I have planned a trip to visit my relatives in Malaysia for Christmas this year because like many others I also love to travel. Whether it’s a short trip to a nearby city or a week-long vacation to the Bahamas, traveling and experiencing new places is always exciting & amazing right?

However, can you guess the one thing that we dread the most while booking a vacation?

Well, you guessed it right. The problem we face the most while booking a vacation is the inadequacy of call centers to provide good customer support.

With the increasing travel rate after COVID-19, complaints of poor customer service are also increasing. I agree with one out of every five customers who feel that contact center wait times are too long as I have had similar experiences with call centers.

Now, If you belong to the travel and hospitality industry, you may have concerns related to customer support which is obvious. It is essential to address the issues faced by your customers and enhance their experience.

Do you want to take your customers’ experience to the next level? Outsourcing your travel and hospitality call center operations can be an excellent way to address these issues and handle your customer queries more efficiently.

Now, if you are seeking answers like what call center outsourcing is? How can it be beneficial to you? How can you choose the right company to trust your valuable customers with? You’ve come to the right place as this is the blog you need to have all your questions answered.

Let’s begin with what call center outsourcing is.

What is call center outsourcing?

As a travel and hospitality agency, you already have a lot on your plate like managing booking, marketing to get more bookings, maintaining your deals and contacts, and more. I understand that with all this it gets hard for you to answer and help out people contacting you with queries and grievances. 

This is where outsourcing would benefit your business. Outsourcing to reputed call centers like AM2PM Support would mean they handle all your customer calls with highly trained staff to increase your customer satisfaction.

How can call center outsourcing benefit you?

Now that you understand what call center outsourcing is, let me tell you the benefits of call center outsourcing for your travel and hospitality business.

Get well-trained professionals

Most travel and hospitality companies have people who are untrained to answer and respond to customer queries. Let me share with you my experience when I was planning my college trip.

Planning a trip for 80 people is not an easy task so I approached a travel agency to help me out with their packages. The people who responded to me had poor communication skills and were not trained to satisfy my queries.

So, I had to look for other companies. It was a small company but if they had invested in outsourcing a call center to deal with customer queries, they could have definitely scored more deals. Call centers have highly trained staff who are experts in following the best practices in responding to customer complaints and queries which is important to find success in the industry. 

Enhance customer satisfaction

Outsourcing your inbound calls to a call center will increase your customer satisfaction, in recent days 46% of consumers reported their recent experience calling a travel/hospitality brand was “just OK,” while an additional 20% say it was “slow and frustrating.”

That’s over 65% of travelers reporting something other than a good experience with travel brands. Let me tell you the ways call centers can increase your customer’s satisfaction.

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Personalize customer experience

79% of consumers say that personalized service from a travel brand is more important to them than personalized marketing and I can understand that as a customer. A personalized experience where you feel valued and noticed is vital to increase customer satisfaction. 

As a travel and hospitality company, you would have clients all over the world who speak different languages right?

So outsourcing your customer service to a multilingual call center would mean your customer support calls can be answered in the language your customers prefer which is key to increasing your overall customer satisfaction. 

Emirates does a great job at personalizing the customer experience by providing suggestions based on customer preferences and offering customer support in different languages.

Emirates suggests featured destinations based on the customer’s location to ensure a personalized experience.
Emirates suggests featured destinations based on the customer’s location to ensure a personalized experience.

Quick response time

We can agree that the lobby music played when waiting for someone to answer our call is quite irritating right? Well, 76% of customers expect to talk to someone immediately upon contacting a company, and it’s understandable.

You can tackle this issue by outsourcing to a call center with experts on standby to answer your customer’s call in a jiffy. 

Increase loyalty

A great sign for any good business is returning customers which is a direct indicator of customer loyalty. 81% of customers say a positive customer service experience increases the likelihood of making another purchase. 

So how can call center outsourcing increase your customer loyalty? It’s simple by increasing their satisfaction levels and we’ve clearly seen how call centers can do that.

Increase customer retention

Call center outsourcing can increase your customer retention rate, stats tell that 60% of travelers switch travel brands after experiencing 1-2 poor customer service and it’s true. Let us take the Malaysia trip I planned as an example. I was surfing for tickets and although Goibibo a travel and hospitality brand was ranking first in Google and was offering compelling offers I did not choose it as I had bad experiences with their customer support before.

Now imagine if they outsourced their customer support to an experienced call center like AM2PM Support. They would have been able to address my grievances when I called their customer support. Logistical mistakes are prone to happen in travel but 74% of customers will forgive an organization’s mistake after they receive excellent customer support and outsourcing to a call center can do just that for you.

Addressing your customer complaints can be key to customer retention and companies like Emirates do an excellent job at this on platforms like X.

Emirates responds to customer complaints in jiffy which increases their customer retention rate.
Emirates responds to customer complaints in a jiffy which increases its customer retention rate.

24/7 availability

The travel and hospitality industry needs 24/7 customer support as people book tickets and hotels at different times and call you at different times with queries and grievances they have. Call centers have plenty of staff working at different times ready to assist your customers 24/7.

Cost savings

Hiring and training an in-house team to answer your customer’s call can be very time-consuming and expensive.

Irrespective of the type of call center service you choose for your business, outsourcing can help you save a lot as the cost of outsourcing a call center is significantly less than hiring and training your own team. This means that the ROI in a call center is significantly high.

See what  Mayank Jain, Co-Founder of AM2PM Support, talks about how outsourcing AM2PM Support can help you reduce churn rate.

How to choose the right call center outsourcing partner for travel and hospitality agencies?

Now that you know the amazing ways outsourcing to a call center can benefit you, you must be wondering how to choose the right outsourcing partner for your business. As I said this is a comprehensive blog you would need on call center outsourcing for travel & hospitality so let me quickly tell you the essential factors to look for while choosing.

Industry experience

When it comes to choosing the right call center partner to outsource, industry experience matters a lot. The more the experience of the company in your industry the higher their understanding of the industry demands. This experience can easily translate into better customer service.

Quality of staff

Quality staff equals better customer satisfaction, it is as simple as that. So it is important to choose the right call center outsourcing partner with top quality staff. These well-trained staff will tremendously improve your customer experience with customer support.

Multilingual services

Personalization is key to increasing customer satisfaction right? So choose a call center that provides a personalized experience to your customers to make them feel valued. 

Multilingual call centers are great at this as they speak the same language as your customers when they call with a query or grievance while automatically positively boosting the way your customer feels. So, choosing a multilingual call center like AM2PM Support can be the key to delivering top-notch customer service.

Holiday Inn addresses their customer's complaints in the language the customer speaks to relate with them and
Holiday Inn addresses their customer’s complaints in the language the customer speaks to relate with them and make them feel valued.

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Cost effectiveness

One of the main reasons most companies choose to outsource to call centers is because the cost of call center outsourcing is significantly cheaper than hiring and training an in-house team. So a great way to get an incredible return on your investment is to find a call center that fits into your budget. 

But beware cheap outsourcing is not always good as at the end of the day your customer satisfaction is what matters the most so choose wisely.

Learn about the key factors to consider before you choose to outsource.

Right infrastructure and technology

You can have a call center partner with the best-trained staff but if they don’t have the right infrastructure and technology to help them out it is of no use. 

Let’s say you want to deliver customer service all over India in the language your customers speak but if you don’t have the right medium to implement it your trained staff can be of no use. 

If a customer calls you and they are met with a message asking them to select their preferred language and they get connected within minutes they are one happy customer.

Brands, like Make My Trip, have separate numbers for different departments the customer might have an issue with like hotels, flights, holidays, buses, and trains. When a customer calls they answer in their preferred language which is what I would say is excellent customer service.

Make My Trip a travel and hospitality agency offering different numbers for customers to call by outsourcing
Make My Trip offers different numbers for the varied departments a customer might have issues with.

Similar values

As a travel and hospitality agency choosing a call center outsourcing partner with similar values and ideas is essential in the long run. Two different companies with different ideas and values cannot operate cohesively and will not be able to deliver customer service in the right way.

So choose a company that matches with your long-term objectives, values, and ideas for a smooth relationship.

24/7 availability

Let’s be real, the travel and hospitality industry has no fixed working hours as you have customers from all over the world traveling at different times and days. So It’s essential that your call center outsourcing partner is available 24/7 to help out your customers.

You can also up your customer service game even further through out-of-hour live chat outsourcing to help those customers even beyond your working time by simply being there to listen to their complaints.

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The best outsourcing partner for you 

Right, you might be wondering if this is the only blog I need to read on call center outsourcing for travel & hospitality, then this should also tell the best company to outsource to. Well, here it is!

AM2PM Support

Imagine a perfect partner for your travel and hospitality company that has all the qualities that I talked about. Well, you don’t have to imagine because AM2PM Support is that outsourcing partner for you.

Here are the ways AM2PM Support can help your business.

Engage customers

AM2PM Support’s vast experience in the industry helps them engage your customers with ease, thanks to their well-trained agents who answer your customer calls.

Perfect fit for all sizes

AM2PM Support is a perfect fit for you irrespective of the sale of your business. They have the capacity to handle the large volumes of calls you might get from your customers. With their vast team of agents on standby AM2PM Support is always ready to handle your client calls.

Quick response time

Having a quick response time is key to enhancing customer experience right? AM2PM Support can be your perfect inbound as well as outbound call center partner and eliminate the waiting time on calls with their staff always ready to handle your customer queries.

Improve customer retention.

A customer is more likely to return to your business if their grievances are handled in a swift and personalized manner. AM2PM Support helps you increase customer loyalty and retention rates by providing excellent customer service.

24/7 support

AM2PM Support offers 24/7 support to help your traveling clients with anything they need at any time they need.

Provide personalized support

AM2PM Support is a multilingual call center that can provide personalized support to your customers in the language they prefer.

Increase overall satisfaction

AM2PM Support increases your overall customer satisfaction with the excellent customer support they give therefore boosting the view of your customers on your business.


AM2PM Support offers 3 different pricing plans

  • Startup plan is at ₹9,999/Month (Domestic) and at $249/Month (International) 
  • Growth Plan is at ₹17,999/Month (Domestic) and $449/Month (International)
  • Upscale plan is at ₹39,999/Month (Domestic) and $899/Month (International)

Make traveling with you enjoyable through call center outsourcing

So there it is! A comprehensive blog to tell you all about call center outsourcing for travel and hospitality companies. With the significance and benefits of call center outsourcing understood, elevate your customer service game and give your valued customers the experience they deserve.
With AM2PM Support on your side managing your customer queries and complaints just got a whole lot easier… so why wait? contact AM2PM Support now!

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