Customers appreciate nothing more than instant support. That’s why 53% of customers prefer to reach businesses through live chats.

But if your team can’t keep up with the customer’s expectations and is frustrated managing chat volume, it’s doing more harm than good.

Thankfully, there’s still a way for you to invest in your customer services without compromising the quality.

Live chat outsourcing benefits: 9 ways it can boost your customer satisfaction and business growth

Here are 9 benefits of live chat outsourcing to help you make an informed decision:

24/7 available team

Live chat is a frictionless channel for customers to connect with you on the go. 

And your customers expect the same round the clock. Otherwise, there isn’t much difference between an email and a chat.

But setting up a 24/7 available team isn’t easy. With the hassle of hiring resources, there comes an additional cost in employee salary and benefits. 

Outsourcing live chat services lets you set up a 24/7 customer service management team with the flexibility of paying per conversation, making it a highly cost-effective growth strategy. 

More conversion opportunities

Live chat lets you connect with the customers at the right time to drive engagement and sales. 

But only setting up a live chat system isn’t enough. A skilled team must be handling it to make the most of it. 

By outsourcing the live chat process, you can get an already trained team that knows how to make purposeful conversations. A professional team of experts is essential to handle such a critical task that can directly impact your revenue.

Quick issue resolution

When customers face an issue, the last thing they want to do is wait in a call queue. 

Live chat is beneficial when a customer wants an instant resolution, and well-trained outsourced resources specialize in handling high chat volume.

It makes answering frequent questions less time-consuming as the team can plug in standard templates wherever required. 

And it’s not a secret that prompt issue resolution and empathic responses are necessary to build long-term customer relationships.

High team productivity

When you outsource live chat support, it takes off the burden from your in-house team and gives them the breathing space to focus on their core tasks. This advantage of outsourcing benefits your business in multiple ways.

Imagine how much you can get done when your team isn’t occupied with repetitive tasks and can strategize a roadmap for further growth.

Personalized interactions

Outsourcing a professional team instead of using buggy chatbots can affect customer interactions negatively.

Customers don’t want a half-baked bot but a support team that understands their problems and offers relevant solutions. 

A trained outsourced team can personalize each live chat interaction to drive results. Since the data of past conversations are also recorded, the team can use it to build rapport with the customers.

Competitive edge

Offer the solution which your customers expect but your competitors aren’t providing. 

If your competitors are struggling with live chat support, you can set yourself apart by taking the help of the best live chat outsourcing companies that can offer 24/7 live chat support to your customers. 

And you don’t have to invest money and time to set up your processes. You can simply outsource the grind and get started even in a day. It’s a perfect opportunity to scale your business as well.

Benefit from top talent 

One of the primary reasons businesses prefer outsourcing over traditional models is the ease of using top talent without hiring.

With technology like live chat services that are continuously evolving with automation and artificial intelligence, it becomes an additional task to train your team. 

This inconvenience is eliminated when you have industry experts to manage your processes. 

Outsourcing ensures quality services and assigns suitable agents to the job so that returns on investment are visible. 

Process continuity 

Your team members can anytime exit the organization, and with them will go the process knowledge. 

Such situations can increase your team’s responsibilities and impact customer service quality.

However, outsourcing makes your live chat process attrition-proof. Outsourcing guarantees a qualified team handling your processes 24/7, irrespective of what’s going on behind the scenes.


Outsourcing live chat services saves employee cost and lets you run smooth operations without investing in infrastructure and logistics. 

Otherwise, it can add to a significant number affecting your net profit. 

Bonus: readily available performance reports

With team management comes the responsibility to monitor and ensure consistent agent performance. 

But spending hours collecting the data and making sense of it can be tiring and time-intensive. 

That’s where outsourcing benefits with automated performance reports that give you complete visibility to strategize ahead based on authentic and accessible information.

Businesses don’t run on good products only but through equally good services. And live chat support has become an integral part of customer services which you can’t afford to overlook anymore.

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A whopping 80% of the customers prefer a brand with a positive reputation for handling its clients.

So, outsourcing a live chat service is an investment that can help you build a loyal customer base and promote yourself as a customer-centric organization. 

If you haven’t set up a live chat process yet, skip the hard work and take advantage of live chat outsourcing services to delight your customers and grow your business superfast.