Outsourcing call center ideas have acquired gigantic popularity in recent years and are expected to shine bright over the coming years. The global call center market generated revenue of USD 27.1 Bn in 2022 and is expected to attain a market worth USD 55.9 Bn by the end of 2029.

 No doubt Call center outsourcing leads to better customer retention and call center outsourcing is beneficial to streamline the customer experience and provide efficient service. Call centers are an imperative aspect of business, from customer support service to Omni channel promoting techniques, call center companies are the lender of last resort for companies.

Regardless of the industry you are engaged in, the customer is king. It is important for all businesses to keep customers happy and satisfied. Nearly 84% of customers say that better customer support is an important factor in their buying decision.

Thus for this, it is essential that customer queries must be answered promptly and their grievances should be addressed and customer service management can be handled smoothly. For that, finding the right call center outsourcing service is imperative. Thus to assist you in searching for the right outsourcing partner we have listed down the best call center outsourcing service in Bangalore.

Best call center outsourcing companies in Bangalore

AM2PM Support

    AM2PM Support: Outperform with Outsourcing


AM2PM Support brings the best and unmatched industry experience to its customers.

AM2PM Support is a leading service provider platform in Bangalore that brings to the table the most effective customer assistance.

It ensures to provide round-the-clock 24/7 customer service that will help your business to boost your sales and improve your customer satisfaction. 

That has a team of experts to assist you with the best possible solutions.

AM2PM’s priority is to provide you with the best inbound and outbound call support service, which helps to improve ROI and provide you with a competitive advantage.

They provide a wide range of outsourcing solutions that help your business to improve its profitability and reduce costs.

Apart from call center services their service includes

Also, they adhere to maintaining your sensitive data and information safe and secure.

Invesis technologies 

 Invensis: Global Business Process Outsourcing BPO Company


Invesis technologies help in providing streamlined back office solutions for its clients, whether small, medium size or multinational companies. They deliver a wide range of pioneering outsourcing services like back office data management, call center services, finance, and accounting services, digital marketing, and many more.

They have kept their flags in various industries like healthcare, customs broker, logistics, chemical, and manufacturing.

Trupp Global

         Trupp Global: Outsourcing Services – Software Development

Trupp Global helps your business by providing end-to-end solutions as per your business needs and requirements.

They are a one-stop ally for all your business needs, they follow a flexible and agile approach to provide your customer with productive and effective solutions. 

They provide various customer support like

  • Inbound voice support
  • Outbound voice support
  • Data entry
  • Content moderation 
  • E-commerce catalog management, etc.

Flatworld Solutions 

  Flatworld Solutions: Global Business Services and Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is a global corporation that helps businesses to build efficiency and enable their customers a long-term sustainable growth, they have 18 years of experience in serving global customers.

Their motto is to provide high-quality service with cost-effective solutions and has struck adherence to international quality standards.

Infosys Bpm Ltd

 Infosys BPM: Business Process Management Services 


Infosys BPM is a next-generation business process management and it provides end-to-end BPM service to identify across the globe.

They help their clients to improve their business processes, enhance effective business solutions and deliver superior customer experiences.

The list of services provided by Infosys Bpm includes

  • Human resource outsourcing 
  • BPM analysis 
  • Legal process outsourcing 
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Customer support service outsourcing

Expert callers

Expert callers, with over 12 years of experience help in delivering timely and efficient, and reliable call center outsourcing service. It has a wide experience in providing round-the-clock customer support service to its clients and helps in setting your business to achieve your goals by delivering quality customer service.

Expert callers are a one-stop shop for all your service needs. They provide various services including 

  • Chat support service
  • Appointment setting service 
  • Inbound call center service
  • Outbound call center service
  • Customer support service
  • Email support 
  • Cold calling support 


      Phykon Solutions Private Limited

Phykon provides top-notch customer service and helps businesses to cope with directional changes in technology.

They help in creating seamless business solutions using AI and robotic business automation, thus making your business future-proof.

They provide a wide variety of tailored services that suit your business like inbound call center outsourcing, technical support, robotic process automation, digital marketing, etc.

24/7 Customer pvt ltd 

        AI Customer Service Platform Products, and Solutions | [24]7.ai

24/7 Customer Pvt ltd works around the clock to provide you with the best customer support service.

They have years of experience in the operational sector and they have the most advanced contact centers which will help in delivering consistent and personalized experience to your customer.

With the help of AI-powered technology, they can handle complex situations with ease and thus deliver better results across digital and voice channels.

First source solutions

    Firstsource | Business Process Management 

First source Solutions as per its name is a leading provider of customized business process management services. They offer end-to-end solutions across various sectors like insurance, banking telecommunications, and media. They strive to deliver a great experience to your client and evaluate your customer experience be it through calls, chat, messages, etc.

Vindhya e infomedia pvt ltd

          Vindhya e-Infomedia

Vindhya e infomedia has pioneered itself in the BPO industry by offering cost-effective and high-quality contact center services. Vindhya is the only call center that provides its outsourcing partner 11 regional language support.

They serve various services like

Inbound and outbound service, email support services, and live chat support services across various industries like retail, software, food industry, real estate healthcare, and many more.

Wrapping up

Call center accounts form a major part of the global customer service market and you can’t ignore it. If you wish to gain an edge in today’s competitive world then you should select the Best call center outsourcing company from the above which will help you to enhance profitability and satisfy your customer better.