Have you ever found yourself in a technical problem, searching for help with a computer glitch or smartphone issue? 

I have experienced it.

In this digital world, where technology is everywhere and technological issues arise, providing extraordinary technical support plays a major role in ensuring customer satisfaction. But why is tech support so important? 

Tech support is important because it helps customers solve technical issues, ensuring that products and services work smoothly. For example, if a customer’s internet suddenly stops working, they call the internet provider’s tech support. Tech support guides customers through troubleshooting, fixing the problem, and ensuring the customer can resume to be online. 

However, it is challenging for many business organizations to manage these functions in-house for various reasons like including cost, resource limitations, and a lack of management skills.

Have you faced the same challenges? Is your business’s technical support team also lagging behind in providing customer satisfaction? If yes, then this guide on technical support BPO will help you understand how you can leverage outsourcing to provide high-class technical support to your customers and keep them delighted.

To start, let’s understand more about what a technical support service is and how a technical support call center outsourcing can help your business.

What is technical support?

Technical support offers assistance and support to customers who are experiencing issues with their electronic devices, such as hardware, software or a service. 

For example, if your PC is not able to install a software application, you can call the technical support team for help with the problem that you are facing. Due to their expertise in that product and related tech support, they can solve your queries very easily. That’s technical support!

Your organization must have the appropriate tools in place in order to excel at offering top-notch technical assistance. Outsourced technical support efficiently manages and tracks customer inquiries with the help of a ticketing system that has a user-friendly design and several cutting-edge capabilities. Tech support call center outsourcing serves as a valuable resource for companies seeking to enhance their technical support capabilities and provide comprehensive assistance to their customers. 

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Understanding tech support duties and responsibilities

Technical help is concerned with fixing technical problems. The broad scope of the activity is divided into three levels:

Tech Support Level 1

 In this first stage, issues with common technical problems are addressed. Tech support files tickets when they run into regular tech problems. The technical support team quickly fixed these.

Tech Support Level 2

Tech Support Advance deals with more complex technical issues and takes more time and effort. To tackle problems, they conduct in-depth analysis and thorough troubleshooting.

Tech Support Level 3

This level of tech support deals with the trickiest technical problems. Insider skills, knowledge, and expertise are essential. This leads to an advanced team as a result of the actual resolution.

Lets understand the duties and responsibilities of technical support differ depending on the level of issue that the customer is facing. Technical support specifically deal with the following tasks:

  • Serving as your client who experiences technical problems.
  • Helping your clients and updating them on measures taken in software or hardware.
  • Examine software and hardware and troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Replacing or repairing product components or parts.
  • Identifying and resolving technological issues.
  • Examining and fixing network problems.
  • Examining system problems and carrying out the required changes.
  • Filing warranties and instruction manuals.
  • Reporting requests for technical support and actions taken.
  • Evaluation and testing of new technologies.

What is tech support call center outsourcing?

Tech support call center outsourcing means partnering with specialized service providers who handle technical support and customer service operations on behalf of your business. Outsourcing providers like AM2PM Support, often referred to as call center BPOs (business process outsourcing), bring a wealth of expertise, technology, and resources to manage your customer interactions effectively.

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Contact AM2PM Support to explore our range of tech support call center outsourcing services for customer service and support.

Why does your business need technical support outsourcing? Let me address the advantages of outsourcing tech support.

Benefits of tech support call center outsourcing

The following are the benefits of outsourcing technical support call center services to you:

Cost Savings

One of the key reasons for choosing tech support call center outsourcing is to save money. Outsourcing allows you to cut the costs of employing and training in-house employees, acquiring infrastructure, and maintaining technology. You can tailor the budgets to meet specific requirements by engaging in discussions with a call center outsourcing company.

AM2PM Support’s pricing is quite reasonable and in line with the needs of call center service. It starts at Rs.9999/month (Domestic) and $249/month (International) and goes up from there. Keep an eye out for us! 

Access to highly talented professionals

Call center outsourcing providers have access to a pool of highly talented professionals who are experts in various technical domains and even good at customer interaction. This ensures that your clients receive the best technical help possible. The customer will be very satisfied with their work and communication because they are well-versed in this field and already have experience in tech support.


Call center outsourcing allows your company to scale up or down in response to shifting customer service requests, ensuring that you always have the appropriate number of human resources available. It allows you to maintain the perfect level of service, whether you are experiencing a rush in client queries during high seasons or need to liveline operations during calmer periods.

Focus on core work

Outsourcing technical support and customer service allows your in-house employees to focus on essential business operations such as product development, marketing and sales. Call center outsourcing to support your operations might help your company improve its overall efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced customer experience

Tech support call center outsourcing providers are experts at delivering outstanding customer experiences by providing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. Their knowledge translates into more efficient problem resolution, more tailored encounters, and proactive problem-solving. These improvements contribute to improved levels of client satisfaction, which builds loyalty and encourages repeat purchases of your business’s products and services.

24/7 Service

In today’s global business environment, many outsourcing companies recognize the significance of 24/7 service. They ensure that consumers may get aid when they need it the most by providing continuous support, including after normal working hours. This commitment to availability to deliver 24*7 customer service not only accommodates different time zones but also responds to your consumer base’s various schedules and urgent demands, boosting their trust in your business.

Outsourcing customer care and support allows you to maximize your growth potential.

What is the difference between technical support and customer service?

Let’s learn the differences between technical support and customer service. Technical support is the support given to customers who need assistance with technical products such as hardware and software. Its primary aim is to fix technical issues and ensure that these products work effectively.

Customer service, on the other hand, refers to a wider collection of processes aimed at making every interaction between your customer and your business fulfilling for the customer needs. It covers many areas of the customer experience, such as answering questions, resolving problems, dealing with complaints, and even improving overall satisfaction.

The confusion between these two phrases comes from the fact that technical support professionals must have excellent customer service abilities in order to succeed in their roles. These abilities are still not limited to technical support workers. Any employee who deals directly with customers, such as salespeople, customer service representatives, cashiers, and marketers, requires great customer service abilities to resolve customer queries and concerns efficiently. Providing technical support to your customers may be viewed as part of your broader client service strategy, ensuring that all customer interactions, technical or otherwise, meet high standards of satisfaction and professionalism.

The right steps for choosing technical support outsourcing

It’s really important that you have the right tech support call center outsourcing. Here are some key factors to consider when you evaluate potential providers:

Understand the different types of outsourcing that are right for your business.

When considering outsourcing, it’s important to understand the various BPO (business process outsourcing) options so that you can understand the right need for your business operation:

  • Front-office BPO: It’s where employees directly interact with customers. For example, when you call a customer service helpline to ask a question about your product, you’re dealing with front-office BPO.
  • Back-office BPO: It’s where employees handle tasks that customers don’t see but are essential for your business to run smoothly. For instance, when a company processes your payment behind the scenes after you’ve made an online purchase, that’s back-office BPO.

Technical support typically falls under the category of front-office BPO. It involves direct interaction with your customers who require assistance with technical issues related to products or services. Technical support teams are customer-facing and play a crucial role in resolving customer problems and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Knowing the type of outsourcing that best suits your tech support needs is essential for effective decision-making. It aligns your outsourcing strategy with your organization’s goals and helps you make informed choices for optimal results.

Which type of outsourcing do you think is right for your business?

Identify your organizational problems and needs            

Assess your company first before outsourcing. Understand what difficulties your business is facing in the technical support department. Make sure you find the exact issues so that you can inform the call center outsourcing provider.

Some common issues that the tech support department faces include:

  • Backlogs.
  • Unassisted customers.
  • Outdated systems (both software and hardware).
  • Tickets that have not been resolved.
  • Technical complaints from customers.

What are the specific needs of your organization? Let’s create a list.

Start searching for a BPO company

After identifying your business issues, look for the right call center outsourcing company that can assist you in resolving your needs. Important aspects to consider include:

  • Reputation of BPO: Examine the company’s licenses, certifications, honors, and customer evaluations.
  • Expertise and Experience: Look for a company that has a track record of providing tech assistance and customer service in your business or a related sector. Investigate employees’ technical support knowledge and skills.
  • Technology and Infrastructure: Confirm that the outsourced provider has the appropriate technology and infrastructure to fulfill your specific requirements, such as ticket management, live chat outsourcing, and data entry outsourcing. Ensure that they have the most up-to-date technologies.
  • Scalability: Choose a service who can scale up or down as your needs change.
  • Security and compliance: Make certain that the provider adheres to industry-standard security protocols and compliances, especially if your company handles sensitive client data.
  • Client Testimonials and References: Request references and read client testimonials to assess the provider’s reputation and the quality of its services.

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Develop a service level agreement.

After contracting with a BPO firm, you must construct clear service level agreements (SLAs) with your outsourcing partner to set expectations by establishing response times, resolution times, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs for technical support typically include the following: 

  • Efficiency: Evaluates how many cases technical support representatives can handle in a given time period. Also, keep track of how quickly they resolve technical issues.
  • Quality: This indicator assesses how well technical support staff fix problems. It also monitors their adherence to company policies.
  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric that assesses how happy consumers are. If you resolve their technological concerns, you will most likely obtain a good CSAT score.

Preparation for the transition to BPO operation

A successful transition to BPO (business process outsourcing) operations requires careful planning. Consider the following elements as you prepare to outsource your technical support:

  • Goals for the business.
  • Metrics of importance.
  • Technology for workforce infrastructure.
  • Additional resources.

Make every effort to ensure a smooth transition in your technical support operation. A well-planned approach will not only reduce disruptions but also lay the groundwork for a successful tech support and customer service call center outsourcing collaboration that corresponds with your business objectives and offers actual advantages.

Maintaining continued communication and collaboration

Starting your business process outsourcing (BPO) operation is only the first step; continual efforts are required to achieve long-term success. The following are important stages to maintaining a successful relationship with a technical support call center outsourcing provider:

  • Maintain open lines of communication and collaboration with your tech support call center service provider.
  • Check in with your tech support team to provide assistance and support.
  • Follow the progress of the account and the performance of the employees.
  • Make any necessary revisions and adjustments.

Remember that outsourcing is a dynamic process that requires constant monitoring and adjustment. You may maintain the advantages of your BPO business and consistently improve its performance by improving communication, helping your employees, keeping an eye on the situation, and remaining adaptable.

Have you completed all of the steps required to set up your technical support call center outsourcing as listed above?

Level up your game by calling the tech support call center.

In today’s competitive business market, providing excellent customer service and technical support is no longer an option but rather a requirement. AM2PM Support is an experienced tech support call center outsourcing service that offers you a plan to not only fulfill but go beyond expectations in your fields. Outsourcing, in addition to huge cost savings and operational improvements, represents an opportunity for organizations to thrive.

By forming a partnership with the right call center outsourcing provider, you have the chance to elevate your customer service processes to a level of distinction. This elevation extends to your customers’ experiences, leading to higher satisfaction rates, increased loyalty, and ultimately greater business success.

The benefits of tech support call center outsourcing are too vast to ignore. Don’t be hesitant to contact AM2PM Support right away. We’d love to talk about how our services can be personalized to meet your exact customer service and technical support needs. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand ready to assist you in delivering exceptional customer experiences that will set your business apart from the competition.

AM2PM Support-Customer service, technical support, and many more solutions.
Customer service, technical support, and many more solutions.

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