Providing exceptional customer service is absolutely crucial for success. However I’ve found that running an efficient in-house help desk can be quite a drain on resources and pretty challenging for you. That’s where help desk outsourcing companies really come in handy – they can be a game-changer when it comes to delivering outstanding customer service.

Now, before we dive into uncovering the 13 best help desk outsourcing companies out there, let’s take a step back and talk about why this approach is so valuable. Trust me, there are some solid reasons for considering it. We’re talking about cost efficiency, the ability to scale up when needed, and some important things to keep in mind when choosing the right partner.

Advantages of help desk outsourcing

Are you searching for compelling reasons to embrace help desk outsourcing? Don’t hesitate any longer; join the trend now!

Help desk outsourcing can really bring a ton of benefits to the table, especially if you’re looking to step up your customer service game. Let me break down some of the key benefits of outsourcing customer services.

Grow your business with better margins

Outsourcing customer service eliminates the need for hefty investments in hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house support team, resulting in significant cost savings. Their pay per use model of pricing can be really helpful for you to save more without compromising on quality of customer service.

24/7 availability to fulfill your customer needs

Outsourcing ensures round-the-clock 24/7 customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing assistance whenever it’s needed, regardless of the time or location. Hence, they helps in boosting your team’s productivity as no more hassle of night shifts.

Optimize your business to improve scalability

Boost efficiency of your business by delivering exceptional customer service with getting rid of extra costs in training and investing in your estate charges for in house customer service.

Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing frees up internal resources, allowing your business to concentrate on core competencies, innovate, and strategically grow while customer support tasks are handled externally. 

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13 Best help desk outsourcing companies to elevate your customer service and support

Now that we have a clear idea about help desk outsourcing, its advantages, its types, and the key factors to consider when choosing your outsourcing partner, let us look at the best help desk outsourcing companies to elevate your customer service and support.

AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support help desk outsourcing companies
Grow your business with AM2PM Support help desk outsourcing services.

In today’s world, keeping customers happy is super important, AM2PM Support stands out by bringing together really talented teams and the latest technology. This makes us the best choice when you need help with tricky customer experience problems. What’s really cool about how they do things is their “pay-as-you-go” pricing. This means you only pay for the stuff you actually use, instead of being stuck with big upfront fees. It’s a smart and cost-effective way to make your customer happy.

AM2PM support understands unique needs of each and every business and caters to them as per their needs. Helps in eliminating overhead costs which leads to better margins and efficiency of your business which ultimately leads to scaling up your business.

Leverage the power of scaling up and down of your business ar per your business needs. Level up your customer support and ensure loyalty and satisfaction of your customers.

Caption: AM2PM Support – your perfect partner for help desk outsourcing.

Why choose AM2PM support for customer service outsourcing?

AM2PM support is a reputed company in the industry of help desk outsourcing. They are known for their ability to handle customers well and provide the best services possible.

If you are looking for a company that can prioritize your customers, AM2PM support is a great option to consider. With several companies offering help desk outsourcing services, it’s important to choose the right one. And AM2PM support can help solve all your concerns in this regard.

Collaborate with skilled professionals in your industries

AM2PM Support provides you with skilled people ensuring satisfaction of your customer, bringing loyalty towards your business. Get experienced people in the field of your business industry ensuring quality customer assistance.

Flexible pay-as-you-go model

AM2PM Support provides flexibility for your business with their pay-as-you-go model which helps you in eliminating the overhead costs and improving your efficiency. Scale up and down your customer service as per your business needs.

Ensure security of your service

AM2PM Support ensures a high standard of data quality and security of your customer. Want to have a survey to understand your customer experience? AM2PM Support can help you in conducting surveys to prioritize the scope of development.

Customer assistance round the clock

AM2PM Support provides 24/7 support for your customer, which helps in customer retention for your business. Satisfy your customer by assisting them anytime and anywhere to solve their issues.

Proven Results

AM2PM Support helped Unique Aircon boost customer service with a 65% connection rate, leading to a 15% increase in upselling and revenue.They pay close attention to data and customer feedback to keep improving.

In short, AM2PM Support got the experience, flexible pricing, big-name trust, and proven results to help your business shine.

Here are the proven results from our clients. What are you waiting for? Just take a look on one of the Top help desk outsourcing companies.

Diverse customer service channels provided by AM2PM Support

AM2PM Support provides a range of services to deliver high quality customer experience from a 360 degree perspective. Let’s understand one by one.

Live Chat Support

AM2PM support provides instant assistance, allowing customers to interact in real-time, without phone calls or waiting for emails. Live chat can be seamlessly integrated into your business websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, it automates tasks, improving response times and reducing costs.  Utilizing live chat outsourcing services can boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction for your business.

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Call support

AM2PM Support provides both inbound and outbound customer care services 24/7 via phone calls. A team of well-trained call center agents ensures you round-the-clock customer assistance.

Ticket Management

Efficient ticket management outsourcing can boost your customer engagement. It streamlines issue resolution, ensuring customer satisfaction for your business.

If you’re in the process of choosing a helpdesk service provider, it’s always a good idea to review their past work, assess their ability to provide personalized customer service, and read through client reviews. This way, you can make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your customer service goals.

Pricing of AM2PM Support 

  • Startup Plan – USD 249 per month
  • Growth Plan – USD 449 per month
  • Upscale Plan – USD 899 per month
Rating of AM2PM Support

4.9 out of 5 stars (27 reviews) on Google.


ScienceSoft - help desk outsourcing companies
Science Soft, one of the top help desk outsourcing companies to help you in taking care of software and users.

ScienceSoft has 15 years old experience in IT help desk services. They provide a wide range of support solutions.

Notable features of ScienceSoft’s help desk services

  • Access experienced L1, L2, and L3 support engineers for flexible support.
  • Get assistance around the clock to meet your operational needs.
  • Adjust service levels to match your specific requirements with a 3-month trial.
  • Receive regular service level reports and incident analyses for full transparency.
  • Benefit from self-service knowledge bases and FAQs, reducing help requests by up to 5x.
  • Backed by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates, ensuring service quality and data security.

Pricing of ScienceSoft’s help desk services

  • Rates starting at USD 5.50 per incident.
  • Tailored to your needs, considering factors like time coverage and help desk levels.
Rating of ScienceSoft’s help desk services

4.7 out of 5 stars (3 reviews) on G2.


DICEUS - help desk outsourcing companies
DICEUS, one of the top help desk outsourcing companies delivering exceptional help desk outsourcing services.

Since 2011, DICEUS has been a top player in help desk outsourcing. They focus on technical L2 and L3 customer support and tech maintenance, drawing from a decade of experience.

Notable features of DICEUS’s help desk outsourcing:

  • Beyond troubleshooting, their L2 and L3 support engineers provide holistic solutions to complex challenges.
  • DICEUS offers diverse service options to meet your various business needs and support levels.
  • Stay informed with regular reports on troubleshooting progress, bug fixes, new functionality releases, and more.
  • Their robust software development life cycle processes ensure you structured, efficient, and best-practice-aligned support.
  • For complex projects, their recommended Discovery Phase enhances understanding and tailors support strategies to project intricacies.

Pricing of DICEUS

  • To get the details of the pricing plan, you need to fill out the form from their website.

Rating of DICEUS

4.0 out of 5 stars (1 review) on G2.

4.8 out of 5 stars (37 reviews) on Clutch.


Salesforce - service desk outsourcing companies
Salesforce one of the top help desk outsourcing companies, to help you scale your business.

Salesforce is the gold standard in help-desk outsourcing. They’ve been leading the way for a while now, and they keep getting better. 

Notable features of Salesforce’s help-desk services

  • Comprehensive management of call center operations for diverse customer interactions.
  • Empower your support team with omnichannel capabilities for seamless customer engagement across various channels.
  • Seamless integration with applications like Slack for unified communications and streamlined processes.

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Pricing of Salesforce help-desk services

  • Essentials plan: USD 25/user/month
  • Professional plan: USD 75/user/month
  • Enterprise plan: USD 150/user/month
  • Unlimited plan: USD 300/user/month

Rating of Salesforce

4.3 out of 5 stars (18,719 reviews) on G2.

4.4 out of 5 stars (18,242 reviews) on Capterra.


XACT - service desk outsourcing companies
XACT one of the most distinguished help desk service providers.

XACT is a big name in the game, with 35 years of experience and they’re all about delivering top-notch customer support services and contact center solutions.

Notable features of XACT’s customer support services

  • Highly trained and professional call center agents with expertise in handling diverse customer interactions.
  • Support enriched by a sophisticated knowledge base for effective issue resolution.
  • Application and browser support: Assistance provided for commonly used applications and internet web support browsers.
  • 24/7 availability: Round-the-clock availability ensures support is ready to cater to customer needs at any time.

Pricing of XACT’s customer support services

Custom pricing: XACT provides personalized pricing quotes tailored to your specific requirements.

Prices start at USD 26.95 per agent per hour for the monthly billing cycle with 2 to 10 dedicated agents. For per-minute billing, the service starts at 89 cents per minute.

Rating of XACT

5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews) on Capterra.

Innowise Group

Innowise Group - service desk outsourcing companies
Innowise one of the top rated IT outsourcing companies.

Innowise Group is your go-to choice for top-notch help desk outsourcing services. They help businesses handle their IT support needs like a pro with their skilled IT team.

Notable features of Innowise group’s help desk outsourcing services:

  • Tailored help desk outsourcing services designed to meet the unique IT support needs of each client.
  • Close collaboration with clients to thoroughly understand their requirements and deliver bespoke solutions.
  • 24/7 support ensures timely and reliable assistance whenever it’s needed.
  • Skilled IT professionals capable of addressing a wide range of issues, from basic system fixes to complex network challenges.

Pricing of Innowise

  • Contact their sales team to get a customized plan as per your requirements.

Rating of Innowise

5 out of 5 stars (16 reviews) on Google


Dataprise - it help desk outsourcing companies
Dataprise  one of the best top help desk outsourcing companies, to help you with IT infrastructure.

Dataprise is a real game-changer in the IT Help Desk Outsourcing world. They have a full or part-time support desk, an application or customer service desk, and even a super comprehensive technical service resource center. 

Notable features of Dataprise’s IT help desk outsourcing

  • Robust certifications: More than 850 active certifications demonstrating expertise and excellence.
  • 24/7 immediate assistance: Live services, including 24/7 Support and 365 IT Help Desk Support, for instant help from certified technical experts.
  • Tailored private labeled solutions: Customized private labeled help desk services aligning with your specific business requirements.

Pricing of Dataprise’s IT help desk outsourcing

Starting Price: USD 6.75 per incident per month.

Custom Pricing: Dataprise offers the flexibility to calculate pricing based on specific requirements, encompassing help desk type, support level, and monthly incident volume.

Rating of  Dataprise

4.7 out of 5 stars (14 reviews) on Clutch.


CGS Inc - top help desk outsourcing companies
CGS, one of the top help desk outsourcing companies, to power your fundamental activities.

CGS Inc. is all about leading the charge when it comes to flexible Help Desk solutions and is strategically positioned to provide exceptional support services wherever and whenever they are needed.

Notable features of CGS Inc.’s help desk solutions

  • Certified excellence: Demonstrated commitment to industry standards with certifications like ISO 9001:2017, ServiceNow Certified System Administrator, COPC certified, and PCI compliant.
  • Custom systems and tools: Personalized solutions with the flexibility to choose and optimize systems and tools tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Global language reach: Serving 80% of the world’s languages, CGS Inc. offers global-scale support.
  • Expert staff: 70% of CGS Inc.’s support staff hold advanced certifications, ensuring expertise in various fields.

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Pricing of CGS Inc.’s help desk solutions

If you’re interested in pricing details that match your specific needs, CGS Inc. can provide personalized quotes that accurately represent the unique support requirements you have. 

Rating of CGS Inc.

4.7 out of 5 stars (3210 reviews) on Featured Customers.

CMS IT Services

CMS IT Services- top help desk outsourcing companies
CMS, one of the top  help desk outsourcing companies that you can rely on.

CMS has been around the block and knows its stuff when it comes to Help Desk solutions.

Notable features of CMS’s help desk solutions

  • Over 40 years of experience in communication solutions, establishing CMS as a seasoned industry leader.
  • Prioritizing human interaction, CMS provides live operator answering for authentic and immediate support.
  •  Advanced integration capabilities enable support requests through various channels, including email, SMS, fax, phone calls, and direct ticket system submissions.

Pricing of CMS help desk solutions

If you’re looking for pricing details tailored to your specific needs, CMS is here to provide personalized quotes that accurately match the scope of the services you’re looking for.

Rating of CMS 

No reviews as of yet.


Buchanan - helpdesk outsourcing company
Buchanan, one of the best outsourcing companies.

Buchanan is really shaking things up in the IT Service Desk solutions game. They’ve got a whole bunch of options that can fit all sorts of operational needs. I’m talking about stuff like IT Service Desk 24/7 365, IT Service Desk Weekends, and IT Service Desk After Hours. 

Notable features of Buchanan’s IT service desk solutions

  • Buchanan provides platform-agnostic support, ensuring compatibility with your IT infrastructure.
  • Offering bilingual agents for effective communication and customer engagement, acknowledging client diversity.
  • Maintaining a high-quality service standard with a sophisticated ticketing system based on ITIL principles.

Pricing of Buchanan’s IT service desk solutions

If you’re looking for pricing details that align with your specific requirements, Buchanan is ready to provide personalized quotes that accurately represent the scope of services you need.

Rating of Buchanan

4 out of 5 stars (193 reviews) on Glassdoor.

Global Help Desk Services

Global Help Desk Services
Global Help Desk Services, one of the best outsourcing companies.

Global Help Desk Services is like your trusty support companion, and they’re all about being there for you 24/7. They mainly focus on big companies and have a ton of services that cover everything you need. 

Notable features of global Help Desk Services:

  • Always-available live agents for seamless support across time zones.
  • Comprehensive IT support services, covering application support to network assistance.
  • Conduct surveys to improve services and customer feedback.
  • Enhanced support with remote control capabilities for efficient issue resolution.
  • Effective global communication with foreign language support.

Pricing of Global Help Desk Services:

The cost of Global Help Desk Services is determined based on several factors, including the monthly incident volume, the hours of coverage you require, and the specific type of service you need.

Rating of Global Help Desk Services

4 out of 5 stars (56 reviews) on Glassdoor.


Giva - it help desk outsourcing
Giva one of the top contenders in the outsourcing space.

Giva got this amazing Cloud-based Help Desk software that’s designed to tackle common problems like sorting out which tickets to handle first, making sure tickets are created correctly, and speeding up the time it takes to resolve issues. 

Notable features of Giva’s cloud-based help desk:

  • Real-time monitoring: Continuous monitoring of activities for up-to-date information.
  • Insightful dashboards: Colorful charts and metrics on dashboards are available to provide insights for informed decisions.
  • Automated rules and workflows: Enhance agent productivity and streamline processes with automated rules and workflows.

Pricing of Giva’s cloud-based help desk:

  • Free Trial: Giva offers a 30-day free trial period for exploration
  • Team plan: USD 29 per agent per month
  • Best value plan: USD 39 per agent per month
  • Professional plan: USD 69 per agent per month

Rating of Giva

4.9 out of 5 stars (48 reviews) on Capterra.


31West - top helpdesk outsourcing company
31west, one of the best help desk outsourcing companies.

31West is like your trusty IT support partner, and they’re all about being there when you need them.Whether it’s regular business hours, extended hours, after-hours, or even round-the-clock 24/7 coverage, they’ve got you covered. 

Notable features of 31West outsourcing services

  • Three decades of experience: 31West boasts 31 years of seasoned expertise.
  • Flexible plans and customization: Adapts to your business needs with a range of support plans for a perfect fit.
  • Free quality audits and reporting: Enhances transparency and accountability with included quality audits and reporting.

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Pricing of 31West outsourcing services

  • Starting price: USD 4.99 per hour
  • Billing system: Monthly billing with no long-term contracts
  • Flexible plans: 31West offers flexible pricing plans that adapt to your requirements.

Rating of 31West

4.2 out of 5 stars (20 reviews) on Glassdoor.


Auxis - help desk outsourcing companies
Auxis, one of the best IT outsourcing companies.

Auxis is your go-to when it comes to IT support. With a wide range of services and strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Auxis is well-prepared to enhance and optimize your support experience. 

Notable features of Auxis’ IT support services

  • Impressive SLAs, including average speed answer (<30 seconds), low call abandonment rate (5%), and high resolution target (95%).
  • Primarily English and Spanish, with multilingual capabilities for a broader audience.
  • End-users can create tickets and monitor status independently through self-service portals.
  • Enhances efficiency and accessibility with a cloud-based IT service management tool.

Pricing of Auxis’ IT support services

For personalized pricing details reflecting the scope of your requirements, you can request a quote from Auxis.

Rating of Auxis

5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews) on Capterra.

Foster customers’ loyalty and their satisfaction by outsourcing help desk services

Team up with AM2PM Support, a top-notch help desk outsourcing company, to make a real difference in your customer service and support.

The road to excellent customer support starts with a smart decision from you. When you partner with the right help desk outsourcing company, you’re not only just getting support but you’re also building strong customer relationships, saving finance resources, and improving scalability of your business.
So, don’t wait. Get in touch with the AM2PM Support help desk outsourcing company that fits your needs best. The future of outstanding customer experiences is right there for the taking – go for it!

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