After the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the day-to-day routine of the employees. Approximately 38% of companies are switching to employing regular remote workers. Therefore, opting for call center software to support remote agents can significantly help. 

With an outsourced call center, you can outsource some or all of your customer service processes by forwarding the calls to an existing number or choosing your preferred mode of communication. As of 2022, the call center market in the USA is worth $23.9 billion

What Are the Types of Call Center Services?

In the coming years, the call center market is expected to expand. As per ReportLinker’s latest report, the global market value of call centers will stand at $496 billion by 2027. After all, a call center is a link between customers and agents. The better your service, the higher the chances to enhance your customer relationship.

Customer Experience Trends-AM2PM
Customer Experience Trends. [Source-Proprofschat]

Some critical call center services that can help in business growth include:

Help Desk

To cater to your customer’s needs, you must also be familiar with their preferences. After all, only some customers like the help of a call center agent. Instead, some of them prefer a self-service approach. 

With help desk software’s help, the companies can provide an omnichannel approach that most customers prefer. The Zendesk research states the preference of customers as follows:

  • 25% of customers prefer social media
  • 63% of them prefer email
  • 43% of them prefer live chat
  • 22% of them prefer SMS support answers

The customers will be able to streamline their communication channels accordingly. As a result, they wouldn’t need to switch between different methods of communication but could instead stick to one mode of communication. 

Interactive Voice Response

During the beginning phase of the pandemic, the call center service sprung up by 300% in call volume. Businesses with shorter staff can use the Interactive Voice Response by call centers. There wouldn’t be much pressure on the agents because the system would handle the workload. 

The automated software will handle the inbound inquiries. Based on the customer queries, the software will further route the call to respective resources. Hence, the customers wouldn’t need to wait on call for a longer time. The incoming calls will be handled and routed to the individual agent for faster resolution. 

Warm Calling Lead Generation

This call center service will require connecting with a client you have already interacted with. It will help your business increase the chances of interacting with a potential client. Most people prefer this outbound service and tend to have better conversion rates. 

Warm calling refers to getting in touch with a prospect who has shown interest in your business or who you have had a prior interaction with. 

Call Recording

Quality Assurance is one of the essential things to consider to determine the highest customer satisfaction. Call recording will help you understand the quality of service you’re offering, the scripts, and the results you may receive. 

With the help of call recordings, companies can quickly address customer queries. The agents will have a complete record of the conversation with customers. Hence, they will be able to address the issues better. In addition, handling customer complaints by referring to call recordings will ensure better resolution. 

Chat Support

Over the years, chat support has grown significantly among businesses. U.S. Patriot Tactical utilizes SMS-to-Chat services, making it easier for the clients to chat live with the support team. They can enter their phone number and get a plethora of benefits. In addition, it helps facilitate easy customer service as they browse your services and products effectively. Chat Support is one of the fastest ways to connect with customers. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When you serve your customers, you must also try to get an idea of how satisfied they are. Businesses can include built-in customer satisfaction surveys, the link of which will be sent after every call support. The customers will need to rate the agents depending on different factors such as query resolution, communication, and product knowledge.

Impact of Bad Customer Service-AM2PM
Impact of Bad Customer Service. [Source- Customer First Academy]

Reports suggest that approximately 86% of customers pay more for businesses with exceptional customer service. These are a great way of understanding how your customers like you. Depending on this, companies can identify their areas of improvement. After all, good customer service ensures better return on investment and returning customers.

Appointment Management

Appointment management is an automated service through which customers can book appointments for products and services. These provide ease of use for customers, thereby providing the benefit of integrated marketing. Businesses can use the appointment management scheduler to save time and money. 

With the help of appointment management services, businesses can schedule plans for their inbound and outbound agents. As a result, they will be able to address customer requirements effectively, thereby providing faster resolution. It will help in enhancing your business reputation. 

Automated Call Distribution

When the business has a large group of agents, it is advisable to divide them for specific inquiries. With the help of Automated call distribution, the software will identify the caller, put them in a queue, and, based on their query, redirect them to the right source. 

Rather than going through multiple stages, the ACD call center service will eventually redirect the caller to the respective department. ACD will connect the call to the customer service department before diverting it to the main deck. It plays a vital role in handling high call volumes.

Expectation of Customers-AM2PM
Expectation of Customers. [Source- CCW Digitals]

Mobile App and Desktop Phone

Various call center solutions are now hosted in the cloud. According to studies, around 36% of call centers utilize cloud technology. Cloud technology helps businesses receive flexibility. They make calls in a better manner using the devices. Furthermore, the agents will get the opportunity of virtual business numbers rather than having personal lines.

Businesses can give the flexibility of using mobile apps to their customers. It will allow them to cater to the needs of companies in a more systematic manner. As a result, a faster resolution will be provided to the customers. 

Email Support

Email Support requires outbound and inbound types of call center support using email. As a result, agents can reach out to this as an ideal medium for managing customer transactions. With the help of email support, businesses will be able to convert leads into customers in a better manner. Furthermore, this is one of the best ways to personalize customer service and reach out to them accordingly.

Get The Best Call Center Services from Professionals

Irrespective of the industry, having call center services can benefit businesses. The call center solutions will help handle large volumes of daily calls and emails that companies receive. If your business cannot control these, reaching out to professionals such as AM2PM can significantly help. 

With the vast bandwidth, they can cater to your needs. We have in-depth knowledge about the industry and will empathetically handle your customers. You must understand that no two businesses are the same. Hence, keeping this in mind, AM2PM Support has customized solutions for every business type.