessary answers.

Personalized interactions for long-term goals

Is giving a detailed description of your products and services all you need? No, it isn’t. Why? Because it sounds very robotic. 

When you outsource cold calling services with us, you get experienced callers who nurture the needs of your prospects with personalized interactions. These interactions not only enhance your business’s sales efficiency but also increase the likelihood of building long-term relationships.

Persistent follow-ups after showcasing products or services

The statistics show that 80% of sales reach their final goal after a minimum of five interaction attempts. So, my question is: Will you stop or keep moving forward after showcasing a detailed description of your products and services? Don’t know? 

Well, outsource AM2PM Support, and we will never lose our patience to continue connecting further. We maintain follow-ups while responding to customer complaints as well, even with emails, because we never know whose mind may divert and how.

Are you ready to enhance your business efficiency with these benefits?

Incorporate AM2PM Support, and gain an edge in competition

Data tracking and secure management 

Generating leads and boosting revenue is truly secured when your business data is in safe hands. However, before that, maintaining key metrics to achieve your business goals is a crucial aspect. We keep all the records from who to how and, most importantly, what the next step is. 

In addition to that, we continually update ourselves with cutting-edge technologies so that the stages of your outsourcing process maintain the highest possible accuracy in data, allowing us to measure insights while upholding ultimate privacy.

Services that cater various industries to expand business strategically

We provide you with various kinds of done-for-you approach-based services. Whether it’s in the healthcare, real estate industry, IT, SaaS business, or any other field, from small to large enterprises, we offer customized and authentic cold calling services while ensuring trained and smooth hand-offs to the experts, so that your business can smoothly bear the real-time market penetration with a high numbered pre-phase of deal closures.

Low-budget pricing module

To stay within your budget, you can get three different kinds of pricing structures with us:

  • Startup Plan: This starts at Rs.9999/month (Domestic) and $249/month (International).
  • Growth Plan: This starts at Rs.17999/month (Domestic) and $449/month (International).
  • Upscale Plan: With advancement, this plan starts at Rs.39999/month and $899/month (International).
AM2PM Support introduces micro outsourcing for empowering business.

2. Flatworld solutions

Flatworld Solutions - Integrate customized solutions
Flatworld Solutions – Integrate customized solutions.

Flatworld Solutions provides call center services worldwide, allowing you to expand your business with ideal solutions. Whether you have a small or large business, you can hire them to acquire valuable leads while reducing costs. They primarily offer cold calling support on healthcare BPO services, data science services, real estate support services.

3. Upcall

UpCall - Establish authentic communication
UpCall – Establish authentic communication.

When Upcall obtains a lead, their sales representatives promptly establish communication through calls, emails, or text conversations. They demonstrate their expertise and effectiveness in lead generation, lead qualification, and customer engagement to ensure your benefits from outsourcing call center services.

4. Superhuman Prospecting

Superhuman Prospecting - Communicate your prospects with personalized solutions
Superhuman Prospecting – Communicate your prospects with personalized solutions.

If you have a B2B business, whether it’s in commercial real estate or insurance, or you’re running a startup B2B business, Superhuman Prospecting can help you schedule appointments with your valuable prospects to generate leads. Their primary goal is to provide you with cost-effective sales development representatives.

5. REVA Global

REVA Global - Seamlessly reach your global customer
REVA Global – Seamlessly reach your global customer.

Mainly focusing on the real estate industry, investor-trained cold callers from REVA Global aim to deliver hot leads for your business. They assist you with virtual assistants who provide personalized communication. Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, or entrepreneur in this industry, you will receive services from trained professionals.

6. Sales Hive

Sales Hive - Get your quality leads within a few days
Sales Hive – Get your quality leads within a few days.

Sales Hive is a US-based cold call outsourcing company specializing in the B2B business segment. The Jedi’s, senior sales representatives, make over 1000 calls per week to ensure quality and a commitment to customer experience, dedicated to generating loyal leads. They prioritize your business account to understand your stand in the current market over switching between different clients.

7. SAS

SAS - Generate leads with sales telemarketing
SAS – Generate leads with sales telemarketing.

With SAS, a US-based telemarketing company, you can hire telemarketing services for sales and support outsourcing along with cold calling. Their call center representatives are dedicated to providing you with valuable leads. They prioritize professionalism, especially when it comes to tasks like recording calls, script review, list scrubbing, and assessing customer satisfaction while implementing upsell strategies.

8. Lead Mining Pros

Lead Mining Pros - Mining your prospect & leverage lead qualification
Lead Mining Pros – Mining your prospect & leverage lead qualification.

The professionals at Lead Mining Pros assist your business by mining and gathering data on your targeted clients. They have a team of skilled individuals, including both American and foreign cold callers, who provide high-quality, risk-free solutions in the lead qualification stage for your business.

9. ExpertCallers

Expert Callers - Enhance cold calling services with expert reps
Expert Callers – Enhance cold calling services with expert reps.

ExpertCallers primarily focuses on customizing database services with omnichannel approaches to meet the needs of various industries. Furthermore, they provide cold calling services for lead qualification and appointment setting, cost-effectively enhancing your business opportunities.

10. Call Motivated Sellers

Call Motivated Sellers - Never lose hope in generating hot leads
Call Motivated Sellers – Never lose hope in generating hot leads.

If you’re a real estate professional who helps make people’s dream homes a reality, then Call Motivated Seller call center outsourcing company is your guide to generating leads in the real estate industry with specific criteria. They specialize in pre-qualifying sellers and provide customizable scripts to enhance authentic communication.

Still thinking? Choose AM2PM Support and nail your strategy

By integrating AM2PM Support, you can enhance your business performance

11. Call Box

Call Box - Get a cloud phone system to make effective cold calls
Call Box – Get a cloud phone system to make effective cold calls.

Focusing on the cloud phone system, this cold call outsourcing company eliminates inefficiencies in lead generation. Call Box provides AI-featured automated solutions that facilitate texting coordination without touching phones. Plus, they offer transparency in cold-calling insights, allowing you to measure their performance and evaluate your investment.

12. Strategic Calls

Strategic Calls - Nail your cold calling strategy
Strategic Calls – Nail your cold calling strategy.

With the assistance of custom prospect-curated and pre-called lists, as well as cold call sales training, Strategic Calls emphasizes qualified lead generation within a few days. They engage in meaningful conversations during the cold calling process to strategically transform their calling efforts into converting your prospects into leads.

13. WorldWide Call Centers

WorldWide Call Centers - Reach your global customers anytime
WorldWide Call Centers – Reach your global customers anytime.

With WorldWide Call Centers, you can outsource offshore call center cold calling experts who primarily provide telemarketing services in various industries. They cover everything from lead qualification to showcasing your products and services and consulting with warm leads globally.

Don’t wait & choose your perfect outsourcing partner now

No matter the market size of your business, you need to choose a one-stop solution while outsourcing cold-calling company especially if you want to focus on your core competencies and avoid lagging due to shifting approaches.

Before making that choice, it’s essential to evaluate the expertise and experience of these companies. If you’re seeking the best suitable option, don’t hesitate more.

Reach out to AM2PM Support today, and not only will you stay ahead in generating warm leads with smart lead-qualifying tweaks, but you will also nurture your business relationships to stand out in the competition.

So, go ahead and try out our free 1:1 demo and place your trust in our 25 years of expertise with a proven track record that can only enhance your brand reputation globally while counting on targeting KPIs.

AM2PM Support augments to your sales and support team
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