Customer care is no longer an emerging trend to keep an eye on but it’s an ongoing process to improve the satisfaction of a variety of customers. Good quality customer support is an important factor for successful business growth. 

A good quality of customer service will help in increasing the brand’s value and provide profound brand recognition. In today’s era, customers crave convenience, they want to be answered quickly and effectively.

With so many businesses fighting for customers’ attention, you have got 8 seconds to grab customer attraction so now the big dilemma is how to provide that level of customer service.

The answer is live chat outsourcing.

Live chat is an advanced, popular, valuable, and cost-effective support tool that is growing tremendously post-pandemic. As per the estimate, the live chat global market has reached 683.4 million during the pandemic.

And is predicted that the global market share of live chat will increase to $1.7 billion by 2030.

  Live chat stats: market share & business impact ( source – FitSmallBusiness)

There are a few industries that benefited immensely due to live chat services like the e-commerce sector, travel service, real estate, Healthcare, automobile sales, etc

One example is Shopify an e-commerce platform that has introduced Shopify chat as they wanted to improve customer satisfaction as it can be built through conversation and for improving conversations live chat is currently the best option.

So now let’s discuss what live chat outsourcing is.

What is live chat outsourcing?

Live chat outsourcing is a form of real-time communication. It’s a type of instant message service that allows your business to respond to your customer instantly in real-time. 

Most companies integrate a chat support icon on the website and customers can get quicker and more immediate responses as real-time chatting takes place.

Now live chat outsourcing is a type of business strategy where you hand over your chat support process to a third party. These live chat outsourcing companies revert to all the queries of the customer,  manage multiple chats, Handle numerous conversations, and offer a solution to your customers.

Apart from the above, live chat outsourcing service is a great way to boost customer satisfaction and improve business growth. Nearly 75% of people prefer live chat service over any other channel.

Thus live chat outsourcing helps provide a seamless experience to customers resulting in an increase in customer retention which will strengthen the brand reputation.

Reason to outsource live chat service

When you weigh all other options, a live chat outsourcing service is the best source to provide maximum customer satisfaction. 

Below are the various reasons describing why live chat service is required for business.  

Reduction in cost

One of the foremost reasons to outsource live chat service is cost. Well, are you thinking about how live chat outsourcing helps you in reducing operational costs?

Let me answer you,

Your in-house customer support cost includes

  • Training cost
  • Remuneration cost
  • Infrastructure cost 

But this cost can be minimized when you outsource your live chat service. As your outsourcing partners will take care of all the above costs, this way you can invest your money in improving the productivity of the business.

Access to better technology 

As Peter Drucker said,

” Do what you do the best and outsource the rest “

This quote applies to your business also. Outsourcing live chats service helps you to get access to better resources and technology. As this outsourcing company has knowledge of ongoing trends and also has access to the latest technology. This outsourcing will help you to stay a step ahead of competitors.

Helps in focusing on core business 

You will be surprised to hear that various international brands like Nikko,  hp, Shopify, canyon bikes, goldsmith, Nordstrom, etc use live chat outsourcing to improve their productivity.

But how?

Well by Outsourcing live chat service you can focus more on the issues which matter most and require maximum attention. Thus you can take out your valuable time and energy in focusing on the growth of your business and other income-generating tasks.

Access to skilled and professional expertise

As per one of the saying 

“Master your strength and outsource your weakness.”

When you outsource live chat services you can get access to highly skilled and professional representatives. These experts can easily adopt your brand tone and can represent your business well in front of customers. 

Convenient to customers

As an organization, one of the prime concerns is to be able to solve client inquiries smoothly and efficiently. 

Chat service is one of the most simple, easy, and convenient forms of communication clients can use, as they can start a conversation as per their wish at any time.

Recently it was found that 71% of consumers want brands to provide customer support through digital messaging platforms.

Here is where outsourcing comes into the picture, Outsourcing companies ensure that agents are available 24/7 to respond to clients. The below statistics show the average customer satisfaction rate when using the chatbot.

Benefits of using live chatbot service ( source – FitSmallBusiness)

5 ways live chat outsourcing can boost your sales.

As you paint the future vision of your business two of the main goal of business is, 

  • To provide Convenient and satisfying consumer service 
  • To increase sales

Below are the various ways you can achieve Both goals.

Helps in building personalized experience.

As Tara Nicholle Nelson said, ” you can’t buy engagement you have to build engagement”. And this engagement can be done with the help of personalized conversation.

As genuine and organic conversations will boost your website engagement and will increase customer experience which plays a vital role in creating a brand reputation. 

Around 44% of online consumers want their questions to be answered by a live person.

Getting your customers’ engagement is one of the hardest but most important steps of the sales process. This is where live chat outsourcing agents come into the picture.

These Frontline people act as store assistants to help and navigate your customers. This process helps in creating a familiar atmosphere of physical stores & which will make your customers happy as they are getting a personalized assistant 

This way personalized interactions through live chat outsourcing agents will help in converting surfing customers into paying ones and will boost your sales.

Increase in response rate

Live chat is one of the fastest communication channels among others that helps in providing prompt responses to customers.

As other interaction channels like Email or telephonic conversations are not as effective as live chat services are.

Live chat outsourcing agents can respond to multiple people at the same time but in telephonic conversations, they can handle only one customer at a time.

55% of customers will move to different channels if their inquiries are not reverted instantly.

customer waiting period
Customer waiting period (source – FinancesOnline )

For providing 24/7 support to your clients it becomes necessary to outsource live chat support and offer a seamless and around-the-clock service experience which will lead to an increase in sales conversation for your business. Thus, 79% of customers prefer live chat because of immediate response.

Identifying customer pain points 

Live chat outsourcing helps in identifying the pain points of customers. For improving sales it is necessary to analyze the problem or difficulty the client is facing.

As these outsourcing agents are the Frontline representative of your business they will help you in providing insight into your customers

  • Demand 
  • Expectations 
  • Pain points
  • Buying Behaviour 

With the above insights, you can make better marketing strategies which will help you to move one step ahead of your customer and help in making smart business decisions to achieve sales targets.

We can say that live chat sales are more than just interaction, they are the map that helps you to reach your destination which is the sales goal.

Even if live chat conversations don’t convert then also the chats can be beneficial in analyzing the pain points and will help in identifying the reason for the toss.

Outsourcing agents can reach out to customers before they leave the site by live tracking. This is one of the progressive steps toward customer relationship management. 

In a nutshell, live chat outsourcing sales will help in answering the below various questions. 

  1. Why are customers abounding the purchase?
  2. What are the common pain points of customers 
  3. Which product or service has the maximum no of enquires 

By analyzing and leveraging your client behavior with help of outsourcing you will surely increase your sales

Helps in building trust 

Trust is one of the most valuable assets of any business. Live chat outsourcing service is one of the easy and convenient methods to build trust among your customers. As around 63% of buyers who have used a live chat service are likely to return to a website.
A live chat executive acts as a skilled salesman from a top-tier sales outsourcing company who helps in nurturing customer relationships in a better way by providing a prompt response.

Nearly  73% of consumers agreed that live chat is the most satisfactory form of communication.

Customer satisfaction based on communication channels ( source – )

In other words, a live chat outsourcing strategy helps you to provide your customers with a credible and personalized experience as a live chat is the first impression of your business.

It provides competitive opportunities

Whether it’s a startup or a large company every business wants to shine brightly from its competitors and in order to stand out from our competitors you need to make your customers feel valued.

With the help of a live chat outsourcing service, you can transfer potential buyers to payable customers.

Live chat outsourcing provides opportunities to work with skilled representatives that will maintain a quality of conversations which will help in fetching many potential customers from your competitors and grow your conversational rate.

With a proper customer relation strategy, live chat agents can proactively start the conversation after analyzing customer history to drive cross-selling and up-selling as sometimes customers feel reluctant to ask questions. 

As nearly 38% of customers are likely to buy from a company offering live chat service. This way live chat outsourcing will help you in  providing a competitive advantage over others.

Live chat conversation ratio (source – Popupsmart )

 To sum it up.

As you are already aware that keeping customers happy is one of the crucial tasks.

But with proper guidance for live chat outsourcing, you can improve customer satisfaction. 

Live chat outsourcing services can be a golden opportunity to bridge the gap between buyers and businesses.

Keeping clients satisfied requires a dedicated live chat outsourcing company that understands the company’s value, and voice and helps you to supercharge your sales.

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